Sept. 04, 2018 - PTS Update

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  1. DBG_Wrel Developer

    Misc. Fixes
    A.S.P. vehicle discounts should no longer break.
    Fixed an issue that was causing Electrotech and a few other implants to trigger on resource depletions that weren't shields.

    Wraith Cloak (Flash ATV)
    Now has a 10 second reuse delay after exiting cloak.
    Total energy pool has been increased by 33% at all ranks.
    Activating Wraith Cloak now consumes an equivalent of 25% of the maximum energy pool upon activation.

    Dev Note: These changes increase the risk for toggling off stealth, forcing players to choose their ambush targets more carefully.

    Impulse Grenades (Light Assault)
    Added a new grenade type to the Light Assault to play with on Test Server, though there are no plans to push this Live at the moment. Enjoy.
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