Serious Question: What ONE thing do Vanguards and Prowlers hate most about the Mag?

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  1. MarkAntony

    I meant the vanguard. sorry if I wasn't clear on that. I have no problem with the magrider dodging shots or going places i can't go to but the way the Vanguard behaves is absolutely ridiculous.
    The question was what we found annoying. and a tank that can dodge my shots is annoying. It doesn't mean i want it to be changed. I just want my tank to have Tank like behavior and not that of a car that'S driving on ice.
  2. bigman0089

    honestly, there are 3 big issues for me, but two of them are unavoidable with a floating tank, so I would say that the third is my "one thing"

    the first two are the strafing and stability, but I dont think you can have a floating tank without that (unless bobbing up and down a bit was added to the hover).

    my "one issue" is the traction of the magrider.
    magriders can climb up and down hills which are VERY steep, and they don't lose traction.
    sure, mags have to constantly correct vs gravity to STAY perched on an 80 degree incline, but other vehicles lose traction and slide ALL the way to the bottom of the hill before regaining it, whereas the mag never loses traction.
  3. deaded

    Strafe + hover + shots going under it. Couldnt care less about the guns on it. Mag got such insane advantages compared to the other tanks in vehicle battles, I cant even be bothered trying to compete in that area of the game against VS.

    I'm usually in a lib or reaver, tho - so I've killed hundreds of mag's, while dying to them much less. Adapt and overcome, baby.

    I see Vanguard as a cooldown for farming a sunderer or a spawn, if I know it'll be a good farm b4 I take it out.
  4. HellasVagabond

    It strafes, it gets no damage when your shells hit beneath it, it has the Saron, it climbs pretty much everywhere......More ?
  5. Ghosty78

    Has any other of the factions ever thought of turning their tank side on? Giving the ability to strife left and right. Just like a Magrider.
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  6. Brissles

    Remember, the OP is asking for ONE thing we hate most - not a whole document of bu77hurt against the Mag.
  7. AquaKiller

    Can't really put it into ONE thing, but can make a percentage:

    60% HRB The Eye of Sauron
    20% Strafe
    20% Afterburner

    Saron is the most effective secondary gun on the MBTs currently. It's basically point and click - very annoying. Strafing ability is not that 'dangerous' after you get used to it and predict the movement of Mag's driver. There's no rocket science here - if he's engaging you all he can do is A D A D A D dance.
    What I also hate in Magrider is the afterburner - a true lifesaver when used defensively and potent tool when on offense. Mag can quickly jump on your back while using it and dodge any incomming missiles when retreating.
  8. Jurav

    OK so in the next patch, they decide that the VS has not yet discovered the hover tank, but the TR have. So the TR get the Magrider and the VS get the Prowler.

    Will you say the same then?
  9. Stordito

    the problem with the mag is that is simply too effective (stats confirm that) and it does not require any skill as long as your *** is covered by the zerg.
    the 2 others have a much steeper learning curve and experience needed to be somewhat effective, reasons why TR don't even bother pulling tanks enymore to fight mag spam. you can deal more damage pulling HA and spamming G2G's even free!
    simple as that.

    but being a pilot I don't care. while i sympathize with ground units, the mag is my fav tank to kill by far, especially the snipermags on top of cliffs trying to camp towers or vehicle bays.Mags are very good against armor but when i see one from above i just see a dumb turtle.
    Every time i dive to kill one I have to activate the windshield wipers, it gets wet by all those vanoobs tears.
  10. KAHR-Alpha

    What bugs me the most is that I never really know where to aim: it's round, where do the side, front and back parts of it start exactly? And how armored is the big bulge on top?
  11. Ghosty78

    Now you are just being childish.
  12. AquaKiller

    1st: We dont have the stability magrider have and when we're showing him our side armour he's always facing us with his front armour (the strongest).
  13. {joer


    You CAN'T get stuck at a mag unless you really really try. Bump into something, sidestep out of the way. No three point turns on narrow roads with rocks that make your treads spin like ice.

    Now add 10 more mags not getting stuck vrs a tread tank traffic jam.

    I do wish they had individual tread control like a real vehicle for tanks so I could make FAST sharp turns. That alone would help tremendously.
  14. Kiekeboe

    The ability to strafe and doge all shots, I almost never hit it when its strafing :mad:
    And that Sniper Cannon called the Saron, I want this too :rolleyes:
    And they can go to places on hills no other tank can go and just shoot from there :(
  15. Pemtaphalon

    I can understand why you'd find Mag hunting fun, I don't think I've seen a single mag have any weapon besides the Basilisk or the Saron, no AA to worry about for you! so happy hunting...but er..if you ever see me rolling in my nice please? we are friends now after all :)
  16. Jurav

    Yep, do this when possible, but there are a couple of issues with it.

    By the time you get the tank turned to the side, your armor is at half, then when you start to move forward and backward to strafe, every bump on the ground makes your sites bounce all over the place.

    The Mag has no such disadvantage, it can move anywhere and any way it wants with no bouncing.
  17. hostilechild

    The fact the gun bounces all over the dam place from every pebble around, swear it even seems to sway like a sniper rifle. I rarely see magmowers miss.

    Parking the tank at 45deg angle allows you to strafe and still maybe get the front armor advantage of the vanguard. assuming the terrain allows it but then you get huge gun movement.
  18. Ghosty78

    I remember reading somewhere that they are talking about adding certs for tank turret stability when firing, not sure when they will though.
  19. Thagyr

    The ability to get absolutely everywhere and won't suffer from a slight inclines that may present. When Vanu surround a base, they SURROUND it. They are on the hills, on the mountains, across the roads, in your fridge, all the while other tanks prefer certain terrains that won't cause their vehicle to act like a greased up pig on a waterslide. Heck there was a Mag on top of Vanu Archives just the other day somehow, though I bet it was Galaxy assisted or something.
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  20. DirArtillerySupport

    Forgot to mention my escape path is littered with mines. Thppppppppppppppppppppp