Sep 09 PTR Feedback Pile

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  1. CaptainSheep

    Gonna break this down into a couple of categories.

    New Player Experience
    Running commentary, starting a new Vanu character.
    • Character select screen framerate is horrendously choppy, don't know why.
    • First dialogue after spawning in is cut off.
    • Left and right pads vanish when stepping too close to them, but reappear when looking directly at them. I suspect they're being over-aggressively culled.
    • Good flavor in the empire dialogue.
    • First test range seems to have good wall integrity.
    • Missing audio for first dialogue when spawning into Outpost Echo.
    • Success audio for recapturing Echo point plays twice, I think (very loud).
    • Minimap very broken at full zoom, weird patchwork.
    • When repairing the vehicle terminal, mention that hacked technology requires an Infiltrator instead?
    • The dialogue talking about the MAX may need to trigger on the earlier corner, as soon as the MAX is in sight. I shot at the MAX for a bit in confusion, trying to simulate using cover, before I realized that it had dialogue immunity.
    • Ending is kind of ambiguous in what it's asking you to do.
    • No voice for the faction representative?
    • Unable to test planetside (heh) stuff due to lack of population, but seems alright.
    General Notes
    • HMG resist change is awesome.
    • Flak Armor / Nanoweave lanes are very cool, but should have some sort of floating icon, not a little prompt that just appears when you sit in the right spot.
    • Implant trialing in VR Training is flaky; you have to set the filter to All instead of Owned manually. Ideally, it should be All by default here.

    Implants Changed
    • Cold Heart: Visually cool, but it makes no sense that drastically increasing your thermal (and visual, if the first person is to be believed) contrast hides you from sensors. Might be cooler (ba dum tch) if the cryo effect lost the sensor shielding in exchange for something else; my two ideas are improved ability regen rate, or the shot that removes Cold Heart gaining the accuracy it would have while standing still (subsequent shots from auto weapons in the same trigger pull don't keep this bonus).
    • Experimental Stims: Funky in concept, but I'd like to propose an alternate approach that includes no RNG. Give Battle Hardened when crouching on the ground, and Safe Fall otherwise. This lets you use your stims as an adaptive response tool, trading the ability to constantly have either of those two for the option to have either "on tap".
    • Symbiote: Weird design, and I can't quite figure out if it's viable, but here's an oddball idea. Have a percentage of damage taken (40? 50?) bypass your personal shield and go directly to your health. Might synergize interestingly with other recovery like Vampire as well.
    • Ocular Shield: Thumbs up, by and large. Could see this getting abused, but the preemptive flash grenade nerfs probably keep it in check?
    • Avoidance thru Sidewinder: Mostly "yep sure", but shoutouts to Paratrooper in particular. Not sure if it's quite up to viable, but that's a decent nudge to its power level.
    Implants Not Changed
    Couple implants that I was hoping might get a looking-over, but didn't. Here are some alternate proposals.
    - Failsafe -
    When your shield is broken, immediately refill it with a Failsafe Shield that has a different HUD color and lasts for 4 seconds, with a cooldown of 16/14/13/12/12 seconds. Rank 5 activates your Failsafe shield when you are revived if it was not on cooldown. Whoever broke it gets a Failsafe icon shown on their screen.
    The Failsafe Shield cannot be recharged by any other means, and disappears immediately if you discharge a weapon. For use as an emergency well of bonus health to escape a hazardous situation or push into a location where you're needed, without as much of a concern over extra health in infantry duels.
    - Electrotech -
    Recharges your shield at a rate of 100/120/130/150/150 per second while using the Nano-Armor Kit. Rank 5 has the old Rank 1 nanite cloud on shield break effect, with the same 4 second cooldown. Helps engineers attempting to keep equipment operational while it's under direct assault.
    - Covert Drop -
    "Reversed" version of existing implant - cloaks you the moment you bail from an ejection seat aircraft, lasting 5/6/7/8/8 seconds or until a weapon is fired. Rank 5 introduces a 2-second cloak on taking fall damage.