Semi-Auto Scout Rifles (HSR-1)

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  1. Styrkr

    So, is anyone a successful user of the Semi-Automatic Scout Rifles like the HSR-1?
    If so, HOW? Headshots I understand. I want tactics, attachments, ranges, and playstyle in detail. Feed me your wisdom.
  2. Rean

    aim for the body, spam click like mad. it has only vertical recoil so all shots hit, and those after first will most likely be headshot
    if you want to be fancy, double headshot for the kill
  3. Styrkr

    Ok. I was toying with it earlier and emptied a whole clip on a heavy (all hit, all body) but only got her down to half shield. She used her Heavy Shield when I only had a couple of rounds left. Any idea as to why? This is actually the reason I made the thread.
  4. Ravenorth

    I used to run with Nyx using suppressor and lasersight everytime, keeps you out of minimap and laser is your friend in those "Oh $hit" moments when enemy appears on front of you out of nowhere. As optic I used NV or 3.4 scope, depending on combat situation, NV during nights/ small base fights and 3.4 when expecting to fight against enemies outside of base, or in large base like AMP stations.

    These weapons are best for ambushing people, use your darts to avoid any close contact with enemy, keep space and always try to get first shot before they notice you.

    If you are shooting from behind and cant hit all shots, then its good to cloak before the turns to find out his shooter, at this point you can either wait if the decides to ignore you and keep running or nail him in the head while he is looking for you. Dont ever try to 1v1 when you know the enemy is expecting you,(unless you are skilled with headshots) evade and try to nail him while he is still trying to find your new location.

    Also remember that against nanoweave users you need 1-2 shots more depending on range to take them down.

    And of course, try to make headshots as much as possible.
  5. Rean

    you have to headshot a heavy or run. its a common rule for any infiltrator weapons
  6. OldMaster80

    Personal opinion: this weapon got no reason to exist. In particular since they removed scope sway up to x4.0.
    The reason is simple: KSR-35 semi auto sniper rifle is better from almost every point of view. It deals much more damage, bullets are faster, rate of fire is almost the same but range is much bigger. The only bad part is the hipfire accuracy that is higher on HSR-1 with laster sight. But do you really want to use a Scout Rifle from the hip, when there's a lot of people with SMG, LMG, heavy weapons and shotguns around?
    Btw also the the KSR-35 can be used from the hip and it's incredible how effective it can be, sometimes I manage to kill Infiltrators with the SMG, once I've also killed a HA with the Jackhammer in a 1 vs 1 face to face fight :D
  7. Mrasap

    I auraxiumed the Nyx using the following tactic:

    1. Load-out: silencer, forward grip, 3.4x or 4x scope. Commissioner. Upgraded dart. Medkits.
    2. Infiltrate towards the middle of the enemy area (near their spawn point).
    3. Find yourself a cozy spot in a bush or crevice (camo works).
    4. Only go for 2-shot head shots.
    5. If engaged in close target switch to commissioner.
    6. Abuse the silence and stealth of this gun (don't move, don't spot, be cautious with cloaking).

    Seriously I had insane kill streaks while I was sitting in a bush near crowded sunderers. Enemies stand next to you while you are shooting and they won't notice you. This gun looses against every other gun in a one on one fight, although you may have a chance in the range between 25 to 100 meter. Its a weapon with an incredibly small niche but the rewards are equally incredible. I grab my Nyx load-out in situations were the enemy is zerging or camping and there is a good camping spot around. It is also very powerful while hunting snipers. It takes several deaths to get to your camping spot but once you are settled your kill streaks will go through the roof. I don't know how well this strategy works for the other empire specific semi-auto scout rifles.
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  8. Styrkr

    Exactly what I want to hear. I bought the HSR-1 during the 99SC sale, used it the first time today (vanilla) and said "yeah.... I'm gonna need to do some research." Glad to know it won't be just inventory clutter.
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  9. AnuErebus

    They're all identical except the NC and TR have bullet drop. Playstyles are identical.

    Others have mentioned it but basically the key to the scout rifles is abuse the fact that you're an infiltrator. You won't win 1v1s against an equally skilled player so try to keep yourself out of that situation. Focus on ambushing players, shooting them while they're unaware and taking them down as quickly as possible. The 2 shot headshot at any range also makes it the most useful semi-auto for sniping purposes. It's not great for sniping, but it's definitely worth knowing since you'll often find yourself in situations where you can snipe someone who isn't paying attention.

    Loadoutwise I run two settups. The first is my general go to settup which consists of a laser sight and an optic (Usually 3.4x for me). I'll use that settup 90% of the time, slapping on a suppressor as well if I feel the need to be stealthy (Althoughh the bullet velocity on this thing is so bad I tend the stay away from reducing it further). The second is for more ranged engagements where I use a compensator, foregrip and optic. I don't use this one much since I don't really like this gun at range but I do use it sometimes as a makeshift sniper rifle while I work on getting the gun auraxiumed.
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  10. OgreMarkX

    The bullet drop on the TR HSR is hysterical. It feels like a weak limbed beta-male is throwing banana peels at the enemy. I use the SOAS-1 Scout Rifle much more often than the HSR-1 (which I thankfully only bought at 99SC).
  11. Zinus

    6x semi autos are strictly worse than 4x ones in my humble opinion.
    You can still play in the same ranges, the only difference being that it has sway... :S

    That said, if you know how fast you can fire a semi scout, you can kill anything but heavy/healing medic in 3-4 shots (just enough time to shoot the killing bullet before the inf has to exhale)

    P.S. they could use a slight bullet speed buff, just to make them worthwhile now that the 4x don't have any sway.
  12. NC_agent00kevin

    Marginal success. I like the Shadow but its got a specific range where its great, and outside of that you may as well use an SMG or an actual sniper rifle.