Serious Question: What ONE thing do Vanguards and Prowlers hate most about the Mag?

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  1. DeusExMachina

    i've shot under the mag so many times just because it hovers and is flat... well, not so many because i rarely drive tanks..
    Mag is better at climbing because it hovers... F*** logic right?
  2. Xizwhoa

    The Saron cannon. The lolrider is just a platform for the best weapon in the game.
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  3. GhostAvatar

    Well you're a helpful little troll, now aren't you. Why don't you just move along because no one gives two ***** about what you got to say. Goodbye and have a crap day.
  4. gudman591

    Fuсking logic, yeah. But other tanks are on tracks. At the very least they shouldn't slide around. They are supposed to have some troubles with steep surfaces, but really, slide?
  5. Roxputin

  6. TintaBux

    When fight against them it's a few thing.

    Strafing side to side.

    Rockets which can go straight underneath them.

    No bullet drop alloying extreme accuracy even at very long range.

    Ability to climb almost anything and get into positions/places where the other tanks cannot.

    With strong armor also, there is allot more to do to improve the balance between all three.
  7. Roxputin

    Too soon, too soon man.
  8. Weirdkitten

    I don't think the magrider is OP in the sense of needing nerfs, but I have two issues:

    1. The lack of secondaries comparable in usefulness to the saron HRB for the prowler and vanguard (solved by patch, I hope)

    2. No traction on tracked tanks. (hopefully solved in a later patch). Don't need to be able to climb every hill on sight, but at least stop me from sliding on near flat ground. I want my tank to *feel* like a 60 ton steel monster, not a Fiat Panda.

    The magrider's mobility I don't have issues with, in itself. It's the magrider's flavour, like armour is the vanguard's and firepower is the prowler's. Not perfectly balanced, but hopefully close enough after a patch or two.
  9. Flix

    Keep talking. Bulletdrop/bulletspeed is streamined for ALL least until next patch.

    Jeah i love that argument...have you though about that even a second? If not take a rocketlauncher and shoot next to a tank on the ground. Then come back and tell us how much dmg you did. The mag is as big as all the other tanks. If you shoot under it you missed it..period. If it would have stood on the ground you would have hit the ground still not dealing dmg.
    You know guys i would totaly agree with you if you would start bringing arguments where you took a second to think about it. Like the saron beeing op for following reasons (to fast in this case). I`m ok with that. But bringing up ********-reasons which only show that you failed in that situation doesnt help.

    Point for you...didnt thought it to that end.^^

    The mag is a antigravitationtank...dont search logic in that. Also dont search logic in soldiers getting reasebled by nanites shortly after they die.
  10. Roxputin

    Now we get to the meat of the problem. I will concede that the Saron HRB does need to be tweaked a little. Key word being "little" as the saron is what has always made the magrider what it is, especially in PS1. A minor velocity change or damage degradation will suffice as long as the devs do not go overboard.

    The main cannon whether being AP or HE is rather weak on the magrider comparatively. Hence leaving the primary cannon at the status quo.
  11. DeusExMachina

    It's a hovercraft (although magnetic... that actually makes it even worse), not an aircraft. It doesn't fly, it slides, like on ice or butter but in this case it's magnetic field.
  12. Cougarbrit

    Not so, I've fired plenty of rockets that go at least about halfway under the hull of a Mag before hitting the floor, any other tank and I'd have hit it just fine.

    Notice how a lot of the Magdrivers QQ about lock on weaponry? That's because HAs have to invest in lock on weaponry to have the same chance of killing a Mag as they would any other tank. The only way for dumbfire HAs to even land hits on a Mag is either the driver being bad, firing 3x the missiles needed at different possible paths and wasting most of them, or getting so close to them that you'll probably only survive getting one or two rockets off due to their faster rotation and ease of escaping you, whereas you might even survive killing another tank doing the same tactic.
  13. Caracal

    I think the traction advantages should be granted to tanks with tracks while the mag rider should be able to slide in any horrizontal direction.

    This way, each tank has some sort of mobility advantage over the other.
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  14. anaverageguy

    "Hate", is a bit of a strong word, but if that means their biggest advantage, I definitely think it's stability. If one of their shots landed on my tank, I know the next one will probably go in the same place, even if they're strafing back and forth dodging shots.
  15. NC_agent00kevin

    The ability to burn away over terrain the rest of the tanks cannot traverse. Strafing is ok when you cant aim you main gun without turning the whole tank (as long as the turn rate isnt as swift as other tanks) but being able to drive over stuff the rest cant is total BS. It'd be like one faction having an aircraft that can go higher than all the rest.
  16. Dulu

    Strafe/Hover, general mobility that allows it to win tank v. tank and gives it the biggest advantage vs. infantry.
  17. DeusExMachina

    Hehe, reavers should be able to get higher and have more upward thrust (not more hover stability)(enough to do a full speed dive and pull up just before hitting the ground) because they rely more on large engines rather than aerodynamics or magnets :)
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  18. ExecutorZen

    The armor. The magrider can take way too much damage for the survivability is has through its manuverability. I'm comparing it to the tanks in Planetside 1. I was a heavy vanguard driver in 1, and i never shyed away from tank vs tank battles. I used to love engaging magriders just as well as prowlers. The magrider in 1 really felt like a light tank with tech advantages. It was quick, its weapons were fast and not to be taken lightly. But its armor was noticably weak. It compensated for that by having skilled drivers that knew if you drove a magrider, you kept it alive by moving, dodging, rapid combat. Not just pointing your nose at someone and strafing left and right. Those tanks got chewed apart if they just sat there. PS2 is different. They have a lot more armor but the same manuverability, somewhat better escape with the magburner. And the guns have been pumped up aswell. PS1 tanks would also take damage from nearby impacts or explosions. If i barely missed with a vanguard shell (which used to be a lot more devastating in ps1) i still did some damage. AV explosions still hurt tanks even if they didn't hit, so if you missed and struck under a magrider, you still got something. Now its only a direct impact or nothing.
    The armor/health for the magrider needs to be toned down quite a bit. Its that simple. That lets the weapons stay the same, keeps the manuverability and the magriders unique touch, but also makes it so that people need to realize you have to protect it. If you do not dodge and use its manuverability, you will die. A lot.
  19. Pemtaphalon

    Whilst I do agree with you, the problem is that you can't close the gap with them, especially in a Vanguard, and this is all due to the lack of traction, if the tracked tanks behaved as well as modern tanks do there would be no problem, I have no desire to nerf damage or maneuverability, the mag isn't OP, it is just able to take advantage of a sever flaw in the mechanics of track based and even wheel based vehicles
  20. Phazaar

    It suffers no disadvantages of the other tanks and has every advantage, along with some they don't have.

    That's the one thing.