Serious Question: What ONE thing do Vanguards and Prowlers hate most about the Mag?

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  1. Kafein

    The stability is the main problem IMO. The two other tanks are incapable of firing with decent accuracy while moving (except on perfectly flat surfaces). The saron is another (big) problem. Now I don't want all tanks to be the same, so I would rather decrease the magrider's turning (not strafing, turning, like any vehicule) speed, increasing its weakness in close 1v1 tank combat with freedom in movement (something you never encounter anyway). Reducing its HP (if it is the sniper of MBTs, it shouldn't be able to take as much punishment as the others) and maybe even the forward speed. They say the prowler is the fastest tank, I surely never felt it. Speeds are very similar. Actually instead of nerfing the mag I would rather like the two other tanks to have truly special and equally OP specificities, which they lack right now. But that would probably mean tanks should be nerfed globally afterwards.
  2. KAHR-Alpha

    Oh my, what a valuable explanation, thank you.
  3. Goden

    My problems with the Mag are two:

    1) The Saron. I don't even need to explain this. It's so powerful in its own right that it could be its own tank. It's an explosive laser gun - what else needs to be said? It rips through armor and can snipe infantry at insane distances.

    2) Ease of movement. Driving the Vanguard and then going to drive the Magrider is a really odd experience. The Magrider handles like a delicate ballet dancer in comparison to the Vanguard. The Magrider can effortlessly glide around corners and spin around without a care or worry about the terrain underneath it. While the other two tanks can turn their turrets independently - the hulls themselves take very long times to turn around and get caught on every single little terrain feature. Terrain throws the barrel(s) all over the place and the slightest bump can knock your sights off by a mile - Magrider does not have this problem. Magrider can also spin around very quickly and circle its target without exposing its back or sides.
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  4. SinerAthin

    Nah, shell-velocity simply needs to be increased.

    Once you fire your tank's main gun, you can go away, read the newspaper, make yourself a coup of tea(not necessarily in that order), and come back in time to see the projectile hit the ground.
  5. SinerAthin

    Actually, the magrider will lose to both the Vulcan Prowler and the shielded Vanguard in close combat already.

    The reason they win so easily at range is because tank shells in this game are so damn slow.
  6. LameFox

    I'm not sure how to explain this any more clearly without starting to draw, but what you're saying here makes no sense. Suppose you're standing x distance away... put the sight on a certain part of the tank, and fire. The missile flies under it and explodes about half way. Now we turn the tank's engine off and it sits on the floor. If you put the sight on the same part of the tank and fire, the missile won't pass underneath the tank, it will just hit the ground in front of it. The only way the tank not hovering helps your missile hit it in this case is if you aim and fire at the same part of the now re-floating tank, and it then falls out of the air, causing your missile to land on it rather than beneath it.
  7. Rogueghost

    I am a prowler driver, and the one thing I hate most about the mag is that it's purple.
  8. TheArchetype

    I hate when I fire my rocket and it goes under the Mag. It's awful.
  9. Gavyne

    As NC I hate Magrider's ability to hover strafe. Not just strafing, because a tank strafing is powerful enough. But hover strafe. The hover part ticks me off because when shooting at a Magrider who's hovering on slightly elevated ground, I've had a dead center aim at times, making the right guess and the right shot. But my shot hit the ground directly beneath the center of the magrider. Yes I've missed a Magrider because it's hovering, because my shot went underneath it. That's just ridiculous, because no other tank could avoid a shot aimed dead center of the tank since Vanguards & Prowlers do not have a space underneath the tanks.

    So not only is it hard enough to guess which way the Magrider's going to strafe, but when you make the right shot, you could still miss because it's hovering, you could hit the ground where the magrider's hovering on. The magrider can also choose engagement, because they have a faction special speed ability that could either speed away when in trouble, or speed towards you when they want to catch you.

