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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Leivve, May 5, 2015.

  1. Leivve

    So I normally enjoy sniping in this game; like a lot. As battles do when you have sniper control over the battlefield, the enemy tends to get pushed indoors. I've been trying to use the bolt action, but in CQB the range can go from 50 to 5 at a moments notice, and though I enjoy sniping, the CQC bolt action is a little too punishing for me.

    So while I was doing my daily practice exercises/warm up in the VR, I decided to try the scout rifles and the CQC semi sniper for a change of pace. I was actually thoroughly impressed by both ES scout rifle's for the TR. I also put the Vandal through it's paces for a bit and actually found I liked the TR ones better. I'm a bit of a more spammy player and the ES can maintain their spam ability to a slightly longer range.

    I already own the Vandal (think I got it during a promotion or something), but I wanted to hear some people's thoughts on the other three (Semi, Auto, and semi sniper), from the TR's perspective preferably. Though I have been starting to get back into my NC alt, so if you traitorous scum would like to share thoughts I guess you can do so too.

    But no spandex! Ok, maybe some spandex...

    Edit: Certs are no problem, since I have everything else I need for my TR character, and my NC alt is infiltrator exclusively.
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  2. Extremite

    I'm really fond of my Nyx over here on the Vanu side of things. 2x reflex sight and a silencer or flash suppressor depending on engagement lengths.
  3. Xellon

    I for my part always liked Scout Rifles more than Bolt-Actions, due to the fact that when using a Bolt-Actions, (especially the extra-long-ranged ones) most Infiltrators automatically tend towards a "Sitting-on-a-rock-300m-away-shooting-once-per-minute-to-not-get detected"-Playstyle, which, honestly, is not really effective in any other field than padding your K/D, and in some cases, not even that.
    Imho, only the top 10% Infiltrator Players can acually sit on that rock and still be an effective support to your team, due to "mad skillz"! ;)

    Playing Infiltrator, I prefer a more "close" Playstyle: Running with my Team, tossing Motion Spotters, Sensor Darts and EMPs around, putting down AP-Mines and trying to flank the enemy to take out their Supporters and High-Thread-Targets (Like a Light Assault that's about to C4 our MAX). Not only did I find this way more exciting and fun, but also much more helpful to my Team, since I'm a terrible shot a long ranges!

    Anyways, on Topic:
    My first love in the fields of Semis was the Semi-Sniper, called the "Gauß SR" (I think?) over here at NC .
    I'm still using it for long-ish ranges in open field battles, not so much in Bases, since it's got only access to the High Magnification Scopes x6 - x12, I'm preferring the x8.

    Next came the "AF-6 Shadow", which I liked at first but my passion has cooled down a bit over time since I've come to the conclusion that both Projectile Velocity and Damage done leave some more to be desired, though I might try the Impetus in the Future, seems to be the Shadow's bigger Brother and should pack a bigger punch.

    My latest addition was the "AF-18 Stalker", the Full-Auto Scout-Rifle. I must say, I love this thing. Using it, you're almost playing a SMG-Infiltrator, just with worse Hipfire and much longer ADS range. I found it to be the perfect thing to use for me while fighting inside bases, and some of the bigger Buildings. I'm running the x3.5 Red Dot Scope and a Forward Grip, tough the Grip clearly adds a lot more in terms of accuracy and range to the weapon than the Scope!
    OFC you won't win a direct Firefight with a Heavy, but when you get a little distance between yourself and your enemy, and surprise him, the kill is as good as yours. (Or at least you'll seriously wound him, deplete both his normal and overshield, and send him running towards his allies screaming for a medic. Which is also nice! ;) )
  4. _itg

    The "ES" scout rifles and semi-auto snipers are actually just copy/pasted across the factions, with the exception of the VS no-drop thing (which is mostly relevant because lessens the drawback of a suppressor).

    Out of all these weapons, the auto-scout is clearly the easiest to use and most reliable, IMO. It's basically a crappy assault rifle, but it IS still basically an assault rifle. Your skills from other classes will transfer over perfectly.

    As far as the semi-autos go, I prefer the Vandal, for that 0.75x ADS strafing. It's a closer-range weapon than you might think. I'm pretty bad at estimating distances in game, but I'd say about 40m is the ideal range. You want to be close enough that you can strafe while shooting, because you're strictly better off with a semi-auto sniper if you don't.
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  5. Skiptrace

    I love my AF-6 Shadow, it's a CQC beast. The Vandal and the Auto Scout Rifle are pretty good too. The Vandal is great for strafing because 0.75x ADS speed. the Auto Scout Rifle is good for CQC, though i would advise a Laser Sight on it, along with the Vandal and Semi-Auto Scout Rifle (Though, I don't use one on my Shadow)
  6. Catalyist

    The semi guns are all about timing. Click too fast and your accuracy goes to hell (especially true for the semi sniper). Click too slow and you are waisting time and risk being outgunned. Once you find the sweet spot you'll be hard to stop.

    Also don't go head to head with auto-gun wielding people - unless you have the clear range advantage - because flinch will cause you to miss too many shots. It's better to disengage and attack from a different angle.

    I'd suggest running with forward grip and and a 2x reflex with the least obstructive dot. Just because you can attack enemies at longer ranges doesn't mean you should. The optimal range of those guns is well within that of the 2x reflex.
    Don't run laser sight. Why force yourself into situations where the gun is not good anyway?!
  7. Leivve

    Eh, that doesn't mean anything, since I can snipe people from around 70M-100M with a carbine, and I only use the 2x for everything.

    Gives you that little bit of zoom you for medium range need while also not ruining your ability to CQC. It's also reliable if you're in a long range situations, as even guns with high kick can still be controlled; unlike if you have a 3.4 or higher.
  8. Dualice

    Took me a while to get into using the scout rifles and closer-range snipers, but they're now among my favourite ways to play.

