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  1. adamts01

    I don't think you can blame Don for Connery. From what I hear, TR had the air zerg for a while, and he created a counter to it. It would be nice if he'd chill out with it, and do what's best for the community, but you can't fault him for not wanting to feed TR kills all day. If anything, I blame all the skyknights for not playing as part of a team. Yeah, the enemy has numbers, the logical solution is to match numbers with numbers, not cry because no one wants to 1v1 with a nosegun. The devs gave us lock-ons, it's a **** mechanic, but do what you have to do to counter that. I'm trying to get some people together to group up on either NC or TR, but it's like pulling teeth. I pull a tricked out ESF for beginners after showing them the basics and they say "**** it" after 30 minutes, and vet say "**** it" because air is annoying as all hell. I just wish some of the better pilots would come back from Emerald, and some of the pilots who jumped ship to join Vanu would switch back to TR or NC to help balance things out. It's just **** right now. I'm leaning towards helping NC out, as TR has a crazy pop advantage once China logs on, NC rarely locks continents, and most people feel the Reaver is the weakest of the ESFs. I'm new and don't know all that many people, but I feel that some people with more persuasion in the game could really get this server in a better place and keep the game going a little longer. And really, if people want to be playing this game in a year, they really need to step up and make up for some of the developer's shortcomings.
  2. Tankalishious

    As i said, come to cobalt. Pilots there and especially Skynights there hate a2a lock ons so much they put you on a hit list.
    Also, dodging a2a lock ons is decently easy and any good nosegun-pilot will **** the lock on nub.
    Welcome to super competitive but honorable a2a fights.

    Ps. I think its wrong to blame skynights. They dont need armadas of companions in the air to wreak havoc deep in enemy territory. They put their pride in duelling multiple enemies and winning.
  3. Jawarisin

    Well, if you're about to auraxium the mossie, you've hopefully started remembering a few of the players which are always flying. But yeah, trying to convince people to try to fly.... We've all tried; it VERY rarely succeeds.

    The problem isn't so much that DonAlfrego did an air-ball. Most of us deal with those and know how to deal with those. The problem is he made lock-ons airballs; that's what killed your server specifically, the a2a lock-ons. DonAlfrego was just the mean to spread that plague.

    And don't worry, I don't know your skill level, but I'm assuming you've gotten a good deal above average now. You're slowly becoming a skyknight yourself, and soon, all the problems of this game are going to be blamed on you, because you're so toxic for flying ;) You'll see.

    But as far as goes, skyknights don't mind multiple numbers unless they are ganksquads of very skilled players in which case, it's just stupid and boring. What made them leave from Connery was Lock Ons.

    PSA: All the ESFs have insane potential.
  4. zaspacer

    I can appreciate the Scythe is the best at heads-up 1-on-1 dogfights, but that is only one type of ESF role. And personally, the Scythe is not the best suited to the roles I prefer or typically use for my ESF.

    This is similar to tankers who point out that Vanguard has some major advantages over other MBTs in closer range, heads up 1-on-1 fights. While not taking into account that this is only one of the many roles of the MBT.

    My current personal favorite ESF is Mosquito w/ High Mag Nosegun, Rocket Pods, Hover Airframe, Fire Suppression, and Stealth.

    Mosquito Chassis - I hate having to shoot Mosquitos at any angle. By being one, I don't have to worry about that. Also, the frame has good visibility and feels nimble which I like alot. The whole "Scythes have the best front profile" thing doesn't bother me too much because I very rarely run across someone at around my skill range (ESF vs. ESF has a very stretched out skill curve) in heads up 1-on-1 Air duels, and that is the only time this really matters for me. Every other time almost always either they are inferior skill and I will win anyway, or they are better skill and I will lose anyway.

    Not hugely important but nice things also include Mossie has nice landing gear without weird Scythe landing effects (flipping, sliding on hills, etc.), and is tiny and easier to land and avoid hitting terrain obstructions or getting stuck on terrain. Also the Scythe is an easier target for Vanguard OHKs. The Reaver means not having to worry about Vanguard OHKs, which is nice, but not a deal breaker for me. I also don't like the huge visibility obstructing cockpit frames on the Reaver.

    Hellfire Rocket Pods - they are my favorite Rocket Pods: single fire and high rpm, means I can adjust aim between rocket. NC Breakers are ok. VS ones are dual fired and so lack the single fire high rpm ability to adjust aim as well (though kinda nice vs. big and slow vehicles because VS Rocket Pods have less erratic effects spam clutter).

