[Suggestion] Sensor Shield Should Be Immune to Vehicle Radar

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Kopulator, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. Kopulator

    I often run as a stalker and I've noticed that ground and air vehicles with scout/infantry radar always find me. This evening, I was running with Sensor Shield Implant and they still noticed me...in deep cloak.

    What is the point of sensor shield if it doesn't block you from sensors.

    Also...from the new implants I've seen...I haven't seen a Sensor Shield equivalent in the new system...As a player who runs infiltrator primarily...not having this makes being a stalker in large fights impossible. Please consider adding this as well.
  2. 0fly0

    Sensor shield need to be lv 4 first and you can still be see running under 20 meters.
    I'm glad they didn't add sensor shield in the new implant and if they do it i hope it's only going to be for infiltrator, atm not a lot of players use it but with the capacity to use two implants i'm pretty sure everyone would take a sensor shield to avoid infiltrator radar
  3. Kopulator

  4. Insignus

    As Scout Radar Valk, finding you is one of my primary jobs.

    Running you over after doing so is icing on the cake.

    This would negate my scout radar advantage.

    The fact that many infiltrators decide to shoot at me and then run away and cloak is the primary reason why your idea would be counter-productive. It would give people carte-blanche to be unstoppable stay-behind infils 24/7

    Instead of actually doing something useful.
  5. ParakeetLord88

    I have a suggestion: when you're in cloak, stop walking or sprinting (meaning: crouch walk instead) unless you absolutely have to. Really, it works, and that includes even if you're NOT running catlike implant.
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