    The HSR-1 is probably my favourite. Perfect balance of spam-ability, per-shot damage and muzzle velocity. I just run a 3.4x sight - never found any rail or barrel attachments necessary.

    SOAS-20 is, as _itg says, a crappy assault rifle, but its ADS accuracy is good enough that you can headshot with it quite effectively out to medium range. Biggest let-down for it for me is the magazine size, which of course is shared by the Stalker and Artemis. My tactic with it is to acquire your target and get into a crouched position before de-cloaking and firing. The mag size and fire rate aren't really on your side so got to line up your engagements carefully.

    The KSR-35 is also really fun. I treat it like the HSR but with the higher damage and lower muzzle velocity in mind. Usually run a 2x sight, and as heinous as it sounds, occasionally a suppressor. You can be sat right on top of the enemy and hammer away at them and most times they'll never know what hit them.

    I know it's called a sniper rifle but I believe the TRAP deserves a special mention. It functions much more like a scout rifle, with the added versatility of a burst-fire function and better muzzle velocity than any of the above. The suppressor has a weird quirk of eliminating all but the first round in the burst (2 or 3-shot), which can throw you off a bit. It is a fantastic flanking weapon, and quite versatile, though its recoil and damage profile will let you down at long range.
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  9. Leivve

    Now if only it was any good. If they bump the damage and fire rate slightly and improve the hip fire cof I'd use it as a full sized TX1; but at the moment it's mechanics don't play nice with it's intended roll. Like the long range semi sniper and the breath mechanic.
  10. Dualice

    It needs some love, agreed, but a fun weapon nonetheless I think! I'd be happy with a 24 round mag and/or faster reload.
  11. Catalyist

    That was actually what I was trying to say. Sometimes my English fails me :confused:
  12. Leivve

    Dyslexia mate, I know the feels.
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  13. OldMaster80

    TR: both SOAS-20 and HSR-1 are extremely viable. Just put a compensator on them, foregrip and a 2x scope. The SOAS is deadly but clip size is such that you can just kill one target at time. The HSR-1 has more ammo, and it is also decent from the hip.

    A nice alternative to the HSR-1 is the KSR-35 which is extremely underrated: it's basically the same as the stock TR sniper rifle 99-SV but it can fit low range scopes. If you compare stats of the HSR-1 and KSR-35 the second is superior from almost every point of view, and it's also extremely cheap.

    These 3 were my easiest Auraxium Medal honestly.
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  14. _itg

    The HSR-1 has a much better moving CoF and much less bloom per shot (although still too much, really). This means you can strafe while shooting and/or spam the trigger at medium range and hope to hit things, unlike with the KSR-35.
  15. Heyitsrobbie1984

    not a fan of the auto scout rifles. these auto weapons should be made into a smaller weapon. it could be a carbine or a bullpup to reduce your silhouette
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  16. Peasnriz

    I would love to see a few bullpups make their way in to the game.

    I use the Vandal a lot I find it great for the medium skirmishing ranges when flanking, it gels well with the cloaks effective visibilty range and can be used to counter snipe people. I use 3.4 flash suppresor and laser sight, laser sight for those oh **** moments.
  17. Navron

    Huge fan of the Vandal but for some reason I feel more comfortable using the Shadow at night with NV scope. Also, the Stalker is dope if used correctly.
  18. LeFitz

    I also prefer the HSR-1 over the KSR-35 or SOAS-20. The correct setup is as mentioned above 3.4x or 2x sight, flash suppressor and laser sight. On the KSR I auraxiumed with 2x and suppressor although I found it a painful process. I'd rather use the tsar over the KSR. The SOAS I didn't use in a long time. Suppressed also because if you catch attention, clip size and fire rate will most likely make you dead.
    I guess after auraxium with HSR-1 I'll go for the vandal, better hip fire accuracy and larger magazine. Plus ads movement 0.75 I trust will make for a solid gun.
    Probably my favorite gun the HSR 1 for infiltrator. Rewarding and fun to use.
  19. Quinnocent

    The auto scout rifles are really whisper quite with suppressors. That's kinda their primary advantage and why they make such good flanking weapons. I think they're the quietest full auto weapons period, actually. I'm sure the velocity sucks, but it's a short/medium weapon, and I don't really notice the effects on bullet drop as VS.

    I'm all about compensator/foregrip ADS on my other classes, but I wouldn't do that with an auto scout rifle. You're never going to get it to a point where you're winning even bullet trades with it at any range. I would say it's best to focus on its strong points (stealth) and try to learn to compensate for its weaknesses (its subpar useability stats for a medium-range weapon). Especially in the case of vertical recoil, it's something you can learn to manually compensate for with practice. Foregrip might be a must at certain ranges to mitigate its horizontal jumpiness, but I wouldn't take a compensator over a suppressor.

    And I think the most important thing is playstyle with scout rifles. Don't think of it as a poor man's assault rifle. It might be closest to a standard 652/143 AR in stats, but you really need to treat it like it's somewhere between an AR and a SMG. You kinda need the superior positional awareness and ability to flank of a successful SMG user and the speed in acquiring and putting rounds on target at short-medium range of a successful AR user. Because you sorta have the weaknesses of both: the inaccuracy with sustained or medium-long fire of SMG's and the inability to win even hit trades against heavy infantry of AR's.
  20. Leivve

    They're called Carbines.

    And so far I like the HSR1. It hits hard and for some reason I just like it more then the Vandal. Want to try out the CQB Semi Sniper now because the one down side I have with the HSR1 is that 4 shots to kill while having such a long recenter time means long range is a pain in the ***.