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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Rodaim, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. Rodaim

    Lately I've been noticing my scythes afterburners being completely useless if I use them from a standstill. Which makes no sense. Pretty sure it used to not be like that, and if its an attempt by the devs to be more realistic or indirectly nerf ESFs, thats not how it works. Thats not how physics works. Science. SCIENNNCEEEEEEEE.

    If I can be on a platform, hit Shift and zoom away real quick, but not if I'm just floating there, thats a serious bug. Anyone having the same issues?
  2. isaidhi3

    Could you describe exactly what's happening?
  3. TheBlazing

    Well, if you're not in reverse maneuver position, the afterburners (assuming you have a wing mount and not the external tanks) will consume about half their fuel trying to get you to speed, after which you should immediately transition to flight mode and reach your top speed.

    I did notice, however, that occasionally, usually when you engage afterburners while also turning in place (but not using your v-thrust to initiate a reverse maneuver), the ABs will just get you "stuck" in the air. Although seeing as fighter jets are fairly similar in the way their engines work, it is probably not a Scythe-exclusive bug. This needs some testing.
  4. minhalexus

    You are obviously in reverse manuever mode, in which your AB will push you upwards until you gain enough speed.

    Buy Racer Chassis, and this will become less frequent. Or just Learn to Play.
  5. Kwyjibo_CO

    That's just how hover mode works. If they removed it, then that would be a huge nerf to the reverse maneuver. Try dipping your nose down toward the ground for a second before hitting the afterburner.

    Also you should note that on the other 2 ESFs, the engines actually point down in hovermode, so you can see why the AB works the way it does. The Scythe doesn't have that animation, so I can understand why it might be a little confusing.
  6. Spadar

    If you're at a stand still and want to start moving forward ASAP, start by pitching your nose down about 35-55 degrees in the direction you want to go, then hold Space (Vertical thrust if you rebound it), and pitch up to level your nose where you want to go while hitting your afterburners. If you have low, or no forward movement when you hit your afterburners, the direction of your thrust wont be pushing you forward since your thrusters will be pointing downwards instead of behind you. If you use your vertical thrusters to start your forward movement you don't have to wait for the game to do it for you.
  7. IamnotAmazing

    If I had to guess he's going straight up cause he's in hover mode and doesn't realize
  8. Rodaim

    Yea I didn't know about the hover mode thing. I've only played VS so I didn't realize the engines tipped down (invisibly for the scythe i guess). Thanks for the responses.