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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by CrimsonEclipse5, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. CrimsonEclipse5

    So I did a search and the only two threads about this are old as hell, and not really relevant.

    Would scout rifles be a good addition to the LA arsenal? I want muh Tomoe.

    That is all.

    Ok I lied.
    I sense a nerf incoming for the Tomoe, but then what do I know? I'd really like to see scout rifles added to LA whenever they move the Rocklet rifle to live. It's been too long since we got a substantial update (Icarus jets, wasn't it?), I think we can reasonably expect some significant changes considering the trend of test build updates(rocklet rifle, removal of hipfire penalty on carbines while jetting). If the devs intend Carbines to fit the role of run 'n gun 'jetsallovertheplace' McGee, then I don't think it would presumptuous of me to want something more suited for perching, such as Scout Rifles.

    I know the devs don't read these forums, but I want to gauge the reception before I throw myself into the snake pit that is reddit.

    So what do we think? Would it be too OP? Can we expect a big LA update some time in the near future? Can pineapples be used as effective biological warfare weapons?

    You want a high precise Weapon for long range to be given to a class which can climb everywhere with ease so they can camp on spots where no one can get to?

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  3. Kanelbullen300

    Even though I am a light assault player myself I don't think adding scout rifles to the mix is a good idea. like diggsan0 said it would be far to OP.

    Hopefully the removal of penalty on carbines while jetting and the rocklet just needs some more balancing and then they're ready to hit live servers.
  4. Masyaka

    Cant get you? what are you saying? Theres always tons of bolt scums on the ground that see anything anywhere and headshot it. The class is more like for going other ways to flank your enemy and kill in CQB, but optimizing it for long-range will be a thing. Yes, theres the battle rifle avable but with its 250 damage, and instant dmg drop its just as 200 DMG carbine, but without full auto mode. Scout rifles can solve the problem.
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  5. CrimsonEclipse5

    You say that no one can get to light assaults to kill them, but I think you forget that the Valkyrie exists (to be fair, so do I sometimes). I'm not exactly advocating for Scout Rifles to be given to LA (not that I wouldn't want that), but I thought the topic warranted discussion again what with a LA update looming.

    I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that most of the other classes (with the exception of medic - though this is debatable because, y'know, Assault Rifles) have access to both short and long range weaponry, and I'd even go so far as to say that Scout rifles don't have an effective range that is all that much higher than LMGs.

    That's not to say that they still wouldn't be too strong on LA. Perhaps a rework of Battle Rifles (and the addition of more of them?), along with giving them to LAs would be a more balanced solution.

    Yeah. I hope they push the update sooner rather than later. LA has been in desperate need of an AA solution for years now.
  6. LaughingDead

    That's funny considering they want to buff tomoe.
  7. CrimsonEclipse5

    I'm sorry what? Why? If anything its a bit OP (I may be biased as Briggs is mostly dead and the only people I've seen using the Tomoe, or at least the only ones who have killed me, are super hardcore players.)
  8. LaughingDead

    Tomoe has a 2.8 headshot multiplier, just long story short, 4 headshots means you win in a relatively short amount of time. It's nothing impressive but its part of the nsx series because of its unique mechanics
  9. Rhello

    First, it'd be borderline overpowered to give LAs some scout/battle rifles. Second, Tomoe is trash, I could write entire pages on how much I hate this weapon that has nothing positive compared to the other weapons.
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  10. Iridar51

    Eh. Giving Scout Rifles or Battle Rifles to LA wouldn't make us overpowered. Perching Light Assaults are easily dealt with: video 1, video 2. Without cloak you're sniper bait.

    Most of the time, an Infiltrator can get in the same position, just maybe not as quickly.

    Scout Rifles and Battle Rifles' effective range isn't that great, and it wouldn't turn LA into an unreachable menace.

    I sure would love them just to have more variety and viability in ranged combat, as right now it's simply a no-participation zone for us.

    Though it seems the developers have set their minds on making LA a close range skirmisher class, and we may see some airborne accuracy improvements.
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  11. CrimsonEclipse5

    Yay! Senpai noticed me :D

    Tomoe is only trash if you can't aim...
  12. Demigan

    OMG, giving scout rifles to the LA would be like giving a Sniper rifle to the invisible class, or a sustainable LMG+rocketlauncher to the class with an overshield, or an AR to the healing class, so OP!

    Oh wait, no that just makes the class. Scout rifles, if you hadn't noticed, aren't incredibly OP. In fact the scout rifles we have all have flaws build into them. So giving scout-rifles woudln't be OP in the least, and would simply solidify the LA's mobility.

    I am really interested, what would be OP about it? And I mean more OP than giving the LMG to the Heavy for instance rather than the Medic or Engineer (yes yes Engineer already has a million toys so just give it to the Medic).
    The Scout rifles are all build in with flaws, lower ammo counts, build almost exclusively for headshots, that kind of thing. Giving it to the LA would just mean it's gotten it's role fulfilled. And Scout rifles are still not really that good at long-range, meaning that any weapon could retaliate. Sure it would be somewhat in favor of the Scout Rifle if you do it right... But that's the whole point isn't it? Getting in a position where you have the advantage? Using a CQC Carbine from a perch is mostly suicide so you go in close, using a long-range Carbine in CQC will usually get you killed so you stick to perches or some distance. Not much has changed if you add Scout Rifles to the mix, except that the class got a little better at exactly what it's supposed to do.

