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  1. RageMasterUK

    Trying to get to my optimal mouse settings for ADS and scoped and have figured out I can't. There's not enough sliders.
    Scoped sensitivity does not affect ADS with 2x zoom or less.
    So while I can calibrate to get my desired sensitivity aiming down high powered scopes I'm shafted for getting my settings nailed for iron sights, reflex, and NV viewfinders as it is tied to the standard sensitivity bar and can't be changed.

    Not sure why this is the case. I'd like a proportionally higher ADS setting to the standard but can't. This means I have had to readjusts whole mental calibration of ADS from what I am used to in other games.

    It's extremely frustrating I can't carry this preference over onto PS2 unless I use a scoped weapon.

    Why is it like this? Can we get a fix plz? Seems stupid its available for scopes and not other ADS.
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  2. K3STR3L

    +1 on this
  3. cardboardbacon

    I posted about this same issue a month ago; I wouldn't expect it to be fixed anytime soon.
  4. RageMasterUK

    Supposed to be a competetive FPS.
    Can't get propper ADS sensitivity setting.
    WTF is that about)
  5. K3STR3L

    It is a shame all the decent threads asking for stuff to be fixed has to be drowned out by all the low skilled children asking for stuff to be nerfed/buffed because they have no skills or can't adapt.

    I think there should be different sections for different types of issues. Or have one specifically for all the lows so they can go cry as much as they want about nerf/buff and leave the rest of the gameplay discussion to useful topics instead.
  6. RageMasterUK

    Yeah that's the most frustrating part of all this, that

    A. Must be the easiest thing to patch / fix ever
    B. would benefit EVERY SINGLE PLAYER of the game (save the ones who's preferred ADS sensitivity matched perfectly with the arbitrary catch-all setting.
    C. Players would rather rage about their ESL than FUNDAMENTAL LACK OF CONTROL OPTIONS in the game, meaning pleas forth is monumental oversight to be fixed gets lost in the QQ.

    I will personally be bumping this thread every day until they fix this.
  7. K3STR3L

    I will too if I remember, would be nice to get some form of an answer from SOE instead of the usual keep silent and hope they go away mentality they seem to have on such issues.

    Have you also tried posting this in the Gameplay bugs or Idea's and Suggestions sections yet?
  8. RageMasterUK

    I will do that next.
    Maybe gonna email smed and higgerz, and tweet them. And reddit post.
    Shouldn't have to campaign to get them to fix something that is so crucial to the game.
    This is just downright embarrassing for SOE.
    I'm surprised that I haven't seen more player rage on this subject.
    Players obviously just took the ADS they were spoonfed like noobs.

    This is not something ANY player should have to adapt to. It's stupid I can spin round faster ADSing scopes than I can iron sights.
    And they want this to be an MGL game. I'm hoping pro players are going to rip it when they discover the same thing.

    Please if you are reading, thumb it up, post a +1 reply for a bump, and lets give this topic the profile it damn well deserves...
  9. vulkkan

    I have the same feeling. Having to adjust my settings due to scopes with different magnifications is pretty frustrating.
  10. SinerAthin

    It should also be class specific.

    Like on my LA, I like a high sensitivity, but on my Infiltrator while sniping, I want a low sensitivity.
  11. sladuog

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  12. vastaitku

    Or you could get a mouse that allows you to change the DPI on the fly.

    Agree with OP though, they should fix this.
  13. RageMasterUK

    No-one should be expected to get a DPI mouse to play the muscle memory that they have learned and developed over every FPS they have ever played.
    Its unrealistic to expect someone to click their mouse sensitivity change buttons in the react-time you really need to be aiming and firing at your target. I'd have to press a button on my R.A.T once every time I ADS'd, and once every time I leave ADS...
    ... I enter and leave ADS upwards of 5 times against one target on occasion...
    ... I could macro my sensitivity on RMB click externally, and have considered it, but then I'd have to consider what happens when I switch to a sniper and the "Scoped Sensitivity" kicks in, so I get shafted on that front for trying to fix it myself.

    There is ofcourse the profile switch on the R.A.T, but then Im thinking more about the mouse Im holding than the guy Im attempting to perforate..

    If you are going to pick a gripe with Planetside, this should really be it...
  14. vastaitku

    I was replying to the guy who wants to change the sensitivity when he changes class. It's not time critical.
  15. RageMasterUK

    Yeah I appreciate what you guys are saying, I didnt mean it as a critique of what you said...

    ...The mouse is darn useful for stuff like that, and for calibrating for sniper rifles at diff ranges. Thanks for the bump tho.

    Keep the conversation going...
    ... how has lack of ADS sensitivity setting affected you?
    ... Are you fine with just having had to deal with the arbitrary setting?
    ... would you appreciate an ADS sensitivity setting option?

    Forget ESLs for one second and let that which matters truely slide...
    Chime in... keep it alive.
  16. SinerAthin

    I can do that with my current mouse.

    But trying to remember the -exact- sensitivity is not easy when in combat.
  17. RageMasterUK

    100% deserved bump from page 3. Stop talking about ESLs and help SOE realise the slightly bigger problems that affect everyone...
  18. Sebyos

    This needs fixing asap.
  19. St0mpy

    additionally ... its annoying it wont let us set all the way down to 1 to 1 if we want. Feels like its minimum is be about 1.1 to 1 and id like it about 1.08 or 7 but theres no way to reduce it.

    Why be stubborn and force us into these things? Surely if somethings genuinely better just providing the option would be enough and we'll all gravitate to it. Forcing it makes us take a stand for or against.
  20. RageMasterUK

    Forget balance and ESL QQ, here's a bump for the only topic worthy of page 1. SOE SORT YOUR COMPETETIVE FPS FUNDAMENTAL ASPECTS OUT PLZ.