September roadmap, this is what the devs are working on

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  1. Being@RT

    So, september has a LOT of stuff on the roadmap (and not small stuff either). I thought I'd collect the threads here as links for convenience.

    Vehicle Update - Galaxy
    Resource Revamp
    Per Seat Vehicle Locking
    Outfit Progression
    Outfit Leaderboards
    New Continent: Hossin
    Interlink Facility
    Class Update - Infiltrator

    What do you look forward to most?
    Do you think SOE can actually code all of this stuff?
    If not, what should be postponed? What should take priority over October stuff?

    Remember that roadmap is supposed to be for things the devs focus on, not necessarily what will be implemented that month.
  2. MrMurdok

    Nah, they haven't gone through with the August stuff.
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  3. IamDH

    Its all going to get pushed back don't worry
  4. Bvenged

    TBH, class updates aren't as important as optimisation, fixing alerts, Amerish Lattice and Hossin. I'd take just about anything on the roadmap to class updates.
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  5. LazerusQAI

    as much as i would love the infiltrator update - performance improvements are good too...need to play on medium to high with gtx560ti and i52500k (OC to 4,2Ghz)...maybe my RAM is a problem, only 4Gb DDR
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  6. eldarfalcongravtank

    they havent done the infiltrator and ESF update yet, both are going to be pushed out next in terms of content. then and only then, they're gonna start working on all the things that the op listed. not to mention, Smedleys optimization campaign has apparently become absolute priority for the game anyway, so new content won't be added to the game as long as they try to fix the performance/stability issues

    tl;dr version: optimization > infiltrator/ESF update > all other stuff labeled for september
  7. freeze

    I'm not looking forward to the new infiltrator cloak if the visibility isn't changed...
    can't be bothered to play a game where I get killed by invisible players

    so I hope this never makes it into the game...

    so keep pushing it back pls
  8. MrMurdok

    What game would that be? Because in Planetside 2, the game that I'm playing, your cloak turns you into a shimmer that's easily spotted if you look for it. Oh, did I mention that you have to wait a whole second between decloaking and firing your weapon?
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  9. Posse

    Your RAM must be the problem definitely, I have your same CPU and I have no issues.
  10. LazerusQAI

    build the pc a few years ago with x86 windows, so 4Gb was enough.
    Had my config on 5 everywhere (also in textures, was probably low then, because 0 is ultra there) also enabled physx, could play it without problems. But i think a better RAM would not be bad, 8Gb are recommended
  11. gnometheft

    All else can wait if all that comes in September is Hossin and the Resource Revamp.
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  12. Posse

    Well, RAM is relatively cheap now, so you upgrading it wouldn't require much money.
  13. Sordid

    Isn't the Roadmap pretty much irrelevant now that they've gone and said "we're dropping everything and focusing only on optimization for the next few months"?
  14. Cab00se187

    The road map was irrelevant months ago when they couldn't keep up with anything that was on it from the beginning
  15. Sordid

    Fair point. :p
  16. LazerusQAI

    jup, around 120€ for 16Gb, think i will upgrade soon.

    What do you guys think, will we see something new this month?