Serious Question: What ONE thing do Vanguards and Prowlers hate most about the Mag?

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  1. furballhero

    Its incredible maneuverability, and they hit like a mack truck.
  2. Vansoth

    There is no correct place to aim your round. The damage you cause is decided on the angle at which you are shooting from not where you shot actually hits.

    Example: You are behind a vanguard and pull out your decimator as the vanguard swings the turret around to engage you. You pull the trigger and put a missle into the turret right above the barrel of the cannon. This counts as a rear hit because you were standing behind the target and ignores the fact that your missle hit what should be considered front armor.

    Example: You lock onto a lightning with your annihilator from long range. The lightning flank is facing you. You pull the trigger and while the missle is in flight the lightning turns to flee and your missle impacts on the rear. This will count as a side hit becuse it was calculated when you fired and the impact spot was not important.

    So always shoot for center mass regardless of whether you can place a precise shot on what should be a vital area of the vehicle.
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  3. Jurav

    I think you have it backwards. Childish is saying you have a fun toy and dont want anyone else to have it.

    Seriously, if the TR or NC had the Magrider instead of the VS, you would be complaining about it just as much.
  4. EaterOfBabies

    For me its a tie between the ridiculousness of the Sauron and the effectiveness of their strafe ability.

    On the one hand, I cant count the number of times I've successfully engaged mags at range, hit them enough to cause them to retreat, and then had either their Sauron gunner or some other mags Sauron gunner take advantage of my Prowlers obese frame and pot shot me to death as I try and recover from the engagement. The weapon just takes no skill to use and has ridiculous range (which thankfully is getting some nerf attention).

    On the other hand, those long range engagements are typically the most boring part of the game for me as I have to navigate bumpy terrain that throws my aim everywhere in order to dodge incoming mag shells, while my opponent casually slides back and forth, dodging my hard fought attempts to land hits while he sips his coffee and finishes the crossword puzzle he has been working on for the last few days.

    Okay, in writing it out my vote is for the strafing ability. It caters to the unskilled, which compounds all the other problems ten-fold.
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  5. Vansoth

    My number one complaint about the magrider is the Saron HRB. If a mag with a saron sees me before I am in 300 meters I run away because I know that attampting to close the gap is futile. I only engage a magrider when I have the jump on it and everything is in my favor. If I can get in close and unleash my vulcan on an unsuspecting magrider then I can win handily. Against an equally certed magrider I don't bother to engage it unless things are heavily in my favor because they are so deceptively fast and accurate.
  6. {joer

    Thats just it, you don't need skill to drive a mag semi effectively. A 1/2 mag with a BR1 can at least be point and shoot effectively.
  7. Ghosty78

    I wouldn't be complaining on a forum about it, no. I would find new ways to try and get the upper hand. But, what everyone agrees on is the need for tank stability for the other two factions when firing on the move. That should help even things up a bit.
  8. Jurav

    I agree. Give the NC and TR something to equal it out. The Magrider is a cool idea.

    The OP asked what we hated about it the most. We did not come here to complain about it.
  9. Judicator Wombat

    I believe it actually calculates based on where you were at the moment of impact instead of at the moment of firing, so in your example it would count as a rear hit. For the most part the front/side/rear stuff works pretty well, where it gets messed up is with turret hits and shots from the edges of each quadrant.

    It would also be an issue in the hypothetical situation in which you fire a rocket straight down at a tank while falling faster than your rocket and land on the ground in front of the tank before the rocket impacts the top, which would give you a front hit instead of a top hit.

    The system almost makes sense by real world logic, since the angle your rockets would be impacting at if they're hitting the back of a tank from the side would be so shallow as to be far less damaging, but at the same time it also means you can land a glancing hit on the side while standing behind the tank for massive damage.
  10. BengalTiger

    Both examples wrong.

    @1: A hit to the turret is equal to a hit to the front of the tank, regardless of which direction the round comes from. I've tested this with my outfit.
    Turret hit in the rear while shooter in front of hull = hull front hit in terms of damage.
    Turret hit in rear while tank side facing shooter = hull front hit, just like above (found this out by accident when driving through my squadmate's line of fire, this lead to the other test).
    Fun fact: frontal armor upgrade increases the turret's damage resistance all around as well.

    I could do further testing though, but no sooner than Monday (PC's power supply figured it has enough so my PC is out of service).

    @2: The Lightning would get a rear hit if it's hit in the hull rear (a hit in the turret rear would count as a hull front shot). I often rotate my Vanguard after seeing rockets incoming and they hit my front for frontal damage.

    I could do a lab test with my outfit on this as well though, to be certain.

    As for the topic- the Saron's nearly invisible projectiles. They should leave a smoke trail, even if it's semi transparent and only has a lifetime of 0.5 seconds. That would solve the issue completely.
  11. r1stormrider

    1) ease of use of the magrider. used a completely stock one on a VS alt and i lasted over an hour before being destroyed. farmed infantry and enemy tanks (mostly NC).

    2) mobility and the ability to strafe while always using my front armor to absorb shots

    3) the eye of sauron. that thing is brutal lol
  12. LameFox

    ...but not nearly as much of an issue as the part where you've just fallen out of the sky faster than a rocket.
  13. {joer

    Yea when I use the lock on launchers, if it hits the rear I get the "critical" hit damage indicator.
  14. Incinerage

    I absolutely hate it when they stay perfectly rock-still when shooting and engaging other tanks

    That **** infuriates me no end. Like "Yeah we can move, but we don't need to because we're better" o_O
  15. allattar

    That's because a random had started trying to repair our tank and we have no idea where they are. If we move they die.
  16. Crywalker

    Hover allows spawn camping in places other tanks wouldn't be capable of camping. As infantry it's really frustrating, often to the point where you leave or log, when your spawn is camped, and mags do that best.

    Also makes them much more capable of evading threats of any kind, so they inevitably last longer.
  17. Stordito

    you wouldn't believe how many times i spare a easy reaver or a vanguard kill to get a slightly harder mag/ scythe kill. :D
  18. Incinerage

    Annnnd whooosh a point gets missed
  19. Judicator Wombat

    Rockets don't fly all that fast and they don't inherit velocity or gain speed from falling I think, so assuming gravity affects players normally I think you could do it if you got to maximum altitude in an ESF, started afterburning straight down, jumped out and fired.

    I'm going to have to test this later though. I'll try to remember to record it.
  20. Punjab

    As a Vanguard driver I see nothing wrong with the Mag. It behaves like designed. The problem to me is the Vanguard manuverability. When was the last time you saw a friggin tank slow down while going up a little hill? If my Vanguard had more acceleration and maybe a bit better top speed I would be a happy camper.

    This is what it should look like to see a Vanguard roll around, do you see this tank going 5 mph coming over those hills? Hell no, they just about get airtime.