    As for the penalty removal, they should have done that eons ago. Actually in the early days you could still ADS (at a penalty) but that was removed because of... Not much reason at all.
    But naturally people think it'll be OP. They ofcourse completely ignore that using for instance a drifter+Carbine would mean that you still can't strafe in the air and move in much more predictable patterns than ADAD spamming players on the ground, so it's a mixed blessing at best.

    Good god another one! And why on earth would it be "borderline OP"? Isn't it a bit more OP to have an invisible guy decloak and murder you than some visible guy who jumps rooftops? The game offers more than enough places and ranges where you could decloak as Infil and murder someone (and I should know, having auraxed most of them).

    The Tomoe has it's trade-offs. It's designed for headshots, but loses out when you go for bodyshots. It's also got low ammo count and will make you lose most fights against multiple persons unless you get to headshot all of them. Funnily enough, an equally skilled player with a Carbine would be able to murder said Tomoe infil almost as fast, meaning a 2v1 isn't exactly in favor of the Infil.
    The worst thing you can say about the weapon is that it might give too much power to skilled players vs unskilled players.
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  13. Rhello

    Or, you take another weapon, and perform much better because you don't care about aiming for the head at 50+ meters. Even the ES autoscout, and the pre-buff TRAP were better, and I auraxiumed both of them long time ago. The only good side of the tomoe, is silencing it, and putting yourself on a farming spot, and farming new players who can't hear anything. You'll die in a 1v1 against an equally skilled player very often, even more without NCA & MLGkits to give you an edge against high skill players. And if a player with working brain cells starts taking damage, hearing the Tomoe's sounds, he's just going to move like a spastic for a few seconds so you can't hit his head, while chugging medkits, and force you to pull your secondary to end the fight. I never had so many president kills with any other primary equipped.

    In short, the Tomoe fills a tiny niche, meant to reward players with superior aim, but punishing them with a terrible mag size, terrible velocity, terrible DPS if you happen not to land a opening headshot, terrible hipfire bloom (0.4 per shot for a 112 damage per shot, ES autoscouts have 0.1), and frequent reloads, which are proportionally very long. And with an accuracy above 30%, plus an headshot ratio of 28%, I can't say I'm MLG, but I'm good enough to be in position to say this weapon is trash, without being told to get gud.

    I'm going to be honest with you, I don't know how it would play out. I'm not fundamentally against it. Not more than giving an LMG, a shield, a rocket launcher to the same class for example. It'd depend on how powerful it'd turn out on PTS.
  14. Kanelbullen300

    Yeah maybe it wouldn't be that OP (or even OP at all) now that I think about it. Perhaps it would fit the class, I don't know.
    As for the Tomoe, I think it should stick with the infiltrator class. It's like the infiltrators NSX weapon and sooner or later LA will get one aswell.
  15. Gundem

    In fact, for CQC(Optimal range for LA) you have a slew of objectively stronger options then the Tomoe.

    For NC and VS, the GD-7F and Serpent respectively provide that same 4 headshot kill, but at 845 instead of 750 RPM.

    TR have the Jaguar and Lynx, the Jag having the same RoF and the superior 143 damage model for increased bodyshot damage, as well as a 40 round magazine and glorious x.75 ADS speed, and the Lynx with it's insane RoF and considerable ADS accuracy on account of it's minuscule horizontal recoil, and with it's recent bloom per shot buff solving it's one major flaw previous I'd say it's a damn good carbine.

    NC still has the Bandit, and while I wish it had a 630 RPM, it's still 167 damage and sweet succulent .x75 ADS speed, making it a decent all-rounder carbine with a bit of emphasis on CQC.

    The VS's VX6-7 also sports the superior 800@143 damage, but also has amazing hipfire.
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  16. LaughingDead

    But none of those can be equipped on an infil.
    Take into consideration about what infil has that competes with the tomoe and surprisingly enough it actually has a weird niche it fills over smgs and other rifles.
  17. Ximaster

    I don't need Tomoe or Naginata or whatever NX weapon (whatever is called) i'm fine with my first weapon i'm Auraxing called Artemis. NX weapons are for posh people.
  18. Eternaloptimist

    Not use if I support or oppose the idea of LAs with longer ranged ability but does that mean they could also use the Tomoe? no damage drop off etc. etc.?
  19. Rhello

    I'd definitely prefer facing someone who's using a tomoe rather than any other weapon in the game. The only way for him to be as deadly as other people is if he's aiming at the head with a lot of consistency, even at longer ranges, which we all know is mission impossible unless you're MLG or got an aimlock of some sorts. There's no big deal at all, since any well rounded carbine (ex T5 AMC) does the job better everywhere, with less skill required.
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  20. Eternaloptimist

    Ah, well..................the times I've been killed by someone with a Tomoe I wasn't facing them and didn't even know they were targeting me. The long range ambush of an unsuspecting guy who might be some way behind the battle area e.g. at the spawn Sundy, manning a turret, or looking at the map is what I was thinking of (given the LA ability to get around and behind the enemy.