Scout rifle vs inflitrator rifle

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by rumblewithyou, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. rumblewithyou

    Was wondering what the difference is between a scout rifle and a inflitrator rifle is and is it better to purchase a scout rifle for a inflitrator?

    New to the game, so hope its not a dumb question

  2. Adamar09

    There are two scout rifles: semi-auto and automatic. They are both designed with close range work in mind.

    The semi-auto scout is comparable to a semi-auto sniper, with very slightly less damage, tighter unscoped CoF and access restricted to short range optics. It also has the option for a laser sight, unlike sniper rifles (tightens your unscoped CoF further, making hipfire sometimes useful).

    The auto is comparable to other classes' carbines, with a smaller clip.

    I'd recommend trialling both and seeing what you think. I believe you can unlock optics beforehand to use on trial (at least, I tested on a gun I don't have, it gives you the prompt to unlock. Presumably you could attach it from there.) but that might be a waste of certs. 2x reflex and 3.4x (not-holo) scope are handy.

    Basically if you use these it's for infiltrating, rather than sniping. You're paper, the guns are slightly subpar compared to other classes, so it's hard as hell. Really rewarding when it goes well, though.

    There are also sniper rifles (with the aforementioned downsides) that have access restricted to short range optics.
  3. Adamar09

    EDIT (but you can't after a certain amount of time...): I just checked it, a while you can click the "yes, unlock attachment" button, nothing happens and you neither lose certs nor get the attachment. Thought I had discovered something cool, but nope.

    As an aside, accidentally bought the Ghost with my remaining SC rather than certs. Ugh. At least it got off to a good start: two shots, two kills. The good thing is the sway isn't particularly noticeable at such close ranges.
  4. Zanduh

    Like Adamar09 said

    However, I feel like Scout rifles are useless for me. If I'm playing long range I find it very easy to make the headshots. With a bolt action that is a one shot kill. With the scout rifles you need two hits to the head. At medium and short range the scout rifles also can't compete with shotguns and carbines.

    So my suggestion would be the Parallax, the best sniper rifle. If you plan on being a more mid to short range player I would suggest a different class as they can outperform in those distances.
  5. Heretekdan

    As far as the TR scout rifles go, The HSR-1 is a one shot kill to the head and 3 to the body, same goes for the TSAR(Short optic bolt action sniper rifle.), except 2 to the body, I think. The SAOS is automatic.

    Really, I consider scout rifles to be more or less an alternative for the infiltrator who finds him or herself in CQC more than plinking at people in range. I know I do very well with the HSR, but that's just me. 95% of this game is preference, I think.
  6. rumblewithyou

    Thxs for all the advice guys!
  7. Timeraider

    I yust wish the renderdistance would be more during the evening. Its frustrating to have the greatest sniperrifle capable of shooting massive amounts of distance and then have a freaking renderdistance of 75m

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