    Rocket Pods vs. Hornet - I love having the Hornet Ammo Supply (so nice not to resupply all the time), and I like Hornets in general. But I find Rocket Pods just much easier in spamming shots on Infantry. And Rocket Pods are also much easier to land on fast moving Air targets or Harassers for me. Hornets are really great and stand out in many areas, and I have gone through phases where I prefer Hornet, but currently I prefer Rocket Pods.

    High Mag Nosegun - I just really like the new "no damage decrease at range" long range AV ability vs. Ground Vehicles and non-ESF Air Vehicles. Just turn the bullet hose on them and start chipping them down. I am terrible with it vs. Infantry, so I just use Rocket Pods (or sometime Hornet) for AI. High Mag Nosegun is also inferior in A2A vs. ESFs, but this typically doesn't really matter much for me: either they are inferior skill and I will win anyway, or they are better skill and I will lose anyway.

    TR High Mag Nosegun vs. other Faction High Mag Nosegun - TR one has best damage/mag, highest rpm + slowest to empty mag (easier to steer bullet hose on target), best damage/ammo supply. NC has best dps. Does VS have no drop? cause VS one doesn't really stand out stats-wise anywhere else other than never being the worst at any stat (though being marginally just above the worst). So I probably go with the TR one for it's overall damage potential vs. those non-ESF Air and Ground Vehicle targets, *OR* the NC one just for A2A vs. other ESFs.

    Afterburner - Reaver's is my favorite because of its higher burst top speed. But it's not enough to make me want to play the Reaver.

    So that puts me with my personal preferences as:
    Chassis: TR Mosquito
    Nosegun: TR Locust (High Mag Nosegun) *OR* NC Kestral (High Mag Nosegun)
    Wingmount: TR Rocket Pods
    Afterburner: NC Reaver

    My personal experience kinda fits a version that combines both of yours. I find killing (or chasing off into areas I can't safely follow) most Libs with my ESF to be pretty easy, even groups of 2-3 Libs. Though once in a very rare while I will come across a highly skilled Lib crew that knows how to aggressively pressures me beyond what feels safe and I disengage and run.

    I am an "above average" ESF pilot and my standard loadout is Rocket Pods and High Mag Nosegun. The High Mag Nosegun is crazy good vs. Libs, and the Rocket Pods are good damage vs. a bad or overwhelmed Lib, or maybe to do AI on Lib crews that land to repair. Against bad Libs I just ride up above and behind them close with Nose+Rockets, or just sit at Range and Nosegun them to death (rolling and v-thrusting as needed so as not to be a Dalton bullseye). Against moderate skill Libs or multiple Libs, I just sit at Range and Nosegun them to death (rolling and v-thrusting as needed so as not to be a Dalton bullseye).

    I don't fly Libs, so I don't want to suggest stuff they don't want. But this suggestion sounds like a better solution for most the lower skill level Libs I fight: give them a way to exit fights without being sitting ducks.

    DonAlfrego is a Connery VS pilot (seen him in both Scythe and Valk), and the top name I know of in organized, large group ESF play. They are a Gank Squad, and they've focused mostly on A2A. His pilots often trend toward non-Aces, but their coordination and effectiveness in A2A is the most powerful I have seen on either Emerald or Connery.

    They are a very friendly and open group, and while I don't know them socially, I have been invited and flown with them a few times. And I have faced against them much more than a few times while playing non-VS ESFs.

    They used to use A2AM a lot, not sure if they do now. But I think with or without A2AM they continue to be a very powerful A2A force. I fly ESFon Emerald and Connery, and would say they are the most disruptive A2A presence I have faced on either Server.

    I think you might just be talking about Ace pilots. I don't think the rest of us pilots know all of each other. I think most gaming communities the top performers become more familiar names.
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  5. Jawarisin

    Rotary forever. AB pods forever.
    there's no gun without bullet drop on ESFs except hornets.

    VS currently got the most overpowered rotary (Maelstrom) ever since they buffed it.

    The high capacity guns are ****** in general. Their only use is to peck from a mile away at libs or galaxies; that's about it.

    My experience is that low skilled libs don't scratch me and generally die within the first 10 seconds of me seeing them. They usually move terribly and get killed by a single tankbuster mag, or, in rare case, with an extra dalton shot.

