Scout Radar...worth the investment ?

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  1. Targanwolf

    I tried it on the ground...even in bio lab and was underwhelmed. Is the air version any more worth while to my faction...or a cert generator ?

    I thought it might be a way to ease myself into a new flying career.
  2. Insignus

    Eh. To be honest, the range does leave something to be desired. It can generate certs (20xp if an enemy kills an enemy spotted by your scout radar). Its primary usage, I find, is in supporting your platoon leader with intelligence. It can be very useful for planning assaults, and the mobility of the air version can let you move it around to support pushes on larger bases as needed. If you upgrade it twice you'll hit a range of 200 meters for the most part. I'd have to check what the final level of the cert is. This range lets you cover some of the smaller bases from behind cover, or can let you fly around the larger bases (Under biolabs and around amp stations).

    I run it on my Valkyrie a good bit, and I expect it will become more viable once the A2A changes come in and squad logistics becomes in-built to the Valk.

    As far as I know, ESF pilots will sometimes use it when they're doing ground to air work, as it can be useful for getting a good picture of where the enemy is before you attack.
  3. DeadAlive99

    I find it very valuable on my Scythe. It is Not a cert generator.

    I find the best usage is for small skirmishes, to help teammates who are moving through the base or defending a point. It works fabulous for that. It's also good for ghostcapping if you like that. You can also help out the team by scouting hillsides and mountain tops, etc.

    For large battles, you'll end up taking fire, but you can still use it, you just have to fly over faster instead of hovering, and dip in and out of cover around the perimeter.

    The final cert level is 200m. If you want to help out the team, and/or A2G farming, then yes, it's excellent.
  4. Okaydan

    I have it maxed on my flash. I use it when there's 1-12 fight, spread out quite a bit. Or when a stalker/infil is rummaging through the base. It detects them easy. On other vehicles, probably not really worth it. Maybe on an A2G ESF. Or maybe a sundy during off-hours.

    It's not for making certs, so only buy/use if you *need* it.
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  5. Cyropaedia

    Sometimes I land my maxed Scout Radar Scythe on top of a Bio Lab fight and go AFK for free XP.
  6. Crayv

    If you are talking about the Flash version, it is the main part of my "lazy flash" loadout. Which is a major cert maker in the right circumstances.
  7. Nintyuk

    max stealth & scout radar flash is the best Flank watcher. Not a must have, but a great toy.
  8. Insignus

    Yea, should've clarified, it *can* generate certs, but not does not do so very well compared to other options. This is mostly because they really ought to buff the xp output slightly to 25-30 xp
  9. Kristan

    I use it on my Banshee Mosquito to hunt infantry, especially snipers. Also feels pretty valuable for my allies at 1-12 base fights, so they know where enemy is coming from and hunt them down.
  10. Armcross

  11. Stormsinger

    I prefer the Valk with max Stealth / Scout - you can park atop the struts of the biolab itself nestled into the underside, hidden from all angles. 200m scout radar while sitting in the gunner seat is hilariously effective.
  12. YoungPedro

    an esf with scout radar covers a whole amp station if you park it inside the main building behind the shields. grated you have to be there fairly early otherwise you will get shoot down while trying to park in there.

    Also make sure you park in a corner so friendly vehicles don't crush you.

    If it's a really big fight you can earn quite a few certs that way(while beeing afk), no to mention that its makes defending the bloody base a whole lot easier if your team know exactly where those badguys are and where they come from
  13. Sovereign533

    Depends on what I'm gonna do with a certain vehicle
    If I'm on my Flash with a Renegade and going into a building to camp a doorway with that awesome shotgun I use it so I can see when to expect enemies.
    If I'm in my Harasser with a Canister and gonna sit somewhere just to farm kills on my own, I use it so I know when I'm being flanked by LA's with C4 to end my fun.

    Other then that there is usually always something more useful.
  14. Psykmoe

    Since Emerald NC has some quasi-spiritual aversion to sensor equipment and regularly boycotts its use (help i am running out of excuses as to why we need to hit 10-15 infils in a hex before consistent sensor coverage happens), tooling around on a Scout flash can totally change smaller fights and doesn't necessarily mean that you yourself have to go infil. However, unless you also have a high level of vehicle stealth, it's risky. Suddenly that LA/infil farming our scrubs goes from 6-7 kills per life to actually sometimes being shot at.

    For similar reasons I sometimes bring the crossbow with sensor darts.

    Of course this can mean the enemy K/D farmers just look for another group of anti-sensor zealots to farm elsewhere.
  15. Partl

    On a valk, hoovering under a 96+ BioLab-fight... its like christmasbirthday. The thing rendering its useless at most vehicles, is that there are just better options.
  16. FirePhox

    Max Radar, max stealth and the Renegade on the Flash are a match made in heaven. People won't see you coming and then you can instagib them with the shotgun. Additionally strap c4 to your stealth flash and use it to blow up MBT's with ease.

    Anyway radar, yeah, use it to find and kill those ******* obnoxious sniper ***** that park on hills outside bases. If you're feeling lazy then just find a 96+ fight and park your manned flash in an area the bad guys can't get to; everytime someone is killed you'll get 20xp and ribbons which are worh 250xp, what's more you'll be supporting your team more than any other player and you don't even have to do anything.
  17. Insignus

    I keep hearing interesting things about Emerald, all of which make me glad I play on Connery.
  18. ClawingBear

    Mixed with stealth on a 4wheeler using a medic and the max "medic in the car heals people" and a decent weaopon. It is useful. Not a cert grinder tho.