Serious Question: What ONE thing do Vanguards and Prowlers hate most about the Mag?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Goodkat, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Goodkat

    I am a mag driver and I would like to the ONE thing that you guys think is overpowered on the magrider. Is it the HRB?
  2. DirArtillerySupport

    I don't know as soon as I see a mag I run before I find out.
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  3. maxkeiser

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  4. Brissles

    I don't engage in tank battles very often, but based on my limited experience the Mag's biggest advantage is the ability to strafe-dodge all incoming shells. It's easy to predict when shells will be fired based on reload times, they simply pre-strafe.

    Strafe speed needs toning down a notch.
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  5. Dusty El Lion

  6. MorteDeAmgelis

    Saron invisible (practically) very fast insanely small projectile. The hover can be countered by shooting into it somewhat but requires you to waste a shot to start with.
  7. Goodkat

    ^Thanks for being useless

    ^Thanks for serious reply
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  8. Ganelon

    Ability to strafe.
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  9. Goodkat

    Ok good, keep the serious replies coming. I am going to do a tally.
  10. Paulus

    Terrain has almost no effect on the ability of the Mag to hit me with every energy bolt it fires, whilst simultaniously dodging mine.
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  11. LameFox

    I don't think anything about it is overpowered, but I do hate purple.
  12. Jurav

    1. Strafing to avoid getting hit
    2. The ability to climb to the side of a cliff where our guns can't angle to, and our tanks cannot climb to.
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  13. maxkeiser

    They hate it because they can't have one and because it is by far and away the coolest/most fun toy in the game. That's it, basically. For that reason they want it destroyed.
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  14. Hosp

    All of the above.
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  15. MarkAntony

    I was gonna write this.
    Seriously though I am sick of having a tank that behaves like it's constantly driving on ice with normal wheels.
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  16. Moody One

    its 2 part really

    The ability to strafe is probably the biggest but secondly is its ability to attack from places you wouldn't expect a tank to be able to get into (the top of canyons, roofs of buildings etc)
  17. maxkeiser

    IT'S A HOVER TANK FFS. IT HOVERS. That is it's reason for existence. It's supposed to do that. Stop trying to make everything in the game the same.
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  18. Pemtaphalon

    It's been said, and this has happened to me a few times, when engaging a mag you either have to sit still and just take the its and try to hit their constantly moving frame, or you try to remain on the move to be less of an easy target but this causes your aim to be totally shot due to the uneven terrain which makes a well aimed gun suddenly be sighted above the Mag, whilst the mag can keep it's sights on the Vanguard at all times.

    It's as simple as that, nothing to do with damage etc, I love seeing a Prowler drive nearby and I can begin a great battle with them, but Mags don't give me any excitement, if I can avoid them I will unless the terrain seems even enough for a fair fight, and you can call m a coward but there is no sense moving into a battle where the terrain is against you, better to move away and find a more favorable place to ambush.

    I understand the frustration of the constant nerf Mags threads, I just hope that you can understand from an unbiased point of view why alot of people make these threads, if only the majority of them were posted in a calm and reasonable tone instead of this aggressive cry baby tone that tends to be the norm
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  19. Dusty El Lion

    It's stability. In a vanguard and lightening I feel every bump in the road, this makes it extremely hard to hit anything while moving. Meanwhile the Mag is a much more stable firing platform that can fire while moving with ease.

    That's the root of the problem really. Either give the Prowler or Vanguard some kind of gyroscopic stabilizer like any modern tank has, or increase the effects on terrain on the magrider.

    All this ancillary stuff like ability to strafe is really only a by product of this.
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  20. Mootar

    The Mags ability to cross terrain that is totally impossible for the other empires tanks, giving it the ability to attack from hugely beneficial positions and be used to zerg any base, coupled with the ability to run away and repair if things go **** up, is the reason for the gulf in effectiveness between it and the Vangaurd/Prowler in my opinion.

    A picture to illustrate my point.
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