Scout rifles need tweaks.

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  1. Nehemia

    Note: This knowledge (I.e. opinion) is based on two Scout rifles from Vanu, Nyx and Artemis.

    Both have serious troubles, I'll start with Nyx. Nyx does pack a bunch damage per bullet-wise (3x body shot kills), however, its clip size is limited (10), and the accuracy is plain horrible (you possibly can't call accurate shots after the first shot, thanks to the massive recoil). And the bullet spread without iron sights is insane. Let's face it, at the range its, according to it's tool tip designed, a semi-auto sniper just fares a ton better. And its inferior at closer ranges to almost any gun in the game, thanks to its firing speed. Its fancy, but lets face it, there are a lot better alternatives out there. (Ironically, the standard VS INF rifle is a prime example). That's pretty much its major problem, why use it, when there are tons of better alternatives out there.

    And Artemis, the automatic scout rifle. If you don't score head shots, the weapon is useless. With the extremely limited clip size of 20 (in comparison to other automatic rifles) and the low damage per bullet, not to mention its only effective up to 50 meters. I just see no viable options for this gun. Hipfiring doesn't work, using iron sights can score you kills if you do head shots, however the accuracy isn't top notch. But as INF is health-wise the least effective class, the gun doesn't really work in close quarters (>50 meters). Since we have no shotguns, for infiltrators that actually do infiltration, the automatic scout rifle is the way to go (Thanks to devs). Sad thing is, the Artemis is inferior to any automatic weapon out there, and severely lacks firepower in comparison to its clip size. Even the secondary pistol handles the job better, not to mention if you equip Manticore, you can have a proper medium range weapon in your pocket. Artemis is such an situtational weapon with bad clip size, less than average accuracy, low damage that its most effective in close quarters where you get to surprise someone. Though, with the current next to useless stealth and the sound that echoes throughout the enemy base screaming "infiltrator abound", the element of surprise is null.
    Its resembles the horrible SMGs in old FPS games, where you're better off with a pistol than the worst and the cheapest SMG. The funny thing is, Artemis is one of the most expensive INF weapons out there.

    Call it a rant, but the options for INFs that actually want to be useful for their team are currently hanging themselves. Snipers surely have their roles, I play both, but I love hacking enemy base, get a vehicle depot, spawn a sunderer, deploy it, see your whole team respawning directly inside enemy base. Its just annoying that I'm pretty much limited to hoping I run into no one, and if I do, they have their graphic settings low, and everyone inside the base is listening to MP3 instead of in-game sounds.
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  2. Dcrd

    I've tried an Artemis and I must say the gun is very good in everything apart from clip size and total ammo quantity. It's 13 kills maximum or something if I remember right. It's good for close and medium range, and now I'm saving certs for it. Gonna go reflex or IRNV scope if those are there.
  3. Tnsr

    The 20 clip size is a pain in the *** for every faction.
    I can live with the lower damage, but why is the accuracy (at least we are snipers and should be precision shooters) worse than that of other rifles? A medic can handle his gun better than an Infiltrator? Come on...
  4. gunshooter

    You don't need headshots to get kills with the Shadow/SOAS-20 etc. You need to land 40% of your body shots and it will kill anything except a HA with Resist Shield, who requires 80%. They also have very low recoil, have a decent hipfire cone and are very accurate.

    It could use a clip size increase but don't exaggerate to such a ridiculous degree.
  5. klor

    I don't find this thread to be exaggerated. Which parts are exaggerated?

    Each faction has a semi auto "sniper rifle" which can equip the close/mid range rail attachments. It's the Impetus for NC and the Phantom for VS. They make the semi auto "scout rifles" look even worse, they have a much more acceptable rate of fire and deal the same (if not more) damage. When I found this out I dumped 230 certs into the Impetus (grip, silencer and reflex) and played with it four about an hour. It's definitely my favorite option but it's still lacking.

    Another problem with the close quarters weapons is the reflex sights. I cant speak for VS or TR but when I am cloaked looking down sights I cannot see the center reticule. Not only do I have to uncloak to shoot but with the reflex sight I have to uncloak to aim with precision.

    USP>TMP :p

    I just think there needs to be a higher RoF on the Nyx. It's god awful and you can double tap a lot faster than that thing fires.
  7. Lakora

    So you're saying the Impetus for NC is better than the... The... Shadow? Unsure on the name.
  8. Benton!

