Scout rifle question

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Carl1879, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. Carl1879

    So I am a PS4 player and I quite like the semi auto scout rifle, my question is since we cant see our directies progress yet in PS4 I have been using a 3rd party one and for the scout rifle directive it says you need auraxium medals with the 3 scout rifles and the battle rifle and for completing this you get a battle rifle.

    Is this correct? to complete this directive you have to play mostly as an infiltrator and then once you have managed it you get a weapon an infiltrator cant use.
  2. Fry_Poncho

    Same on PC buddy. It doesnt make much sense, but there it is. At least you can use it on 3 classes.
  3. Carl1879

    Thanks for the confirmation I was hoping it was wrong lol never mind at least I have my nyx.
  4. Peasnriz

    In addition to Fry_Poncho's comment, the battle rifle you get is exactly the same as the normal one attached with high velocity ammo, compensator and foregrip , this is unlike all other directive weapons which do not have a counter part that can be kitted out in exactly the same way e.g. the directive SMG's have high velocity ammo which no other SMG has access to.
  5. SamReye

    You shouldn't worry about getting the Revenant if you plan on using infil for semi-autos, imo