Sell me on the TMG-50

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by BiggggBRIM, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. BiggggBRIM

    I keep hearing how this gun is supposed to be amazing, but I can't figure it out. It kicks like a mule so I'm having a hard time killing anyone at distance and its low ROF makes it a bad CQC weapon. Seriously, why do people like this gun?
  2. sindz

    Its low rof doesnt make it bad at CQC per se, the dmg model more than makes up for that so it can still holds it own in CQC.

    Its a precision weapon with the least amount of horizontal recoil of any TR LMG. (this is the recoil that is impossible to manage). Also has the lowest first shot recoil of all the TR LMG's.

    Add a grip to getthe horizontal recoil even lower - making it laser accurate.

    Add a compensator to help with the vertical recoil and practice pulling down on the mouse. The disadvantage of the compensator doesnt matter, since you will burst fire this gun anyway.

    I prefer 2x sight on longer range weapons. And don't bother with high velocity ammo since the gun has enough velocity (615) and doesn't need more recoil than it already has.
  3. gartho33

    versatility, once you get a compensater and a foreword grip it performs just under the EM6 of the NC, but thats about its only selling point....

    I don't know of any longer ranged guns in the TR arsenal... but that could just be because our trait is "spray and pray"...
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  4. Pikachu

    People like it? All I hear is dislike, that it's a failed long range weapon.
  5. gartho33

    that about sums up the whole of the TR lineup.... what are we? CQC masters? nope....
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  6. Squirreli

    I kind of like the gun for soloing. On some days, when I'm on top of my game, I can almost compensate for the extreme first round recoil. Then it becomes very effective on medium-to-long range without being a slouch in CQC either. On other days though, I just get killed by just about every other LMG in the game. I guess the attraction is in the high difficulty, highish payoff damage/recoil model, as most TR LMGs are more about spray'n'pray.
  7. NoctD

    If you like low recoil, give the mixed setup T32 Bull a go... its got a slow TTK but the recoil is almost non-existent... compensator, forward grip, soft point, 2x reflex. Its a better setup in some ways to using the NS-15M with similar attachments.

    Overall though, TR LMGs are lackluster mid-long... the NC SAW can't be touched by anything VS/TR.
  8. Pineapple Pizza!

    Stick with the carv, carv with the carv. Just remember, we're TR.
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  9. bubbacon

    Its an extremely High Skill weapon brother. There are so many disciplines you have to keep in mind when using it. I never...ever aim for the head. Aim low( I aim at knee caps) and burst fire, letting the weapons innate vertical recoil take over. Body Control is a must. The more your moving while bursting, the less rounds you will score.

    Then there's loadout considerations. If its a long drawn out range encounter, I actually like the 6x scope and Comp. Med to CQC, just choose your best flavor...Reflex, 2x, or NV and drop the Comp because it totally blows up CQC encounters imo. This weapon seems to really...REALLY...hate HV ammo. I just run standard only.

    The most awesome thing about the TMG 50 is how it jerks the living **** out of the person on the receiving end of it, which is probably why high end players love it so much.
  10. MuggieWara

    After auraxiuming it(my first auraxium) i then started using the default T9.Well learning to cope a bit with TMG's recoil makes the T9 feel sooo much easier to use now.

    BUT with the T9 i sometimes get the feeling "Why didnt he drop?" after a lost encounter.I never got that with TMG.Its either missing or killing with it.

    On a final note i prefer weapons with high ROF which forgive missed shots over NC-like high damage per bullet ones.But without being able to prove it i believe that the TMG in the hands of a "pro" guy would be more lethal.
  11. Casterbridge

    TMG is a good mediumish to longer range weapon.

    It's a bit unforgiving in closer range due to the lower RoF, but if you make the shots land on the head it would do the trick, basically it's a decent field weapon that has NC level damage (same damage profile as the Saw S), saying it under performs compared to the EM6 is a bit of a misdirect, the EM6 does have better RoF, but the TMG-50 has better velocity, which makes it again a bit better for longer range work, TMG also has a slightly shorter reload speed, which admittedly doesn't mean much since both have 100 round magazines.

    It's a solid gun if you like a bit of the NC feel on your TR character.
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  12. Erendil

    It has all the stats you'd expect from a good 167-damage weapon:
    • .175 horizontal recoil
    • .03 ADS COF,
    • good but not great muzzle velocity (615m/s)
    • Fastest recoil recovery (15) of any LMG - tied with GD-22S and NS-15M
    • Lowest FSM (1.5) of any LMG - tied with the GD-22S
    In short it's a great long range burst weapon. Its horizontal Tolerance (.7) is a bit high for a long range weapon though, so it gets a little tricky to control during sustained fire. Stick to burst fire.
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  13. Hiperion

    Its better that the t16 rhino, my god that thing was a nightmare
  14. thingymajigy

    It's almost the same as the Gauss Saw S
  15. Crayv

    Sometimes you gotta make a silent take-down.
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  16. DatVanuMan

    Doesn't the TMG have a silencer?
  17. -Synapse-

    Thus; silenced CARV.

    CARV is love. CARVE is death.
  18. KnightCole

    TMG50, mid range sniper doesnt have the RoF nor sustained accuracy to really be good at range. Its CQC ability blows, it gets out done by anything that fires faster....

    But mid range, its pretty accurate. Comp/Grip/2x optic.......I had it Aurax, it was a pita, I wouldnt wanna do it again...
  19. Lord_Avatar

    It's not a *bad* gun - it just takes getting used to. Don't equip HVA, as the recoil is brutal enough. Foregrip, Compensator and optics of your choice (though I rarely ever go above 2X Reflex and prefer to run with the HS/NV). Full auto short -> long bursts med. -> short bursts long range.
  20. Unclematos7

    Personally, I think that it is a bad SAW-S, just as the EM1 is a bad Rhino.

    If you're looking for a good mid-long range gun and don't know any better, you'll love it.