Serious Question: What ONE thing do Vanguards and Prowlers hate most about the Mag?

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  1. Riskae

    Honestly... that bloody small profile from the front as well as the fact I can miss by firing under them. Give them their advantages but I hate how often I miss them in comat.
  2. TomaHawk

    Well, let's see, the above, plus the afterburner garbage that lets them out of 90% of really bad situations that would leave a Van or Prowler destroyed. The side to side strafing only adds to this BS.
  3. Antich

    Also, as everyone can notice, their turret is stabilized.

    No, just ignored, if the tank start moving you can just jump, i jump all the time over tanks in ps2, you might take some minor dmg but they dont kill you. Otherwise i would feel safer around a magrider then on the recieving end of their cannon
  4. LameFox

    That really shouldn't matter unless you're shooting at their shadow... if you'd fired that low relative to any other vehicle's hull, the shot would have just hit the ground in front of it and done no damage.
  5. Aractain

    I dont want or hate any ONE thing about your silly tank, I just want to be able to crush them for the glory of the Republic! Mag not OP, Prowlers UP (which might be being fixed, we will see).
  6. Flix

    You have to show me that trick how you fire down a canyon with a hullmounted gun. I`m realy eager to see that. Without you falling down into the canyon.
    And on the strafing. On that one i would want to see any vid where a mag dodges shells. Have never seen that. And if they do its at such a range where i always ask myself...the other two tanks dont strafe because of what again? afraid of getting hit in the side? I thought a mag can dodge everything? We only got 15mps while you got your full speed so where is the problem again?
  7. Punjab

    In the words of Jeremy Clarkson, "POOOOWWWEERRRRR!!!!"

    Need more speed, acceleration and ability to climb hills at near top speed, its a tank....magriders can float...Vanguards and Prowlers should have more than a Geo Metro 3 cylinder engine.
  8. Pemtaphalon

    Scythes seem easier to hit with my main cannon, I think it's because they like to stop dead in the air trying to rocket pod you, I have plenty of time to carefully aim my cannon before I take too much damage and knock them out of the sky, Mosquitos will normally fire a short volley then disappear, not all of course....boom
  9. Aractain

    You have never seen a mag at a 70 degree down angle on the side of a cliff?
  10. JohnnyMaverik

    I am a VS player but I have a TR and NC alt, the one issue with the Magrider is how easily it can sneak up on you (very quiet and very easy to get into good positions) and then unlike the Magrider if something starts thumping you up the jacksie (excuse the innuendo) it's much harder to turn your tank around to stop exposing your weak point than it is in a Magrider, even harder to do that and return fire at the same time.

    For me the secondary weapons are not the issue with the Magrider, hell nobody ever gets into my secondary when I drive a Prowler or Vanguard unless they want a quick lift to the next base (less quick if I'm driving a Vanguard and it's up hill) which I think is part of the issue, even when I just have the Basilisk on VS players jump into the Magrider all the time.

    All I think was needed was better gun stability for the Prowler, better projectile speed for the Vanguard, improved turning circle and traction for both.
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  11. Flix

    with beeing able to retreat back up? nope. The magburner only works if you already have speed. He will drop down from there and even if so. He is hovering there at an angle of 70°. Where is the problem of fighting him? his incredible 15mps-dodging while he risks falling down?

    Mags have the least dmg of the 3 tanks thank you.
  12. Zan_Aus

  13. gudman591

    Good luck aiming at him with a cannon that can't even go for that angle.

    That's the only thing I actually hate about Mag, it's ability to just bypass the defences and occupy surfaces that even infantry is impossible to get to. Good luck holding Quartz Ridge camp, for example, against these things. Hint - not a dаmn chance.
  14. Flix

    And now ask that a problem with your tank or with the mag. Those stupid limitations on aimingheight go on with all the tankmainguns and secondarys.
  15. AUSGrizzly

    Three things I hate about Mags when I am in my Vanguard...
    1: Dodging ability: At least 1/6th of my shots will be dodge by a nooblet (I myself am still adjusting to Tanks), while 1/3 will be dodge by someone with skill. If I try to dodge, even by putting my side to the Mag, I am still putting a weaker armour level to them which means a shorter time to live. If I put my front, I can only choose to go backwards which is useless due to the zero bullet drop that you have. On that Note.

    2: Bullet Drop/Travel time: Yeah Vanu Weaponary. Moving on...

    3: Rotation: If I sneak up on a Mag (Cough) the moment I take my first shot will be the last I get on his weaker armour, the rotation speed puts the Mag's front straight at me before I even get the second shot loaded let alone shot. This makes it hard to combat if they take strafing in to consideration and they put themselves to MY weaker armour. That and their ability to CONTINUE to put their Front at me WHILE STRAFING TO MY WEAKER ARMOUR... It takes me a lot more time to turn my Tanks Body to keep the front forward, along with the way that the Turret SWINGS ALL OVER THE PLACE DUE TO STABILIZATION AND THAT ******* PEBBLE I ROLLED OVER.... Yeah...
  16. klor

    The purpleness.
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  17. Trevophoria

    The Vanu Sovereignty is supposed to have a technological advantage. They worship the alien race that lived on Auraxis before humanity arrived. This is central to the game's setting.

    Each faction should have their strengths. I'm very much in favour of the TR and NC having advantages in other areas.
  18. Roxputin

    Magriders are basically the snipers of the MBT class. I see far too many people, especially non tank drivers, playing the wrong way against the magrider. I normally do not talk about tactics especially when dealing with my favorite weapon in the game, but any competent tank driver knows this. The fallacies of the magrider being OP has to come to a stop.

    What do we know about the magrider. Well for one it is agile, just like a sniper. It normally gets into strange places, just like a sniper. It shoots very accurately at long distances, just like a sniper. And once the magrider has been hit, it would normally run and repair and return to the battle with full armor/health, just like a sniper.

    So basically, if you're playing infantry and you are being shot at by a sniper and you stand still, you probably will be killed, just like a magrider. The key to engaging or not engaging a magrider is the same mentality when dealing with a sniper on a hill or at medium range. Just close the distance and watch the sniper/magrider either run away or attempt to out DPS another tank at close range, which will end up very badly for the magrider.

    Tl; dr magriders are hated because they are the sniper class of the MBTs.
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  19. gudman591

    And the answer is "problem's with the mag". Aiming height angle is just how it should be, we don't want tank cannons to turn into 100mm AA guns.

    I consider it being the only real unfair advantage Mag has. Saron? We can deal with it. Strafe? Up close and personal - dodge this. Magburner? Alright, expose your rear to me, go on.
  20. GImofoJoe

    I avoid them if I can, I setup my tank for infantry most of the time.
    If you are crying now, wait till you see Magrider walk on water, which it will.....literally.
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