    Better lib crews are the only ones I really care about; every other lib is canon fodder to be completely honest. ESFs that sit over 800m away are cancerous, but not really dangerous. And they always end up making a mistake and dying. Had some literally follow me for 45 minutes, but they always end up dead at some point. Not really dangerous when you can repair at any time. Just ******* annoying.

    Nah, terrible ideas. Regardless of what you do, the liberator won't be noob friendly. There's literally no noob-friendly aircraft and there will never be in planetside 2. The weapons are not the problem, flying is the main issues of noobs, aiming is secondary, and weapon power... is very very far down the list. The shredder for instance, takes less than half a clip (30 out of 70) bullets to kill an ESF. But newbies accuracy is so low, they'll never hit 30 times (or a bit more at range, obv).

    They are actually quite terrible. When they don't use tomcats, I can generally take them on all by myself with my lib. And maybe 3v1 in an ESF (I'm far from being a really good ESF pilot, I'm definitely way above average, but my love lies within the lib).

    A destructive force... The most destructive one I've seen was when I got sick of a 30-40 esf airball that was ruining an area of the map. I called up 8-10 or so people on my friend list, and we killed them all, and then killed everything that tried coming out of the warpgate. It was as gay as can be. They had no chance whatsoever and I don't think a single one of us died in there, but it had to happen.

  6. LodeTria

    It has a really quick reload time, the quickest of the 3 at 1.85s when reload is maxed.
  7. zaspacer

    Gotcha. Well, that's something. And it's not the worst at any of the categories with varying stats across faction. And I do take Reload Speed on my High Mag guns. But it's not enough to really make me want to pick the VS High Mag over the others.
  8. zaspacer

    My aim is too terrible for me to want to take the Rotary. I just miss, get stuck reloading and dodging, and it goes downhill from there. Also, I have problems keeping optimal range vs. better pilots, and I don't need it vs. worse pilots. The best A2A for me are the default Noseguns.

    I know others that can own me with it Rotary, so I recognize its potential in the hands of someone who can aim.

    Well that answers that for me. Thanks!

    It's kinda funny that almost all the Noseguns just hit the lower edge of the reticle for me regardless of distance to the target. Like they are all No Drop... just off center on the reticle.

    They're good at damage on Libs, Gals, Tanks, Sunderers, Base Turrets, etc. And can be used from pretty extreme ranges and still be effective despite the lower reported stat accuracy on them than the Nosegun.

    At first I didn't like em. The lower accuracy stat bothered me at long range, and their slower ttk bothered me at closer range and vs other ESFs. But then I realized they were great for handling roles I didn't have covered with Rocket Pods, and that I really didn't need much more firepower vs. other ESFs because (1) usually skill difference decides my ESF duels anyway, and (2) I don't like doing dedicated ESF vs. ESF A2A in PS2: I'd rather be helping my fellow troops at a battlefront.

    I just don't encounter that many dangerous Libs anymore. I rarely die to the Dalton now, and I rarely run across an aggressive Lib that threatens me enough to make me break and run. (though it does happen from time to time)

    I used to die a lot more to Daltons. I remember they nerfed it a while back, and the added sound *really* helps a lot. Is it just that with the changes, Dalon is much harder to kill ESFs?

    I do that a lot on Libs that are contesting Air space in a ground battle I am supporting, or if they are going after ally ground targets. I typically won't chase a Lib too far into enemy territory: I'm more focused on the frontline, and also I can quickly get over my head if I get too deep into enemy territory and then get jumped by a bunch of ESFs.

    Well, whatever A2A gun they modified and slapped on the Gals a while back made a huge difference. Walker? Before I could just sit and shoot at Gals all day. Now they have the firepower when crewed to run me out of the area.

    They have been effective whenever I faced them and when I ran with them. Generally because they are organized, play very safe, and they fly in large numbers.