    I guess the thing that annoys me the most is hover strafe. Because if I can't hit them, and can't catch them due to their speed boost, no matter how good of a cannon I have on the vanguard it's still pointless getting into a ranged fight with a magrider.
  10. PyroPaul


    I'm a bit of an... Aggressive... Tank driver and Love to Ram people...
    anytime i run full tilt with my Racer 3 Vanguard into a magrider i squeeze right under him doing next no damage and exposing my backside to his main gun.
  11. Sminky

  12. Iksniljiksul

    Fighting them at range. Can't hit the suckers much even with AP rounds.

    Magriders are easy to take out with infantry up close though (and I do not mean with lock on missiles). A good 80% of all Magriders are not dedicated tank drivers. Easy pickings, especially when they bunch up and start flipping each other like idiots.

    Vehicles should all have required a fair chunk of cert investments to drive. No SC, only certs. Just like PS1.
  13. Brissles

    Why on Earth should shell velocity be increased? Projectiles fire at totally reasonable speeds. This would not be a fix.

    The Mag would also get a projectile speed increase, which just worsens the problem.
  14. forkyar

    this,i have no issue taking a mag or vanguard 1 on 1 in medium to close range.the only 1 i have a issue with is a mag when its long range,i have to be pretty close to perfect to take 1 out but that's ok,i love my prowler
  15. bobby_m

    I read a small part of this thread and was amazed about real answers for a change.
    From my view as a VS player I can tell you which attributes I MISS most whenever I'm in another tank.
    Gun stability is the most glaring difference. While I have my stabilized hover gun that can point into any direction and hit fine, normal tanks somehow don't have any gun stabilization. As soon as I move over a pebble, the gun jumps into the sky and I miss. This is the case for vanguards, prowlers and lightnings.

    So now that I've said that: I do not really want the magrider to be changed too much. Tweak things that are overpowered, unreasonable and such but don't nerf it so much that it isn't fun any more. Quite the opposite: why not help to make the other faction's tanks more fun? Give them gun stabs (hell - we have them now! it is the future).
    Define their roles, make the roles fun for all parties involved. Mag vs Vanguard: outmaneuvering the armoured beast. mag vs prowler: DODGE DODGE DODGE THE LEAD SPRAY. prowler vs vanguard: brute force through the thick hide.
  16. Xiphos

    Constant unpredictable strafe dodging that makes it hard to land shots with ... everything. The existing anti-tank weapons were clearly made with the other vehicles in mind. Against the Magrider they all underperform except the guided rockets.
  17. ShockATC

    i think its funny how most people say "omg i hate that strafing thing" but they strafe when play infantry... logic?
  18. Deavonere

    Vanguard - designed to be hard hitting long range tank, preferably to be rushed with other Vanguards.
    Prowler - hit and run ambush tank, similar to Lightning but much more dangerous. Designed to sneak up and shot rear armour and chew up in close fights with Vulcan.
    Magrider - flanking tank. It was designed to take tactical positions and flank enemy from different sides. Use manoeuvrability to dodge shots.

    What I can't understand is:

    Why long range tank is having slow projectiles and dropoff ?
    Why flanking tank have fast sniper cannon (saron) with invisible projectiles ?
    Why hit and run tank have lockdown ability ?

    Vanguard was designed to be long range, then why the #@$% do we have dropoff ? It should be hard hitting accurate projectiles with much slower RoF.

    Magrider was desgined to have highest manoeuvrability so it would be easy for them to flank and dodge. Why on Earth they have 100% accurate projectiles, when they are facing MBTs with slow manoeuvrability. It's overkill and saron should have dropoff.

    Prowler was designed to run fast and don't stand still and yet they have ability that long range tank with slow RoF should have.

    There is no reason in this.
  19. Deavonere

    You don't have ability to strafe designed for only one faction infantry. Logic!
  20. Veggiemanuk

    Hmm, to all those claiming this is an advantage don't you think it's fixed main weapon and its slow turn rate counters this? Not forgetting that YOU too can strafe, it just requires you to actually use your turret as intended and fire side on, the only down side is that when firing side on that the other main tanks have larger profiles than a Mag does.

    The amount of people I see who treat their Vs and Ps as Mags baffles me, you have a turret people, use them.

    One thing I would like to see though is an option to have a space for a main turret gunner and JUST a driver.