Scout Rifle.. or wait for SMG's?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by bogroll, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Nehemia


    Battle Rank: 25

    Currently Online: No
    Server: Briggs
    Outfit: Not a member of an outfit
    Experience Points: 477302
    Experience per Minute: 80.52
    Certification Points: 2579
    Percent to next Cert: 2%
    Kills: 2514
    Assists: 875
    Deaths: 1063
    K/D Ratio: 2.37
    K+Assists/D Ratio: 3.19
    Headshots: 710
    Revenge Count: 86
    Vehicles Killed: 82
    Damage Given: 1774573
    Damage Taken: 1533314
    Most Played: Light Assault
    Medals: 22
    Facilities Defended: 197
    Facilities Captured: 16

    (I am to believe when you sprouted those lies you were unaware that anyone can access your stats, mr. 2000 headshots.
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  2. Flag

    While the stats are true, it's a bit below the belt to post them like that. :|
  3. Dovahkiin

    Wait for smg.
  4. Nehemia

    Not really, since the guy obviously attempted to start a flame war, which I ain't inclined to take part of. Not to mention he (mostly LA) claims that he's the king of infiltrators and we suck at our roles. While his motive is unclear, he certainly has something against our class receiving absolutely anything. Hence, I decided to decapitate the mans argument right there, and the only way to do that effectively is by facts.
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  5. Adamar09

    As an observation, the PSU data for Briggs hasn't been updated for almost a month now, which is a little less than half of the non-(official)beta phase. It's useless.
  6. Rigsta

    Wait for SMGs - if you want a CQC weapon they're likely (not guaranteed) to be better than scout rifles. Scout rifles seem to be this odd hybrid of close/mid-range weapon.

    The automatic works better than a sniper rifle in CQC but is worse than every automatic thanks to its short mag, poor ammo pool, and requirement for attachments - needs a laser dot for good hipfire, needs a forward grip for good aimed fire. I find the uncerted LA/engy carbine better at everything than the auto-scout. Might be different for TR/NC.

    The semi-auto is nice for landing mid-range shots and can do some nice damage in CQ. But it's a little awkward to use in CQ compared to an automatic, and at medium range I prefer a bolt-action with 4x optics, sometimes 2x.
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  7. JesNC

    Hack the terminals, hack the turrets, overload the gens, mine the main paths, resupply and do it again, take out AA MAXes and defenders at key locations etc....

    Infiltration is about causing mayhem for the defenders, not about hacking terminals and ****.
  8. Fishie

    Do you have any source on that? I'd love to see it!
  9. pnkdth

    One of Higby's recent streams. Wish I had it saved somewhere, it was mentioning along other ways of buffing the infiltrator, and upcoming changes to spotting mechanics. Will post it if I find it.
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  10. Fishie

    Neat, glad to hear that. Thank you.
  11. bogroll

    Watch that video on the front page if you haven't:)

    I'd like some medium range capability as well as CQC ability. Solely being a short range weapon, the SMG will have a tough time in this game in most scenarios. It may end up being completely neglected. A scout rifle (Full auto Artemis VR) with laser attachment and suppressor seems kind of ideal. Not really my playstyle (nor the infils) to get in lots of fights (we'd lose). Any primary non-sniper weapon for us is more a ****/Evade option with a few LOL's thrown in for good measure. I wish the Scout rifle had a bigger clip......

    We'll all be getting the default SMG's soon, for all the classes (like the pistol) so I'm sure we'll be certing them up anyways.
  12. BigIronRanger

    Haha yeah i jumped onto the tracks, what are they going to do spam my inbox to death oh wait type me to death hahahahaha man you are the best troller ever.
  13. BigIronRanger

    The servers haven't updated yet im like BR 40 now.
  14. BigIronRanger

    LOL i did not intend to start a flame war secondly i am all for infiltrators like making them less visible when cloaked on high setting and more visible on low settings and you did not decapitate me the stats haven't updated for Planetside Universe.

    my motive: CQC weapons on Infiltrator are pointless they have 100 less health.

    and not to brag but i probably am one of the best infils and light assaults well better than you atleast.
  15. RachelGomez

    So what?

    You're still acting like you're king of the universe. This makes us automatically not care what you think.
  16. BigIronRanger

  17. BigIronRanger

  18. icesail

    That image link is broken.
  19. icesail

    lol nm, guess it works on reply :p
  20. BigIronRanger

    it doesn't show headshots but im around 2000-2500