Scout Rifle Directive is incorrect and pointless

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Danagaming, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. Danagaming

    As title says. I am exploring scout rifles and I am starting to like some of them. As a guy who plays mainly infiltrator, I can say that Scout rifle directive is broken as hell.
    First of all, one has to Aurixium 4 scout rifles from which 3 are in infiltrator arsenal and fourth is in engineer arsenal. I don't mind this at all, but what I do mind is that after I get Master level scout rifle, only engineer can use it..... Who came up with this logic? no seriously, who was like "THIS WILL BE GREAT, lets make them play infil and engi and lets enable only one of the class to use this master weapon, the class who had least impact on the directive progression"

    If two classes are needed to complete the directive then shouldn't both classes be rewarded with this directive master weapon?

    Make Scout Rifle directive tree master level reward enabled for both classes, not just engineers. Change the stats if you have to.
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  2. AnuErebus

    Just a little point to mention. The Battle Rifles, which include the Auraxium variants are usable by Engi, Medic and Heavy.

    But yes, it is pretty silly that the only way to complete the Scout Rifle directive is to play infil since 5/6 of the weapons are only available to infiltratorss. You can complete the directive, never touching any class, except for infiltrator and in the end all you get is a weapon which you can't use as infil.
  3. Vaphell

    i bet you could count people who have done the directive on the fingers of one hand. Are there stats of it?
  4. breeje

    u have a point there that all off these classes need to have the the directive weapon
    on the other hand i do not believe a infil is the only class that can infiltrate/snipe
  5. Vosrash

    well technically it can be used by engineer, heavy and medic but it still is counter-intuitive to try for the directive, especially since as far as i can tell the only thing differentiating it from your standard battle rifle is that it gets a unique camo and a preloaded setup...... This irks me quite a bit as about the only thing that got me playing infil is FASR due to my typical engagement ranges, and because of this i'll probably only switch over to an smg and shorten it up even more once i get this auraxiumed.
  6. AnuErebus

    Yes, there are stats. 103 people have completed the directive.
  7. Norterius

    Thank god you started this thread!
    I never thought to check if the directive scout rifle could be used by infis or not. I love scout rifle gunplay on infis and wanted to get this directive first.

    You saved be a lot of time and dissapointment...
  8. Moz

    Agreed 100% it is indeed very very silly!

    Three solutions:

    Give the Infiltrator access the the Warden (or other ES battle rifles) and make the Aurax version useable by Infiltrator.
    Make more battle rifles and give them their own directive.
    Make the Auraxium reward available to the Infil aswell as the Medic / Heavy / Engi.

    I really dont see why the Infil doesnt have access to the Warden anyways...... Anyone know the reason for this?
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  9. Neo3602

    I really hope SOE goes with this solutions, more BR would be really nice
  10. cruczi

    There's no reason for infiltrators to use the battle rifle, they have scout rifles for that purpose. Not surprising, given that the scout rifle tree includes both scout rifles and the battle rifle. The aurax weapon should be a scout/battle rifle hybrid usable by infil, engi, medic & HA. E.g. 16 round mag, 292 damage per shot down to 250 at min range, slower rof compared to battle rifle.
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  11. Moz

    I dont know about other factions but the Warden is totally differant to the Shadow. I mean it kinda the same but most stats are different. So the question is why not? I dont see any valid reason for the infil not to use a Warden...... "beacuse they have scout rifles" isnt really an answer to that question, it is the question:

    If we have scout rifles, why cant we have battle rifles?

    Also, SOE, give battle rifles burst fire or dont call them battle rifles........ what is this? Pre WW2? M1 Garand FTW!
  12. cruczi

    Hmm.. Maybe it has to do with damage per magazine? Perhaps SOE doesn't want infiltrators to be able to engage in prolonged fights because they're supposed to be marksmen who kill accurately rather than with spray & pray. Gen 2 SMG's are an exception to the DPM 'rule' of course but they have such limited range that you can't be an SMG marksman anyway, and even if they were accurate at range, their damage falloff would kill the DPM anyway.

    Battle rifle DPM = 4500 to 5000 from min to max
    Semi-auto Scout DPM = 3360 to 4008 from min to max
    Auto Scout DPM = 3000 to 3432 from min to max
  13. Moz

    Just put my thoughts next to your points in red buddy. Not critising just trying to understand SOE "logic".
  14. DocteurVK

    I think he was meaning DPM = Damage per magazine.

    But yes, I can't figure out why they chose to create a separate weapon (Battle rifle) for non infiltrators, yet include it in "scout rifle" directive...
  15. cruczi

    Yes, they are Damage per Mag. That was the whole point. Battle Rifle >> Semi-auto Scout > Auto Scout. Shadow is in the Semi-auto Scout group, so it's << Warden.


    Battle Rifle = 20 * 225 (min) to 20 * 250 (max) = 4500 to 5000
    Semi-auto Scout = 12 * 280 (min) to 12 * 334 (max ) = 3360 to 4008
    Auto Scout = 24 * 125 (min) to 24 * 143 (max) = 3000 to 3432

    Automatic scout rifles are nerfed assault rifles, they have almost nothing in common with SMG's. 2 of 3 scouts...? The effective range of Warden is the same as the effective range of semi-automatic scout rifles.

    I'm not sure what all this has to do with the point I was getting at though. "Prolonged" does not mean long distance. The point was that Warden's high damage per mag (and to a lesser extent, its lower damage / higher ROF model) suits prolonged fire fights, while infiltrator as a class does not.
  16. Moz

    DOH, why am i so stupid? :oops:


    Warden - 250 x 20 = 5000 or 225 x 20 = 4500
    Vandal - 334 x 15 = 5010 or 280 x 15 = 4200

    The Vandal (scout) and Warden (Battle) are very close in the DPM field. So dont think DPM can be the deciding factor?

    EDIT: We must have been typing at the same time there Cruczi....

    I see your point about the prolonged fire though, maybe that is the only deciding factor. If you look at the Vandal, it has a slightly higher reaload time than the Warden, most likely to keep prolonged fire down.

    Makes sense.

    So i guess, the only solution is to make the Auraxium reward some sort of hybrid scout / battle rifle and make it available to Infil as well!?
  17. cruczi

    Oooh, I didn't realize Vandal had a larger clip. Well I guess Infiltrators already have access to a high DPM semi auto then.

    However I bet if SOE added an NS Battle Rifle in the game, it would have 24 rounds instead of 20 and 0.75 ADS speed, putting it another tier above the other BR's, just like Vandal is a tier above the other scouts. No one would pay 1000 certs for it if it wasn't a little bit OP :rolleyes:
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  18. Erendil

    I could go for a Directive weapon like that. :cool: It's certainly more interesting than the BR w/ foregrip/comp and +50 m/s that we currently get.
  19. DatVanuMan

    Especially directives. All that matters is that I am able to get my precious Betelgeuse:p
  20. Danagaming

    I would love to hear anything from development team. Is it actually going to be addressed or is it just going to be forgotten? Some feedback would be great.