Scythe cert guide

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  1. miraculousmouse

    I feel like hopping into the air game on my vanu, so i guess ill start with an A2A scythe. What certs would you suggest, and in what order? which primary and secondary weapon is best?

    and who are some people i can watch on twitch/youtube to learn. Mattiace seems like an ace.
  2. Yeahy

    Fire supression
    NAR (stealth is ok depending on the situation)

    Sauron is best but turbo is ok. It is not a subsitute or anything like the vortek. Its mainly a personal thing. If you can aim, then use it.

    Pretty much everything you would get as a reaver.
    As for order:

    AB pods a few levels (since you are already br35, max that out asap. Its cheap.
    Hover 2 levels.
    FIre supress a few levels (I think its cheap untill last level)
    Hover 3.
    Auto rep a level or two.
  3. miraculousmouse