[Suggestion] Scout Rifles

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  1. Corezer

    This is a shooter, not chivalry, you don't need to get to people.
    95% of these places result in you being completely trapped and immobile, any skill level of bolt action user will out you. Additionally, half of the good ones can be reached by any class, including infiltrators, it just takes a bit more time with wall jumping. The jetpack is a QOL item in these cases, it only provides a tactical advantage when moving across terrain which would take time for other classes to navigate. Presently this is a bad idea as the end result is a single unit with less direct combat prowess than an engineer or infiltrator reaching the objective first. The smarter idea is to move with your team and use the jetpack to rapidly create crossfire zones upon engagement or suspicion of engagement.

    As for me, while I am not *against* the idea of scouts on LA, I am not for it either. The scout rifle would only be good in the perching role, and only when long range perches are available. You would have a minute from the time you take your first shot before someone with a bolt action looks your way and sees you helplessly sitting on an antenna or something, and maybe would have accomplished 3 kills before you are either killed or forced to move, into undoubtedly closer range, with a long range weapon, while you prepare to relocate. What LA has is flexibility in where they can engage targets from, with the ability to move around/on all manners of terrain faster than other classes. What we lack is a weapon to accentuate this. Carbines are optimal for my aforementioned playstyle, as with the team I don't often get time to move far outside of effective carbine range. In solo play, an AR would be nice to have.
  2. SarahM

    How to get onto a roof as any class:
    a) any air unit, just jump out over your destination
    b) place spawn bacon, suicide, steer droppod towards desired location

    Scout Rifles on LA are a bad idea, they won't help you much in getting people off your roof.
  3. Ghoest

    Honestly this is crap reasoning.

    1 I can put my inf on perches everywhere already.
    2 The blackhand is already a wonderful precision weapon.

    Giving light assault scout rifles would not hurt anything.
    Perching light assults die fast to semi competent players.
    The only thing that would be significant is is you gave light assaults the bolt action sniper rifles.
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  4. CrimsonEclipse5

    Yeah... I'd really like to see less heavies on the roofs of biolab internal buildings...
  5. kr47er

    /s lol thanks 4 the info.

    I'll info you as well, there is a directive tree regarding the nsx arsenal with a secret reward.
    It's not like anyone is using this wps because theyre good.

  6. CrimsonEclipse5

    Ignore Ximaster (or don't, live life how you want...), he doesn't appear to understand the concept of saying **** which is at all relevant to the conversation at hand...