Sell me on ESF Afterburner

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Poorform, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Poorform

  2. Hatesphere

    it makes you go fast.
  3. Cougarbrit

    You fly the Reaver? That AB will get you out of ****** situations faster than you can say "Jesus Christ this is a ****** situation".

    If that's not good enough, well I don't care. When the ESF update comes around the afterburner is gonna be turned into a certline anyways and will have faster regen as well as capacity. Now that **** will be amazing.
  4. FigM

    afterburner will get buffed some time later, there was a plan to add certs to it so it'll increase recharge rate. In that case it'll actually be worth it
  5. Liquid23

    it makes it easier to ram other aircraft!
  6. MajiinBuu

    It does more damage.
    What I mean is if you afterburn into a liberator it will hurt more than if you lazily drift into it.
    External afterburner is default, equip rockets and you get like a half fuel tank.
  7. GigaClutch

    You have complete control of the fight. You can delay it by dodging, and you can dodge a LOT. You can chase in most circumstances (only one I can think of that you have problems is when a mossie has them too and he has a good head start). You have the capability to handle multiple enemies but positioning yourself in the most advantageous place (e.g. all on one side). Then you can just up and leave whenever, especially if you are NC with the highest AB speed you can get out of a bad situation pronto.

    Personally, I just use them to dodge, people don't expect you to move that much or that fast, and if you are clever in your evasion you can go without being hit for long enough to give yourself a good head start in the dogfight, if you can hit them in that time that is (But who knows maybe they will run out of ammo). But I'm not saying just spam all your AB in a dogfight, its useless if you don't make any progress in the fight, you need to get around them to give yourself an advantage, and dodge their fire as much as possible.

    Overall, it basically gives you a huge amount more versatility in A2A combat.

    PS: Roadkills.
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  8. Roll Fizzlebeef

    Wasn't there a seperate cert line for longer burn time?

    I would think that this would benefit the Reaver most of all.

    Or maybe there will even be a cert line that causes you to burn your fuel at a greater rate, but increases your AB top speed?

    Lots of possibilities here.
  9. SpaceKing

    that reverse-then-elevate maneuver? Outrun lock-ons? Escape to cover? Get places slightly quicker?
  10. Robes

    u getz to go fastz
  11. DashRendar

    You can maintain a sense of dignity.
  12. Liquid23

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  13. SolLeks

  14. Blackinvictus

    Ext AB tanks are great fun with my racer frame Reaver.

    Fun to watch the enemy madly chase you all the way back to the warpgate in frustration. Nothing will catch you!
  15. Meeka


    You can reverse burn a lot more.

    You can out race any other ESF that does not have afterburners.

    You can out race missiles.

    You can hit and run groups of enemy ESFs, get in, and get out before they even spot you.
  16. Nerp

    Afterburner is the fuel that makes your esf continue to burn after the initial detonation from the thousands of bullets that fly at you the moment you leave the warpgate.