Seeing more and more hacking each day.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Vempire, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Rune Scorpio

    Yeah its sad. I took a break from this game happy from dueling with aimbotters and watching them suddenly die for no reason eating bans. I logged in today and start trolling nubs in a base and killing them. One guy comes up a lift and as he gets into view his toon is looking at me through his whole arc beginning to end and touches down and starts firing at me. Wouldn't be bad if I didn't know I was hidden long enough crouching against a wall waiting for someone to come up the lift that the spotting would be useless at that point. I killed him and died right after he did. I've been called an aimbot enough times to know the hackusations, and to spot the difference.
    This game was great before the aimbots got here. Now its gonna go the way all other titles before it have gone...
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  2. JonboyX

    Too many people want to play the game for free and without providing any personal ID from which they can be held responsible.
    *shrug* the rest of us paying schmucks just gotta suck that up. Well. Until our subs run out and we all go f2p.

    It doesn't help that some people exploit packetloss rather than hack too. Other games are intolerant of this. MassEffect3 for example has a f2p - pay-to-unlock model just like this. People with **** connections just get dumped from the current server if they lag too much.
  3. Inzababa

    same here, I wonder if there is any anti hacker software we could download hehe
  4. Fox234

    I wish SOE would make a "premium" server for people who are either paid subs or have purchased $15 in SC. Then SOE needs to offer free transfers for anyone that qualifies. It won't be the end of cheaters but it will be drastically less.
  5. Doublefrost

    More and more hackers = more and more players better than them.
    Beats you = hacks
    Beat them = not hacks
    If there are so many hackers, why aren't they seen all over? All I've seen is one or two people lag warping on a bad connection. I've seen hackers in PS1 but none in PS2 yet.
  6. Inzababa

    they are seen all over lol as to the obvious ones that do crazy bannable stuff (like shoot everyone inside the spawn for a day) they don't last long before they get banned. So THAT kind of hacker you might not see very often.

  7. Fluff

    It's been my experience that people who says they have never seen hackers in this game are usually hackers themselves. If someone has never seen a hacker in this game while this game has the most hacker amount I have ever seen in all the online games I have played in 12 years then you'd have very odd statistical probabilities on your side because they are everywhere.

    I'd probably go as far as to say they probably make at least 15% of the general population for sure.
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  8. MykeMichail

    One of the biggest issues I think is telling the difference between a hacker and a lagger. Without being able to see a players ping its impossible to pick one from the other.
  9. SmellyBoots

    did you ever play bf3? I had to stop playing bf3 because every 64 man server had a hacker in it within the first two months of the game comming out.

    I would still be playing that game and bought the map packs if EA didnt **** all over people that pre-order bf3 and wouldnt give them a discount for premium since we already owned back the first map pack.

    sorry my hate for EA got me distracted. I have seen hackers, and a good bit of people that I think are aim-botting, but you are never going to get all those guys since hacking is a premium service , but as long as SOE doesn't decided to take a dump on me by trying to make me pay for services twice. I think Ill keep playing. Im still having a lot of fun
  10. Gammit


    /report playername

    in the chatbox and it will give you a popup window where you can select the reason for reporting the person and provide an explanation if you would like. If you forget the person's name but it was the last person who killed you, there is a handy button that will populate the playername with the name of the last person who killed you automatically.

    It's a nice addition this early in the game.
  11. Stompsville

    Yes there are hackers as there are in every game. It's apart of online gaming. Instead of getting so upset and stressed out just move to a new location. They will eventually be banned. I'm so tired of seeing these threads on every dam game I play. I've been playing video games for a very long time and you all need to accept the fact that games will always have hackers. It's an industry and those coders make a lot of money. Report them and move on.

    On a side note, I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've been called an aimbotter or someone I know has been called an aimbotter just because they are better than the other person. Just because someone kills you doesn't mean they are hacking. People are so quick to blame their unskilled play on hacks its disgusting. SOE will ban the hackers, but they are making money off of them too. People that hack will eventually buy guns or camo or what have you. Just get over it.

    TLDR; Report the hackers and stop complaining every game has them and every game will always have them.
  12. Doublefrost

    Now we just have to deal with the 'hackers' that won't be banned, such as people with Adrenaline Pumps, laggy connections or that took advantage of an in-game radar item such as an equipped vehicle or the recon tool Infiltrators get that ID where people are?

