Scout Rifle buff on Test Server

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Astraka, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. Astraka

    Hey guys, the test server now has the new & improved Scout Rifles available for testing! Stat changes are not significant, but are definitely an improvement. With these changes I personally will be shelving the SMG for a while and picking back up my more versatile Scout. Stats only say so much, so you absolutely have to download the test client and try them out for yourself.

    Without further ado, the stats (per in-game data):

    ROF was lowered from 261 to 255
    Damage was changed from 344/10m & 250/85m, to 344/15m to 250/65m
    Velocity remains unchanged
    Ammunition was changed from 10/50 (for max of 60) to 12/60 (for max of 72)
    Hip & ADS accuracy was increased slightly
    Attachments remain unchanged

    Unlisted buffs have to include a far quicker recovery time and a lower vertical recoil. The gun just feels so much smoother now, easily able to place accurate & rapid shots even up to ranges outside its minimum damage range and equipped with a 6x. I'm confused as to why they nerfed the ROF & the minimum damage range from 85m to 65m, but it really doesn't negate the positives in my opinion. The total capacity change brings it in line with the KSR-35, but with 2 more bullets per magazine. Definitely going to be an excellent option for those of you looking for a super accurate DMR that is just as effective in close quarters.

    ROF remains unchanged
    Damage was changed from 143/10m & 112/65m, to 143/10m & 125/65m
    Velocity remains unchanged
    Ammunition was changed from 20/100 (for a max of 120) to 24/216 (for a max of 240)
    Hip & ADS accuracy was increased slightly

    Attachments remain unchanged

    I feel like the changes to the SOAS-20 were more drastic. Like the HSR-1 it was given a 20% increase in magazine size, but its total carrying capacity was effectively doubled. No longer did I feel like I flew through all of my bullets, given the fact that I have 10(!) total magazines. The minimum damage increase also brought it in line with other weapons in the same damage category. The gun is definitely easier to hold on target in medium ranges in my opinion, and I feel like I could accurately place 4-6 rounds on a targets head while burst firing though it is not as accurate as its semi-auto cousin at longer ranges. The SMG is still better at close quarters, but the SOAS-20 definitely gains a lot in longer ranges as a trade off. I'm very happy with this weapon now, and plan to use it a lot more.

    Also, hop on the test server & check out the new NS Revolvers. For those of you who have been waiting for them patiently you're in for a pleasant surprise. 2 hit kill to the head & 3 to the body up to 40m? Yes please!
  2. Kaon1311

    Time to drop the SMG, grab a SOAS-20 for med range and an Underboss for CQC then :)

    Should be fun.
  3. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    So why do I even need those new rifles when I can kill then in style with a 6-tube revolver, then? :cool:
  4. m44v

    Those stats are from the testserver UI? I would take them with a pinch of salt since they're a bit wrong in some places, like the ROF of the sniper rifles.
  5. Astraka

    A good question. I really feel bad for the NC folks who put money into the Rebel - the Commissioner & Underboss feel like they have a faster ROF in addition to more damage, for just a 2 bullet decrease in capacity. I guess if you're really keen on the Silencer? Doesn't help the Rebel's case that both the Revolvers look amazing.

    Agreed. It is very possible that none of those stats are correct, though it matches suspiciously with what we need & Battle Rifles got the buffs they were promised as well.
  6. dw.Flexiz

    can you check, that maybe the tr and vs rifles will be buffed, too. if they all will be buffed im very interested in the stats of the others.
  7. HydrooPUMP


    Regarding the Rebel, I've been on the fence whenever to buy it or w8 for the revolvers and honestly I think I'll buy the Rebel simply because it has the ability to equip a supressor which for an Infiltrator I feel is mandatory.
  8. dw.Flexiz

    when you are in whole of enemy infantry you dont have to use it, but if you are a lonely wolf walking through empty bases and 1on1 fights its a very nice feature.
  9. RomulusX

    What about recoil? I thought they were getting adjusted as well. Or is that BR's only? The HSR needs a recoil fix I think
  10. Astraka

    In game they do not show certain stats, which recoil is unfortunately apart of. I can tell you that the recoil feels a lot better than on live but don't take my word for it, try it for yourself!
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  11. Hotspoon

    bah I was hoping for a bullet velocity buff myself. That way it would have been more reasonable to put a silencer on the mid-range rifles without having to compensate for drastic bullet drop.
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  12. Dramma Lamma

    I'm glad someone is reporting they noticed better recovery between shots, because I didn't notice it.