    Yes it is. It has a better rate of fire then the Shadow, does more damage, has less recoil, same mag size, same CoF, can put the same scopes on it, is cheaper, and the only downside is a slightly longer reload time.
  9. Lakora

    Alright that made things easier. Besides if you need to reload in combat you're dead anyway most of the time so reload is at least for me never really of importance.
  10. r4ndomtornado

    learn2headshot lol jk

    I just picked up the artemis the other day, and fell instantly in love with it. I drop podded onto an enemy spawn room, went inside cloaked and proceed to massacre. They couldn't predict where I would be next, so they just started to fire randomly. I had about twenty-something kills before an enemy came in from the outside :D
  11. Benton!

    Oops, sorry. I made a mistake, the Inpetus has a larger CoF, but if you equip a 1x or 2x sight on it, it won't be a problem. Or a laser sight.

    Here is a spread sheet I made, just comparing the infiltrator weapons. At some point, I will make a guide.
  12. blzbug

    The scout rifles are junk for various reasons. The root of the problem is the shotgun! SOE knew inf needed a decent cqc weapon, so when the shotgun came out, they let inf have them. The shotguns were way OP at first, then they got nerfed and were nicely balanced. A true cqc weapon that was great at 5m, pretty bad at 5-10 meters and useless > 10m. Then at the end of beta, SOE decided inf shouldn't get the shotgun after all. Bad decision made with no input from the beta community. To replace the shotgun, we got the craptastic scout rifles. The problem is, they came out with only 2 weeks left in beta, and they were so expensive that nobody bought them. All the other weapons in PS2 got months of playtesting. Scout rifles got 2 weeks of *maybe* 10 people using them. They were junk in beta, but there was no time for proper testing before the game went live.

    We are the beta testers for scout rifles. They tsuck. Hopefully SOE is listening and will do something about it. There's a reason the infiltrator board has more messages than all the other class boards...

    For those who think the scout rifles are ok as is...I'm glad you had a little rambo spree or killed a few guys at 50m. You just don't know what you're missing by not having a decent weapon.
  13. Lakora

    No worries, I never hip fire anyway find it way to unreliable most of the time. Btw a minor sidenote since the Impetus is counted as a Sniper Rifle you will have swaying with it which allows you to hold your breath...

    On the other hand the Shadow do have the HS/NV scope is this purely Night Vision or like the IRNV in which hostiles light up in close ranges?

    Cause if there's a hostile inf catching on that might be handy.
  14. Clout

    +1 Just picked up the Artemis and it's basically garbage. The potential damage both total and per clip is incredibly low. It is remarkably inaccurate for an infiltrator weapon. Scout rifles need some lovin'
  15. pnkdth

    Give us a 30 round mag, and 150 rounds. The rifle feels good but the low magazine size of 20 makes no sense with such a low damage weapon.
  16. ghnurbles

    The Nyx is fantastic. Look at "The True Infiltrator Build" thread to get an idea of how to use the semi-auto scouts. I didn't think much of the Artemis, but I'm probably going to give it another go with what I've learnt with the Nyx, see how it goes.
  17. ThElement078

    Sometime ago, I made a rant/suggestions list just like this one, you could have just seen that instead of spending your time on making a new one. The time I posted that I absolutely hated both weapons, saying they were a big waste, however, after much more time with the full-auto, I think it's a great gun, It still needs some buffs though, like more rounds a mag (at least 30 rounds) and a select-fire option to take out long ranged targets (full-auto, burst and semi-auto). I still hold to my words with the semi-auto scout rifles though, they needs A LOT of buffs.

    EDIT: The full auto one needs to have 150 total rounds and a slight damage buff
  18. Aalbatross

    I much prefer the Impetus to the Shadow, for the higher rpm, damage, and accuracy over distance.

    I guess the Shadow would be better if you were hip-firing a lot.
  19. Lakora

    Well currently I'm messing around with both of those. I currently prefer the Impetus cause it's 3 shots instead of 4 which from an infiltration point of view is ideal... Less bullets spent = quicker in n outs.

    Only reason I'm torn currently is that I'm horrible at seeing people so I'd like the HS/NV scope but afaik the Impetus doesn't have one sadly.
  20. Rigsta

    The Artemis is similar to the default engineer carbine but with only 20 rounds in the mag, 120 total. Slightly higher TTK according to another poster, which sounds about right from my own experience. The small mag means you're not going to be clearing rooms with it, rather taking down one guy and escaping to cloak & reload.

    Get the laser dot and 1x reflex sight for it. It's like a different gun with those attachments. It has no horizontal recoil so the grip is a waste of certs. I'm still saving up for the suppressor but can't see it doing anything but good, looking forward to it!

    I'm not quite sold on the Nyx yet but it packs a punch and a fair few people are singing its praises. From the 30min trial and discussions with others I get the impression it is more versatile than the Artemis but has a steeper learning curve due to its semi-auto nature and big recoil. Like the Artemis it benefits greatly from a laser dot and reflex sight.