scout rifles vs close range sniper rifles

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  1. Phryne

    HSR-1 vs KSR-35
    Nyx vs Phantom
    Shadow vs Impetus

    Both are semi automatics with close range scopes. Why use scout rifles over close range snipers and vice versa?
  2. icesail

    no swap on the scout rifles, more damage on the short range snipers, you can put a laser on recons and a 6x on the scouts
  3. Varamis

    I've been doing any/all research on these rifles that I can and have found some useful information to give you with enough differences where most people could choose their preference.

    There are 3 close ranger rifles in the game for each faction, they are as follows.

    Close Range Bolt Action Sniper Rifles: TSAR-32, Ghost, SAS-R

    Max damage: 750
    Reload: 4.5s
    Clip size: 5
    Ammo pool: 25
    Rounds per minute: 55
    Bullet speed: 500
    Attachments: Suppressor, 3.4x Scope, 4x Scope, 1x Reflex Sight, 2x Reflex Sight
    Note that the Vanu version DOES have bullet drop.

    The big thing here is that it provides the most damage per bullet out of the other two options and IS capable of a OSHS at any range, but at the price of RoF, you will also have to un-zoom to chamber the next bullet after each shot (just like any long range bolt action). Note: This is a SNIPER RIFLE and therefore has scope sway when you ADS.

    -Capable of OSHS
    -Lowest RoF
    -Only Bolt Action
    -Un-zoom to chamber each bullet
    -Scope Sway

    Close Range Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles: KSR-35, Phantom, Impetus

    Max damage: 400
    Reload: 3.6s (4.6s for the Vanu version)
    Clip size: 10
    Ammo pool: 50
    Rounds per minute: 231
    Bullet speed: 500 (550 for the TR version)
    Attachments: Suppressor, 3.4x Scope, 4x Scope, 1x Reflex Sight, 2x Reflex Sight, Forward Grip.
    Note that the Vanu version does NOT have bullet drop.

    This Rifle boasts a higher bullet damage than it's Scout rifle counterpart, and has LESS Recoil than the scout rifles, making follow-up shots easier to land without as much readjustment as the scout rifles heavy recoil. Note that the optics on this sniper rifle are less diverse than the Semi-Auto Scout Rifle, as this Sniper only has a max optics of x4. Note: This is a SNIPER RIFLE and therefore has scope sway when you ADS.

    -Higher Damage than Scout
    -Less Recoil than Scout (easier follow up shots if you are skilled enough to use shift to hold breath before firing)
    -MUCH worse hip firing accuracy than Scout
    -Less versatility in Optics compared to the Scout

    Semi-Auto Scout Rifles: HSR-1, Nyx, Shadow

    Max damage: 334
    Reload: 2.9s
    Clip size: 10
    Ammo pool: 50
    Rounds per minute: 260
    Bullet speed: 500
    Attachments: Compensator, Flash Suppressor, Suppressor, 3.4x Scope, 4x Scope, 6x Scope, Nightvision, 1x Reflex Sight, 2x Reflex Sight, Forward Grip.
    Note that the Vanu version does NOT have bullet drop.
    Compared to the semi-automatic sniper rifles, aimed shots are slightly less accurate but hip shots are MUCH more accurate. They lose a LOT less accuracy per shot as well.

    Everyone can see the differences of this scout rifle compared to the sniper equivalent. The big thing here is no Sniper Sway when you ADS, making follow up shot take longer, but are arguably easier to land because you don't have to worry about holding the shift key to hold your breath. Note: **** is a Scout Rifle and will never has sniper scope sway when you ADS.

    -Less Damage than Semi-Auto Snipers
    -More Recoil than Semi-Auto Snipers
    -Amazing accuracy from the hip, especially with laser sight.
    -Widest range of optics
    -NO Sniper scope sway when you ADS

    Hope this helped.

    Thanks to Xiphos for this information and it can all be found here
  4. Varamis

    After obtaining all this information and testing out each rifle (albeit a bad trial using the x1 iron sights o_O) I can conclude the following.

    For my personal preference I can safely say I won't be using the close range bolt actions. Hitting a target in the head while they are moving in this game to yield the OSHS is extremely difficult. At these ranged you have to drop your target quickly before they can rain automatic weapon death upon you.

    That being said, I'm pretty decided that I'll be wielding one of the Semi-Auto Rifles while using a x3.4 or x4 optics to yield a powerful mid range killing tool.

    Does anyone use KSR-35, Phantom, Impetus and actually like it? Having to hold shift to combat sniper sway seems like it would be rough. Can anyone show me a spreadsheet or a video showing me that the 400 damage per bullet on the KSR-35, Phantom, Impetus actually reduces how many bullets it takes to kill a target compared to the HSR-1, Nyx, Shadow's 334 damage per bullet?

    THAT is what I want to know; THAT is what I care about. I am leaning toward the Shadow for my NC Infiltrator, but if the extra damage on the Impetus will allow be to kill targets with one less bullet compared to the Shadow the majority of the time at medium ranges, then that rifle, annoying sniper sway and all, might be the better option. I want to be able to drop my target in 2-4 shots (3 would be ideal), I DO NOT want to have to land 5 shots.
  5. CommodoreFrank

    To answer your question on sway, I run with the SAS-R quite often, and I rarely have to hold my breath unless taking a longer shot. I'm sure it's the same case with the semis. It's very minimal at infiltration ranges.
  6. Collapse

    The sway on the Impetus is negligible. I use it with a 2x Reflex and Suppressor and the sway has a very minimal affect at close ranges, even with moving targets. The SAS-R is probably the only one where you might consider holding your breathe, because its a bolt action and you're looking for the headshot.
  7. Ayre

    Does scope sway still apply when using irons or reflex sights? That'd be weird.
  8. Collapse

    Stock Impetus does have sway. However, sway only gets worse the farther the target is. From close range, the deviation of the rifle is irrelevant as the target is so close that any shot with still reach a point on their body
  9. Ayre

    Very interesting. May have to trial it. I have had incredibly hit or miss results with my Nyx. Whenever I want it to perform, it doesn't and everytime I get sick of it I'll get a kill streak with it. Gun is ******* bipolar.
  10. Collapse

    I thought one of the issues people had with the Semi-Auto scout rifles was the CoF. I decided to pick up the close-medium range semi-auto sniper for the added damage. I was prepared to deal with the sway, but so far its effect has been non-existent.
  11. Ayre

    The COF is really odd, especially when you put a laser sight on it. It gets really small but its still hard to hipfire just because its so slow.
  12. Tyzh

    The scout rifle is 3 shots to kill. However, anyone who has bothered to buy even the first level of nanoweave (which is what? 1 cert?) adds a bullet to your killing them. Full nanoweave outside of 85m requires another bullet still bringing it to 5 to kill.

    The semi-auto sniper's extra damage per shot means you get 3 shots to kill on even people with that nanoweave business. If they have nanoweave armor and are past 75m it becomes 4 bullets to kill.
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  13. Varamis

    That's all I need to know, looks like I'll be buying the Impetus later on this week.

    Thanks to everyone who replied, I appreciate all the information.
  14. Varamis

    Do you have any data behind this information?
  15. Tyzh

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  16. Ghoest

    Chances are that if you make 3 shots one will be to he head though.
  17. Relcor

    Will the forward grip help with scope sway on the bolt-action sniper rifles? If not, what the hell is the point of having it?
  18. Ravenorth

    No it wont, pretty much useless, so dont waste your certs on it.

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