    I only seen larger Ace Gank Squads very rarely, and haven't seen em in a long time. Yeah, they are very deadly, but their rarity makes me not factor them in as a common threat.
  9. adamts01

    I use the Rotary almost exclusively because I can't aim. I just can't hold the stock nosegun on target long enough to do enough damage. The rotary lets me really take advantage of that half second I get the target perfectly in my sights and often 1-clip a plane. It's by far my most successful gun. I also like the hi-cap guns, with their insane ammo capacity missed shots don't matter so much, so I can miss a lot more than with a stock gun and just keep shooting and shooting and shooting. Plus you can start your engagement much earlier and keep shooting until you get in to optimal range and keep shooting once you're close range, all without reloading. They're so much more forgiving than stock guns. I don't think people give them enough credit.
  10. Tankalishious

    Im with jawa on this one. Burst (rotary) gun with maxed reload time rules. Hammer in thise shots, drasticly change reverse thrust direction while reloading, new burst. Rince and repeat. Works wonders. Stock nose gun also works well but rotary>>all
  11. zaspacer

    It sounds like your aim problems are in keeping the enemy ESF in view. So you are getting your most accurate shots at the moment you get them in view, which are the first shots outta the gun.

    My aim problems are more about misjudging where my bullets are gonna hit. I typically miss with my first shots, then have to move the bullet trail around until my shots start hitting, then I keep that aim on them.... unless they outgun me in dps and are hitting me well... at which point I dodge and then resume attacking when they have to reload or I can outmaneuver them to the point that I have them in my view and they have lost me from view. So my first few shots outta he gun are often misses, and the Rotary doesn't have the mag volume to let me adjust my aim and still be effective with the remainder of the Mag.
  12. adamts01

    I like mag size. That gun reloads so quickly, it's almost always ready to fire by the next time I have a good shot. and mag size gives you a lot better opportunity to kill the guy with one burst.

    My problem is aiming. Flying in this game is is easy, hitting squiggly little ESFs isn't. This is where I partially blame my 220 ping, and the game, sometimes I'll 1-clip a guy and never get a single hit indicator, combine that with my lowest settings and crappy framerate and it's very hard to see where bullets are actually going. This is where game mechanics really fail, you either have to use a crazy high skill nosegun or a zero skill lock on missile, the devs are absolutely ******** and can't manage to implement anything in between. So what are the bottom 95% of pilots going to do? Gank squad up. This environment is completely Daybreak's fault.
  13. zaspacer

    I like Mag Size too. Only the High Mag guns do I take reload speed, and only because Mag Size adds such a small number to the High Mag guns.

    Yeah, I agree for the most part.

    I think there is a lot of developed skill in the ESF movement (and unfortunately for most players it's hugely non-intuitive for the bulk of it), but the precision aim seems more about dexterity, natural intuition, and better computer/connection.

    I'm in the same boat as you it sounds like. Don't you find the default Noseguns with the 0.3 Hipfire and smaller Reticule easier to put damage on ESF targets?

    And yes, if I was overhauling PS2 I would add a HUD with aim assist, showing where to aim to hit the target closest to the reticule. I'd also make the pilot able to control the direction of the engines, not just having it free swinging. I know these would change the ESF, and top pilots wouldn't like it, but I think it would be better for the game to make more people able to fly and enjoy flying.
  14. Tankalishious

    So.... basically...make it supernoobfriendly.....remove all skill level and **** on all the hours the good pilots has put into this game? Make it the air version of the stock sniper rifle with the ******** auto balancing whatever thing.....

    How about no? I mean, sorry to come over as an angry old man here.... but this is a bad idea.
  15. adamts01

    Well, if you haven't noticed, PS2 is closing servers because there aren't enough players, and if any area of the game is lacking players, it's the air. Most people say "how do I switch yaw to my mouse? You can't? **** this, I'll go play War Thunder." You might be thinking "fine, let those noobs go if they're not will to get good, like I had to get good, we don't need them." But you do need those players, PS2 needs players to stay, and too much of the **** in this game is keeping them away. "We had it way worse when we started, they should suffer too." That's like saying "I grew up stealing **** and slinging to feed all my kids and it built character, so my kids should work wellfare and sell drugs too." The infantry has guns that are more noob friendly (AR vs Sniper rifle), vehicles have guns that are noob friedly and balanced (Basalisk vs Halbred), but the air ****** it up, it's pro weapons or completely useless noob missiles (unless you gank squad up, so that's what you see). Zasoacer's idea could work if it were balanced. Maybe let that option be an optic, but it cuts damage in half, because nanites. That lets pros have a definite edge, lets noobs do at least some damage and keep flying, gives them a reason to get good eventually and use a real nose gun, and it provides a **** ton more targets for you. My idea is a lock on mechanic for the nose gun, similar to missiles. What determines hit accuracy is distance from target and how fast that target is moving side to side. That way piloting is incredibly important, as you'd have to maneuver behind the target at keep him in your sights. Of course damage would have to scale appropriately, giving a decisive advantage to a real nosegun. Daybreak going full noob with Tomcats was a terrible move, but it shouldn't turn people off noob weapons completely.

