Scout Rifle.. or wait for SMG's?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by bogroll, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. BigIronRanger

    sorry for mistake with automatic i just never use anything else other then my default NC 14 Bolt driver im saving up for Longshot but i always think ill regret it because i can own almost anything and most infiltrators even if they have th Rams.50 or Parallax.

    In my professional opinion if your an infil and you use SMG you are a noob/carl/bambi/scrub.
  2. BigIronRanger



    Honestly I upgraded from the V10 to the Parallax after getting Auraxium and hardly noticed a difference. I wouldn't see it as the "ultimate" sniper rifle. It has its drawbacks like the others do.
    But we'll certainly see how SMG's play out with Infiltrators. Hopefully I'll actually try out CQC after they are released.
  4. Rhumald

    SMGs will most likely be implemented with the ... can't remember what they called it, hunter cloak? whichever one slowly recharges cloak when you stop moving, instead of still using it, but it's supposed to prevent you from using sniper rifles if you roll with it, so SMG's would be it's complimentary weapon.

    you know, so that you can Actually Infiltrate.
  5. BigIronRanger

    Besides point any GOOD! infil would go for scout rifle.
  6. Ronin Oni

    Is a LA with a carbine a scrub?

    I really don't see what you're getting at here.

    I use bolt action sniper as well... but frankly I will welcome the opportunity to take an SMG when I go in for a hacking run.

    Cloak is NOT that useful for CQB... it allows some good sneak play, but so do jump jets... without putting a fire delay on ending it's use.... and you can see cloaked infils... I know cause I kill em all the time :D

    I think it will make infils actually fun to play for people besides snipers.... who don't all that often go in for hacking....

    I personally dislike anything that takes more than one shot to the head to end someone. Scout rifles included.
  8. BigIronRanger

    You don't seem to get it when you hack its hold e and then get the fukc out of their; what your just going to stand their and own any heavy or MAX that comes along with your SMG and 100 less health that infils have .

    The only reason you would hack the terminal in the first place is to resupply and dissapear or to help your friends resupply when they are attacking a base which would mean they are around you helping you meaning u just cloack and hide in a corner or use the terminal to turn into something thats more helpful at CQC than an infil e.g. HA, MAX, Engineer, Medic, LA basically everything.

    TL;DR SMG's negate the purpose of infils.
  9. Ronin Oni

    wtf no they dont

    Infils can still snipe...

    SMG's will HELP infils complete their team task without wasting an effective combat person.

    Cloak and hide in a corner?????

    Are you bloody serious mate??

    SMG's will have less effective range, less bullets more drop, more damage drop off, all for only slightly faster ADS look (which is bad for range also) & reload

    Just cause you only want to play infil as a sniper doesn't mean everyone should
  10. JesNC


    I'm not trying to troll you, I'm really asking why. I've got the gold medal with the semi-auto scout and I just fail to see its usefulness. Everything it does the shortrange semi-auto sniper does better. Except hipfiring maybe, but a pistol (any pistol tbh, even the Beamer) outshines both of them in that regard.

    The infiltrator class is really lacking in viable close-range primaries, and it's about time we got something to allevate that. If you really want to use long-range weaponry only and be some kind of semi-invisible one trick pony, more power to you. But I'm looking forward to CQC with my infiltrator.
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  11. BigIronRanger

    Infiltrators aren't meant for CQC end of story but if you want to fill one or two peoples backs with hot automatic lead before being found its up to you, why not rack up kills from a distance. Be a light assault instead and lurk on rooftops people always forget to look up there.
  12. JesNC

    It's not about racking up kills in CQC, that's what assault classes are for. It's about having a viable weapon to defend yourself in close quarters while actually infiltrating.
  13. Albatross039

    i and other infiltrators are hoping the SMG will be our secondary weapon instead of primary, guess i have to go for the Manicore now :(
  14. Nehemia

    You are way of the track mate. Infiltrators have only one support utility, and that is hacking. Which means we need to get close. Infiltrators aren't just snipers, they should be capable of more effective CQB with the cost of their ranged capability. Not everyone plays INF as a sniper. And if you had played Planetside 1, there INFs certainly weren't snipers.
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  15. pnkdth

    Scout rifles are getting a buff as well. My guess is making the full-autos slightly more accurate and semis being able to fire quicker to cement their role as the close-ish/mid range weapons.
  16. BigIronRanger

    Let me say this again.

    You would only hack a terminal to resupply, give other teammates ability to use the terminal or to change class whats the point in hanging around after that just cloak and get the **** out of there no need for defending if you plan on sticking around why not change into a more 'viable' class for CQC i.e. HA, MAX.
  17. Albatross039

    True. Infiltrator is only useful at the beginning of siege. After the zerg has arrived , u basically useless. If they award the +4/+1 certs for infiltrators contribute to the siege but already gone as the cap completed, that would be nice
  18. BigIronRanger

    Planetside 1 is irrelevant people just use that as a basis to make their opinion seem more valid.

    and might i ask what kind of experience you have as an infiltrator because frankly i probably have more experience than everyone on this thread as an infiltrator: 2000+ headshots and i've hacked more terminals than you have kills i think i know what im talking about yes i know the SMG is better suited for CQC but a good infiltrator would not need an SMG he would just sneak out and the lack of CQC weapons makes being an infiltrator challenging the SMG will only give rise to RAMBO type infils that do nothing but hack a terminal and kill a couple of people before dying and the terminal will just get recapped.

    Whats next giving Heavy assaults jetpacks so they are more mobile

    if you ask me you probably just dont have the patience or skill to snipe so you just want the devs to give you an easy way of getting kills as an infi.
  19. BigIronRanger

    Exactly what im trying to say.
  20. Flukeman62

    you do realise saying that first bit on the internet is like jumping onto some rail road tracks right? that along with the first bit of the second paragraph is gonna generate SO much hate for you.