SCU changes - Death of the Amp station, Spawn hobbits get a buff.

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  1. St0mpy

    RIP Amp stations.

    Amp stations used to be a fun place which took some coordination and had several layers of access, its all gone now with the dumbing down on the cabbage.

    It was a sad sight, no more 'station' or different kind of battle, its just a slightly bigger base much like the rest now.
    • The vehicle generators are gone, so no fighting at those to gain access for vehicles, they just park outside or drive in round the back, no real change inside, just a huge vehicle park outside.
    • The SCU shield generator is gone, so no more fighting over that as a last layer of defence.
    • The SCU itself is non interactive now, cap the flag and it works itself out.
    • The satellite bases are gone so no more working out what direction they come from and recapping the outpost
    So its just 2 main door shields, cap the flag and sit around, no different from any other base just a much longer timer. Real sad way to see the fun mini game that was an amp station go south like that. RIP involved amp station battles.

    Spawn Hobbitry Just got Worse.

    If any of you thought the automatic SCU coming down at 75% would cut down the amount of spawn hobbitry then think again. Now since SCU shields are automatic, Biolabs and Amp stations now have TWO areas with spawn hobbits farming the unwary for the time the shields are up. The biolab I visited last night had the SCU shield stacked with MAX suits, plus all the spawn hobbits over in the usual place.

    Now while the SCU shield does let bullets and rockets through, it blocks entry to enemy soldiers and appears to be blast proof, so no infiltrators breaking the party up or mining, no tank mines the other side of the wall. Just a nice secondary area to snipe from while they can, with cover from the spawn

    We had all the flags ofc but were completely pinned down with the central area camped too. Moving was like playing chicken on the freeway - and with no hope of them ever gaining the base back they just did what spawn hobbits do best, pad their personal score at our expense.

    Since its impossible to kill them I just found a corner and went to make a drink remembering how in awe I was of my first biolab battles and how is it with the massive dumbing down in all parts of the game, dealing with spawn hobbits is avoided again.
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  2. ent|ty

    So they basically turned an amp station into a biolab deathmatch area then