    Easier than the stock gun yes, but I still really like the Rotary. I can maneuver for a shot and hold it long enough to dump half or all of the Rotary mag, but I just can't keep my mouse on target long enough for kills with the stock or long range gun against good pilots. A lot of the better pilots are so stuck on dueling, that they can't help but square off and control/space to fight someone. I try to always fly with a wingman and wait for them to do that to my ally, then I can light them up with a Rotary and deal a lot of damage much more quickly than with the other guns. For me it's just about being able to take full advantage of an opportunity when it presents itself.
  16. zaspacer

    As adamts01 said, you should focus on building a game with units/sections/etc. that
    1) gets and keeps people you want/need playing the game
    2) fits well with each other

    ESF is neat. But it doesn't it struggles with 1 and 2 there.

    Ideally, you'd take the "best" of what people have figured out about ESF, and port that over into a system that was easier to access but also had a robust (but accessible) skill/learning curve.

    It's likely "angry old man" syndrome that would keep me from overhauling the ESF.

    Can't afford to chase off active players by dumping what they like in the game. I think SWG had major issues when they did this. PS2 is not a new game, and making huge changes is not gonna get a bunch of fresh new people to try it out all the sudden. So you have to balance keeping current players happy, with making new players want to stick around in the first place. Then, after that, you can start thinking about how to get old player to try it again, how to get more hype in getting new players to try the game, etc.

    Also, as much as I think a "modfied ESF experience" would be good, I think there are many more (and easier, and more productive) things PS2 could add/change first that would have a much bigger impact on getting more people playing.

    In most games, you either want to:
    1) have a playstyle in mind and tinker with the game to make that great, or
    2) have players figure out what they like to do in your game (or how they like to use your game), and then define a playstyle that fits with and maximizes that

    PS2 doesn't really do either of those. I think their first focus should be on looking at those 2 and getting that vision/comprehension into the ongoing plan.

    "Ballistics Computer"

    Do you even know what the Ballistics Computer does?

    Did you use the Stock Sniper Rifle (aka Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle) before the Ballistics Computer? No. Did I? Not for a looooong time. Did anyone else with experience in the game? No.

    Do you use the Stock Sniper Rifle after the Ballistics Computer? No. Did I? Very breifly to try it out, then I stopped. Did anyone else with experience in the game? No.

    Current Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle (that's with access to Ballistics Computer) has some of the lowest usage rates of any standard weapon in the game among experienced players.

    Monthly Weapon Stats: Sniper Rifles: BR100: Average Uniques
    Gauss SPR.......................................................12.8
    VA39 Spectre.....................................................15

    Monthly Weapon Stats: Sniper Rifles: BR100: Average Playtime
    Gauss SPR.......................................................4
    VA39 Spectre.....................................................8.6

    I know these guns pretty well. I've used them a lot in the past, and I have tried them out with the Ballistics Computer. The Ballistics Computer made the gun less awkward to use, but the gun still has no real good and frequent role in the game where it stands out.

    I'd recommend next time bringing up examples you are more familiar with. Ballistics Computer doesn't help aim, it just removes "scope sway". I am not interested in removing scope sway on an ESF if that is what you are getting at.

    I actually have a lot of thoughts on the Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles and why they are failing to be competent in the current game. If there is any interest, I'd be glad to get into this. Short answer: longer range infantry vs. infantry combat is pretty dead, and SASniperR is generally inferior to Bolt Actions (even with Bolt Actions have scope sway) at this role anyway. Spectre is in a unique spot because of its no drop, and the lack of that trait on the 99SV and Gaus SPR makes them notably worse.


    There is a big difference between being (1) able to get and keep them in your reticule, and (2) being able to actually fine tune position that reticule so the bullets actually hit.

    Against most ESF pilots, I don't have a hard time getting and keeping them in my reticule. For me it's just I fail to position that reticule in a way that the bullets are on target. I have this problem with Infantry too. I figure it's just a "me" problem (or those like me), and I'm fine with it and play around it.

