Scout Radar nerfed

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Lynoocs, May 21, 2014.

  1. Phazaar

    So, my list of reasons not to log in just got to 30. My list of reasons to log in is 3.

    1) I miss my friends.

    2) I miss my enemies.

    3) I miss making my enemies splode with my friends.

    Sadly, I can do pretty much all of that in any one of a thousand other games. SOE really need to pull their finger out.
  2. Phazaar

    It's always been spherical as far as I've been able to tell. Certainly doesn't detect people on the ground whilst dogfighting, even when they're rendering...
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  3. Spoprockel

    Let's just say your definition of "drastic change" differs from mine and leave it there.
  4. NC_agent00kevin

    They just need to make it so any movement at all highlights the player. None of that crouch walk BS to have 100% undetectability. Mouse look would not count for motion. That and extend the range of the darklight considerably. As it stands its just a way to get shot in the announces your presence and even in the smallest of rooms you have to actually run in to each corner. Its a laughable 'counter' to Stalker Cloaks.
  5. Ronin Oni

    I think what matters most isn't how either of us define it, but how SOE defines it...

    and their definition is quite clearly that it wasn't a drastic change in functionality or it would have been refunded.
  6. Ronin Oni

    ^I do think crouch walk shouldn't work.

    If you sit still, fine, you don't show up on motion detectors. That's fair.
  7. Blackinvictus

    That's rubbish man, how is 200 meters broken when the person who choses that gives up all the utility of in an ESF and spends well over 1500 certs to have that ability? Not even that many people using it.

    Infiltrators cried about this, yet they have the ability to sit at range invisible, chose their fights, and basically kill people that cant fight back.

    At least when they screwed over the Lightning users with the prox Radar, they refunded the certs.
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  8. HadesR

    It's was broken because it pinged a players location to everyone . If it was just the Radar user it would have been fine but it wasn't ..
  9. Lynoocs

    if the functionality has been changed, it is not the option we chose to cert in anymore, therefore we request a cert refund. it was done with nanoweave, with zoe, why not now? i don't even bother to get a scout radar up anymore, it's much better with the inf dart.
  10. Lynoocs

    still no cert refund. not nice
  11. FABIIK

    Next we'll have cert refund demands every time a weapon has its accuracy/damage/recoil/CoF modified because someone, somewhere considers it's a 'drastic change'. Nonsense.

    They shouldn't even have refunded ZOE and Harassers.

    YOur favorite toy was nerfed ? Try another one. Move along. Life goes on.
  12. Lynoocs

    why don't you cert your nanoweave back to the levels you had before the refund on all classes, doesn't matter if you use it or not. then we'll talk
  13. FABIIK

    I still use nanoweave...
  14. Blackinvictus

    Ya, but its a scout radar not a prox radar, that's what's advertised, and that's the point.

    Its designed to help all the forces on the ground. A recon dart does the exact same thing. The pilot does this at a pretty considerable risk to himself getting in that close, likely hiding on the ground in some trees, super close to dumbfires etc.
  15. Lynoocs

    necro up this reachcat
  16. beloch

    So the "masked" nerf is still there, making previously useful option just a piece of junk. No refunds either even though the core function has been removed.
  17. Utrooperx

    I just realized the other day that sensor darts were nerfed too...I saw a vehicle terminal was hacked, shot some darts around, then went to hack it back...and the enemy infiltrator with a stalker cloak crouched 5 feet away rang my bell...

    So I looked at the tool tip again...sure enough, its changed to only "fast moving" targets...

    So pretty effectively, a non-moving, crouched, and stalker cloak equipped infiltrator can't be detected by ANY in-game ability...except the dark-light flashlight...which is anything but..."dark"...and if you use it, you'll probably be that cloaker's FIRST target...
  18. DFDelta

    The darts have worked that way since...... I don't know. May last year or something like that?
    Prox was made unable to see unmoving or crouchwalking targets last year in august, and darts had been that way long before that.
  19. beloch

    prox radar was showing red dots for static targets, no movement necessary. It has been that way until the "description" got fixed.
  20. DFDelta

    Prox was changed to work that way ages ago. Last august or something like that.
    I know because it made me angry enough to leave for 2 months or so. (And when I came back I saw that they nerfed it again and made it defensive instead of utility)