    Aimbots aren't subtle. Ammo count hacks aren't subtle. Speed hacks aren't subtle. Hacking isn't subtle in general. 99% of the time you're dealing with a situation you simply don't understand, the person beat you and it's a romantic trip to QQ town. 0.9% of the time you fell victim to a random bug. 0.1% of the time or, with the rate of OMG h4x QQ, much less than that, it's actually a hack.
  13. Nacasatu

    G'luck with reporting them. Even if they are caught, most of them are being let away with it, most not even suspended and those very very few that are banned are allowed appeal their "permanent" ban because "they put money into the game".
    It's all over the cheater forums btw, cheaters caught who are just laughing at the lack of anything done to them.

    SoE never cared to do anything about the cheating on PS1, some hope of anything other than a public relations "raaargh raaargh we ban cheaters raargh" gimmick being done in PS2.

    There's a cheaters forum with a private multihack software available for 10 dollars a month - they've nearly 10,000 subscribers to it on a monthly basis. So yeah, "must be lag" - "never seen one hacker in the game ever" - "you must be just really bad" etc., gets old quick when you realise how bad the hacking is and how little SoE are doing about it.
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  14. OldMaster

    neither do I :-/
  15. Doublefrost

    Which is awfully funny, considering there were lag issues just like the warping/teleporting during test test and beta. It seems to happen very rarely now compared to earlier on. Of course, you're super mega pro compared to me. It's not like I've been playing FPS since the days of dialup. Oh no, I haven't seen any aimbots EVER BEFORE!!! Or speed hacks. Or map/radar hacks. Nope. Not at all.

    Never mind that I've seen plenty. I see lots of 'h4x' accusations all the time, and they always appear completely baseless.

    EXAMPLE: The other day I was in a Bio Lab on Jaeger. Playing TR. Another TR was accusing an NC outfit [ECZ] of all being a bunch of mega uber cheaty McCheater hackers. Strange thing was, I had zero problems fighting those guys. Only that one particular player had issues and he KNEW it was hacks because his 'always have 3:1 KD against anyone anywhere' was off. So it's proof of "zOMG h4x". Totally. Right? Never mind those guys were organized, probably using comms and working as a unit as they always seem to do. Teamwork+Organization=h4x and don't you forget it.
  16. Nacasatu

    A few quotes from a cheaters forum today...

    Like I said, g'luck reporting them, it seems mostly pointless to do so when no action is ever really taken and they just make a new account in a few minutes anyway. That was from a public forum too, they're not even getting caught when using private paid for hacks.
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  17. Sifer2

    Yeah I suggested something like that before the game even came out. But at the moment the game has too many servers already, and needs mergers. But yeah a financial penalty to the bans is needed to help stop repeat offenders.
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  18. Fox234

    Well this idea kinda takes care of those mergers. Thats why I said offer free transfers to the premium servers to anyone who already qualifies.

    Trust me though, you're not alone. There were threads upon threads of people begging SOE to do something like this. But you know SOE, why do something smart when you can just do nothing instead?
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  19. Nacasatu

    One other point of note, when or if they ever are banned, their accounts on the forum are not - and thusly you'll see threads like this reported by said hackers for "calling people out" or "blacklisting" and I'm sure this thread like many others will be locked and deleted from public view so the wider decent and non cheating gaming community will never get to understand how bad the problem really is.

    Search around on google, see for yourself how widely available hacks are for this game, how easy it is for them to make new accounts and get past any possible so called "permanent" bans and how much they cheat and get away with, for months on end.

    Still enjoy the game but I tend now to steer clear of certain NC groups on Mattherson server as I know they have so many hackers in their ranks. Nothing like being continually headshot on your max from a sniper using some aimbot with no recoil hack, health is gone in seconds. Call them out ? Oh no, no no no, NC on Mattherson don't like their hackers being revealed - you can expect to be multiple TK'd by level 1 alts on your own side soon after...
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  20. Talizzar

    Found a guy hacking, called him out on it. Yelled in chat for everyone to report him. 8 mins later I am standing in a bio lab spawn room and a brand new BR1 comes up and TK's me. I was not very close to where I reported the other hacker. Oh this new BR1's account was 8 mins old.

    Hacking is alive and well here folks. You can bury your head in the sand and cover your ears and yell blah blah blah all day long but they will still be in game.

    Do you really think SOE has a handle on hackers when they can't even put our a reliable patch? Think about that for a second.

    My confidence in this game and the devs is very low. What exactly have they done to make us feel like they care about the hackers or the game in general. If the devs were building cars, would you buy one?
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