    If you are having trouble keeping enemy ESFs lined up, then that is (1) learning to move your ESF better, and (2) learning to follow enemy ESF movement better or to be able to find them when you lose sight. Once you can move your ESF well, you can move your ESF to keep them lined where you want the to be. I have an exercise I used to get better at this, I will list it below.

    If you are able to keep the reticule on them, but just can't hit them, then that is more your precision aim. I figure you improve this with better hardware, better settings, experience, and practice. But there is also a certain level of natural dexterity and visual depth intuition that limit how well you can do.

    The exercise to learn to move your ESF better is:

    I. Learning how to move the ESF well

    1) go to VR, spawn an ESF, and fly it to the Tower in the southeast corner.
    2) set a Personal Weypoint on the middle of the Tower, then switch to 3rd person and get in hover mode facing the tower about ~110 meters from it, at about level with the middle of the antennae at the top of the tower. (NOTE: get in hover mode by either holding down "Throttle Down" keybind or tapping "Throttle [Analog]" keybind. Stay in hover mode for this exercise; if you break hover, then get back into it before resuming)
    3) roll sideways, then hold down throttle down and use (mouse) pitch down, and yaw away from the ground, and v-thrust to keep facing the tower at that distance, as you perform strafing circles around the tower. If your ESF dips too low, then roll more level and use with the v-thurst to give you some height. If you pitch down too much, then pitch up enough to get back to the facing you want: keep your ESFs nose pointed at the Tower. (NOTE: if you have a hard to getting the nose aimed or to stay aiming at the Tower, try it in 1st person where it's more intuitive until you get the feel for the controls needed to keep it aiming at the Tower, then try in 3rd using the same inputs).
    4) as you're doing this, you will notice that you are using (mouse) pitch to keep yourself in that ~110m orbit from the Tower while still facing it. And that if you pitch down too much while keeping nose pointed toward the Tower, it takes you closer to the Tower. And when you pitch down too little while keeping nose pointed toward it you are getting farther from the Tower. This is all part of a more intutive approach to learning to control your ESF, as you are using a visual stationary reference (the Tower) to be able to make it more intuitive for you to learn about how to control the different movement options of your ESF. Oh, and that "when you pitch down too little while keeping nose pointed toward it you are getting farther from the Tower" thing?... that's doing the "reverse maneuver". Do that 5-10 minutes a day, and you will be able to move your ESF with much better precision in a couple weeks. (NOTE: It will be easier to do in a Reaver or Mosquito because you can see the direction of the Thrusters and if/when you lose hover mode)
    Other flight tips, for once you've mastered the exercise above:
    a. turning your ESF using Pitch Down will slow your ESF (good for setting up your getting into hover after a turn).
    b. turning your ESF using Pitch Up will maintain your ESF movement (good for setting up an escape attempt when turning from a dangerous situation)
    c. pointing up will decrease your speed (good for setting up getting into hover)
    d. pointing down will give you speed (and also decrease line-of-sight from Ground AA). (good for getting going faster and for getting out of hover quicker)
    We can combine this info into more advanced moves as follows:
    Bonus 1: rolling upside down (or sideways), then using Pitch Down, and either holding down Throttle Down or tapping Throttle [Analog], will cause your ESF to face the other way, stopped, and get you into hover mode. (good for stopping and turning to face someone shooting you from behind)
    Bonus 2: rolling upside down (or sideways), then using Pitch Up, and holding down Throttle Up, will cause your ESF to face the other way, accelerating and moving fast (good for stopping and turning and running away in the other direction, when you run into a major threat like lots of AA) (NOTE: against AA, you will also typically want to dive lower to help break line-of-sight with terrain OR (if you are already very high) climb higher to get out of AA range (I go with dropping Altitude). Also, you can add variation to your path [like alternating slight roll, level-off-then-dip-again, etc.] to make Flak Weapons or Bullets harder to track you.
    Bonus 3: holding down Ascend + Throttle Up while flying in non-Hover mode will increase your Acceleration and Top Speed over just holding down Throttle Up. Flying your ESF sideways or upside-down will increase your Top Speed. Scythe is the slowest ESF at level flight, but can attain the highest Top Speeds in a dive. When an ESF is on Fire, its Top Speed is reduced considerably. Pointing Nose Down when a G2A Lockon is fired at you will cause the Lockon to shoot out aiming at the point below you, which can often cause it to hit low terrain between you and it.

