Scrim: Future Crew vs Ini Elite (Best PS2 competitive play)

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  1. kidRiot

    Round 1:

    Round 2:

    Round 3:

    Round 1 and 2 consisted of a fight over Tawrich Tech Plant.

    No maxes
    Infantry only
    Only 2 sunderers for each side at any one time

    Round 1 and 2 consisted of some top notch flanks, moves, counter moves, crossfires, corner peeking and squad movement that has been missing in 24v24 since the early days of Community Clash. Non stop action over A point.

    Round 3 was a lattice fight between Mani (Future Crew) and Freyr (Ini Elite). There were even more amazing attacks adn counter attacks during this stage of the match and I can honestly say it's some of the best Planetside competitive play in PS2's short history.

    It was a pure joy to cast this and at one point we topped over 160 viewers on Twitch!

    Even Higby stopped by and helped us out during the Esamir segment and the viewers and I were treated to a spectacle of battle, top tier play and brilliant movement on the parts of both outfits.

    Future Crew and Ini Elite, in my mind, have solidified themselves as two of the best outfits between N. America and Europe.
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  2. Torqameda

    Watched a streamed version of it last night from the perspective of Future Crew. That was a phenomenal match despite certain issues (all of which can be chalked up to the PTS being buggy and not enclosed, so that is neither the teams' nor the organizer's fault). Great job on a quality scrim and good job to both outfits for duking it out so plebes such as myself can enjoy competitive play vicariously.
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  3. Torok

    Beautiful work from all of you involved!
    Really feels refreshing to hear and watch such high level work and gameplay that pays the effort put on by your outfits, looking forward in the future for more of this top level scrims.

    And all made from players too, this truly is the best FPS out there to allow such things!
    /subscribed to KidRiot youtube channel!
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  4. Baconite

    Awesome matches. I hope you guys do more like this!
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  5. Mrasap

    Awesome fights. You did a very good job as a commentator KidRiot.

    This stuff trumps the official MLG in every single way!
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  6. Mrasap

    Also, I am intrigued to see no concussion / flash / smoke nades were used.

    A team of HA with concussion and LA with C4 would've cleared most of the enemies in the room.
  7. kidRiot

    Thanks for the compliment guys. I didn't realize there was already a post on this, but I'll keep this post up anyway.

    I want to point out that I'm limited in bandwidth so this wasn't streamed in true 720p. I apologize for that, but there's nothing I can do about being so limited with my upload speed.

    @Mrasap. I believe the HA's were using AV grenades to dislodge and take out enemy Maxes. A few dead Maxes before the push even starts is such an advantage because, even if they're repaired, it's forcing them to play conservatively while your own forces can go aggressive in rooms. I don't think I saw any concs being used which is interesting, but guaranteeing dead opponents is > then stunned opponents.
  8. RHINO_Mk.II

    Sick dalton snipe at 13:10
  9. MasonSTL

    Waaaay better than MLG all around!
    Better comintary
    Better camera work (seriously, you knew exactly where to go 95% of the time and you moved around)
    Better organization in setting it up

    The only CC I could give kidRiot is try not to say "sorry" if you make a mistake, it would make you sound more confident. Use "it seems" or "rather" instead. But that is pretty minor! GJ!
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  10. St NickelStew

    I have watched several of the War Report casts, and I thought this was done better in most respects. Good job!
  11. Corporate Thug

    OMG, now this is good competitive gameplay and commentary. Perhaps we don't need garbage MLG matches when players are able to put things together like this. Thank you guys for doing and sharing this.
  12. Luighseach

    There was EMP, and Flash grenade usage and I know I saw one Concussion grenade used somewhere. The problem with Flash and smoke grenades is that they can just Q spot you and fire at the Doritos.
  13. TheShrapnelKing

    If only there were NC teams good enough to root for.
  14. Lucidius134

    Now I want to see this w/ hoki's system
  15. Luighseach

    We will definitely need more of these in the future and Awesome job.
  16. Jeslis

    TONS of conc's were used.. You don't see them on kidriots end because he's in a vehicle and immune in the camera mode thing.
  17. tproter

    So, where's the meta game?
  18. kidRiot

    What do you mean?
  19. FendleyFire

    You ain't seen nothing yet.

    Footage from Cruniac and Scarabe during the scrim, ultimate lib crew.

    Final death toll caused by their Lib:
    • 31 Soldiers
    • 5 Scythes
    • 4 Lightnings
    • 4 Sunderers
    • 1 Harasser
    • 2 PELLAs
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  20. Xasapis

    Moderators can erase or lock that other thread, since it was polluted by nonsense.
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