September 26th 2019 - PS4Hotfix

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  1. ps_nicto Developer

    PS4 servers will be taken offline on Thursday, September 26th, 2019 at 6:00am PT for maintenance. Downtime is expected to last up to 2 hours.

    Fixes and Changes
    • Join Combat should once again be working instead of giving an error.
    • Motion Blur has been disabled.

    October seasonal items coming soon!

    In preparation for our Halloween event (Oct. 18 - Nov. 08), you will see seasonal items become available on October 1st, with more to come later in the month.
    You'll see the following items start appearing in the Depot:
    • NS CandyCannon 3000
    • Slasher Knife
    • Halloween Vehicle Horns
    • Vehicle Tire Trails
    • Flaming Skull Helmets
    • Halloween Variety Helmets
Thread Status:
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