    II. Keybinding

    a. rebind "Aircract: Exit Vehicle" to a key that is far away form all other keys: you don't want to hit it on accident and fall to your death. (I use [Right Control]
    b. bind "Pitch Up" to a key or mouse button
    c. bind "Pitch Down" to a key or mouse button
    d. bind "Throttle [Analog]" to a key or mouse button

    III. Learning spatial awareness through experience, sight, and sound

    The more you spend time flying, the more you get to know terrain and base layout of specific areas in the game and things to watch out for when moving close around them at high speeds and extreme angles: trees, rocks, antennae, etc. Also, you get used to reading the traffic on the Mini-Map, and checking densities on the Main Map. And you get used to the sound of enemy ESFs and the noise of different damage sources. And you get better at gauging damage on your ESF shaped Health Bar, the rate you're taking it at relative to the dangers in the area and safe zones and stuff to break line-of-sight nearby. All this you get from just flying, and one of the easiest ways to get it done is to find and stick with Ally ESF swarms (safety in numbers) until you get better.

    IV. Learn how to deal with common targets and common situations

    As with #3, one of the easiest ways to get it done is to find and stick with Ally ESF swarms until you get better. It also helps to go into VR and take out each different target with your Weapons. Know what to use to kill what, and which ones are easier or harder. This will help you decide what to engage in game, with what, and know the time-to-kill so you can gauge when to stay on it or when you won't have the time or conditions needed, and break off. You learn how to deal with different AA, different terrain layouts, different target types, different predators, etc.

    V. Other stuff
    • Most better players use Fire Suppresson
    • Most better players use Hover or Racer Airframe
    • Most better players use Stealth
  17. CaptCran

    My MAX with lockdown will solve all your scythe problems. Give me a call @1-800-Azz-Kicker
  18. AlexR

    When i'm flying my well certed mosquito, i'm still having a hard times dealing with enemy esf, a lot of lost duels. But some time ago i tried to fly a scythe. It was fully stock, just pulled it out and went in fight. What a surprise was for me when i killed 2 mossies in a row with just a STOCK scythe. It is a really good fighter, with that thin profile and almost cheating controls. You just point your mouse and it will fly there. Looks like scythe is ignoring any gravity forces or anything, to fly upside down you just need to roll a bit and thats it, no adjustements needed at all. Same thing with turns. I felt like swimming underwater instead of flying in the sky. So yeah, scythe has a good dps and excellent controls, what makes it easier to aim at esf, tho it's profile makes everyone else harder to aim at you.
    Also speaking about reaver it's not so far from mosquito, needs more skill, but will reward you with all that sweet damage.
    So mosquito is the hardest one to master because of stupid controls and useless high capacity magazines, its always better to land few hardhitting shots instead of spraying ticklebullets. (Thats why i hate prowler, got a hit on esfs soooo many times, but huh, oneshots are only allowed in vanguards/magriders)
  19. Tankalishious

    ^^^Dude. The scythe has a profile the size of a small hex. Getting the drop on its top/bottom, or getting the Chase on it, and the scythe is toast, even if you suck at gunning. In a scythe, the Seconds it takes to flip the bird around, locate angle of attacking ESF and facing it, you will eat alot of bullits in the process. giving you a Clear disadvantage in duels you are being attacked first.
    If you face off a scythe at a medium/long range head to head duel, you are going to have a bad time. Thats its strength. Up Close and personal, reverse thrust boosting to get angles on that hex-sized profile, you will win in a mossie or reaver.
    Being attacked in my mossie/reaver, flipping around and facing the threat is much easier due to the allround smaller profile on the ESF.
  20. Tankalishious


    I started my PS2 experience on Cobalt, the server With the absolute most Savage and hard core skynights in the game, mostof em BR 100s long ago when i started the game. Think getting up in the air was easy there? I have accounts on US servers as well, and my god... sorry, but you yanks just cant fly( generalizing for effect/simplicity, no hard feelings, and ive met a few decent pilots yes)
    Where is todays kids persistence and willing to work hard to get good at something? Bunch of spoiled ****kids.....(not you spesificly, just saying, its general rant).

    There is a problem in the "auto aim" thing. Imagine 3-4 of these allready Lock on using nublets... now give em auto aim as well....
    3-4 plinking away their 25% damage... and you are dead. no way of dodging auto aim there...

    WHY is it so difficult to put in some time and learn the most difficult thing in the game? We cant have a standing rule of "i wanna do the most difficult ****, but not spend time Learning it"....