Semi-auto Battle and Sniper rifles got a well-deserved buff. But what about Scout rifles?

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Zak Preston, May 19, 2018.

  1. Zak Preston

    Haven't you forgotten semi-auto Scout Rifles? They are extremely punishing for spamming shots as old battle rifles were before this update. Another problem is that Vandal is a straight and direct upgrade for any ES SA Scout Rifle... I've recently bought it and boy, it looks so much better than any other ES counterpart: The 0.75 ADS speed is a killer feature in CQC, increased magazine size is extremely helpful and the downsides (diagonal recoil) are negligible. Are there any plans to bring ES SA Scout Rifles in line with Vandal and new Battle Rifles?

    Long-range SA Sniper Rifles got a buff, but what about 1x-4x scoped counterparts like Spectre\Shadow\HSR? Will they get the same treatment, get different stats or stay unchanged?
  2. Halkesh

    I don't think SA Scout Rifle need a buff, since thePTS patch made them on part with 1st gen BR by buffing the latter.

    But about the balance problem you point out (Vandal > ES SA Scout Rifle), it's true something must be done as vandal is really feel like a straight upgrade.
    That's why I suggest to add all the ES stuff and attachment from 2nd gen BR available to ES SA Scout Rifles, so feature like piercing bulet and unlimited ammo via heatbar suddently make them more interesting than Vandal while keeping lower stats.

    I agree with your suggestion to buff short range SA Sniper Rifle in the same way devs buffed long range SA Sniper Rifle.
    Note you got the wrong weapons name, x4 scope SA Sniper Rifle are named KSR-35, Phantom and Impetus.
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  3. Zak Preston

    In my opinion, 2nd gen BRs are considerably superior to SA scout rifles. The reason is that huge CoF bloom forces players to tap-fire with ~0.2-0.3 sec delay to be able to hit anything past 20-30 meters. This is roughly the same fire rate that new BRs can offer. But the new BRs also grant much higher accuracy, unique ES mechanics, non-existing moving ADS accuracy (this is a big deal) plus no damage drop off (and this is huge). Basically ES SA Scout Rifles are better only in CQC encounters up to 20m. But why would infil take any SA weapon over CQC-BASR or SMG in the first place?

    I'd rather make 0.75 ADS speed as a feature to all of them and decrease CoF bloom as well.

    I have a feeling that SA Short-Range Sniper rifles will get a bit different buff. Maybe they'll get some unique ES features and a bit different stats to stop being clones from SA LR Sniper Rifles.
    Oh, thank you =)
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  4. Halkesh

    Because it offer more versatility than SMG. Vandal is decent at close range and good at long range.

    In the CQC SR case, things are differents since it depend entirely of the player HS accuracy. Basically, if you have god tier HS accuracy its the best weapon IG but if you have poor accuracy, its a suicide weapon. In other words, infiltrator will take vandal over than CQCBASR if they aren't confident in their accuracy.
    As you say earlier, there are no point to use NC and TR scout rifle because vandal is better. Nyx is still a valid choice because of no bullet drop. (VS faction trait is useful, nerf it ! /s )

    TBH, I don't like the x0,75 idea on high accuracy long range weapon : I think it should be reserved to CQC weapons. And it also make aiming harder because scope pitch more with x0,75 than with x0,5. The accuracy buff will be welcomed.

    It could work.
  5. Erendil

    The ES SA Scouts need two things:
    • A COF Bloom reduction so they maintain accuracy at higher ROF. Right now their bloom per shot is crazy - 3.0. Which is over four times worse than the (AFAIK) highest bloom on an automatic: Which is the SAW, at .7.
    • A velocity increase - either through gaining HV ammo, or just a flat 30m/s increase. That would further solidify them as med/long range weapons, as opposed to the Vandal which is more short/med.

    And yes, I also agree that the short range SA Sniper Rifles should get some buffs to, but not the same ones the long range SASRs got. Rather, the Short Range SASRs should get reductions to their maximum ADS COF, COF, bloom and recovery rate while moving instead of while standing/crouching. You're much more likely to be moving around while firing the Short range versions than the long range ones.