    Anyone else want the option to cert for high velocity ammo like the battle rifles are getting?

    My biggest gripe with the scout rifles is you kinda need a suppressor to stay at mid range as an infil, yet taking that very suppressor makes it preform poorly at mid range mainly due to the added drop. Does a suppressor also reduce damage and velocity? It sure feels that way.

    The option to cert for the high velocity ammo would to some degree help with this problem, partially removing the drawbacks to the suppressor. Yet also including a new drawback so it will be a personal choice not everyone will take.

    Please someone correct me if there is some inherent flaw in this logic that I'm just not seeing.

    I would also really like to see the auto scout rifle get the option to cert for extended magazine, 4-6 additional rounds. Possibly advanced lazer dot also, but that might make it a bit too good at hip-fire and step on the smg's toes.
  13. TeknoBug

    Looks good, I used the Artemis on my VS infil often and it was a tough gun to use due to the class limitations. I also have the Shadow for my NC, don't use it that much though.
  14. AnuErebus

    The HSR "buff" almost seems like a nerf. Reduced damage at range and a slightly slower rate of fire? Granted the ROF nerf is only 5rpm but still, that's one less enemy corpse per minute. :p I already use it on a regular basis and when I tested it on the test server things felt the same as far as recoil goes. Doesn't seem like this will change the rifle's role or make it better in any meaningful way.

    As for the SOAS, I'm not sure 4 more bullets are going to change it. It still seems like it's a rifle meant only for fighting solitary enemies who you get the drop on and not meant for actual combat.

    Seeing these changes I think a lot of my excitement over the update is going away. I just don't feel like these changes are actually going to help the rifles in any useful way. While I love the idea behind the HSR it'll still be a slightly gimped rifle in my eyes. Fun to use, but not as effective as going with a full-auto gun in most situations. The SOAS meanwhile is probably still going to be that thing no one really wants to acknowledge as being part of the infiltrator class.
  15. EViLMinD

    Weapons with the ability to equip suppressors and HVA are less common (none for Infiltrators). The only one I've used - so far - is the NS-11a. Which, worked great.

    I cannot confirm this, but my thinking is that NVA negates some of the suppressors' increase to bullet drop. HVA makes bullets travel faster and further for the price of extra recoil. So, together, the weapon should be left with just extra recoil. For the most, anyway.
  16. DeathSparx

    I should point out for the NC people with the rebel that I've tested both of the new revolvers against the rebel and I got this to say: The Rebel has a higher rate of fire than both of the revolvers although it takes one more bullet to kill (i.e. 4 bodyshots or 3 headshots). However, in the ranges you would be using it, the Underboss is probably a tough competitor since it has higher damage and pretty decent RoF. The Commissioner is what you would use if you like it's better range and accuracy at the cost of RoF.

    About the Scout Rifles: Buff greatly needed and appreciated. I really love the accuracy of these guns esp on the fully-auto scouts. I might finally have a reason to take mine off the shelf and blow off the dust. :D
  17. iller

    They better be wrong, the Dev comments made it sound like "big changes" were planned.

    This is pathetic. They don't need stat changes anyway, what they need is a mechanic that flushes your opponents out of cover. That's the entire deciding factor in Mid-Range combat. You can flank them all you want but until they're boxed in from 3 sides at once, they still have cover to hide behind and if they're HA or supported by Medics, they still have the survival advantage over you.
  18. WalrusJones

    Suppressors have been shown to effect recoil on footage, if ever so slightly.
  19. Dramma Lamma

    So it feels like to me the general concusses here is "It helps and it nice, but will probably need a bit more to be a worthy pick" do you all agree?

    The semi auto scout losing damage at range seems VERY counterproductive unless there is some other unmentioned stat that greatly offsets it.
  20. Separatists

    makes it bit worth while to pick up the scout rifles again, but the smgs will most likely still be my favourite weapon with my inflitrator =o