Scope (Held Breath) Drift and Re-Zeroing...

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by lords8n, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. lords8n

    I'm not a huge sniper or anything. I play medic mostly, but do help head a recon team. Recon is our primary task, but sniping does come into play often. I won't even mention this death screen

    Maybe it's the change to the hitbox, I don't know.
    Doing some VR testing today I noticed it's very difficult to land a double head tap with the PhaseShift or Spectre.

    I also noticed what appears to be a pronounced drift in the crosshairs while holding breath.
    It looks like the held breath slight drift movement is still being calculated during recoil, and when you come back down to center up for a second shot the crosshairs go to where they would have been had you taken no shot and the slight drift carried the center.

    Along with this...

    With the Paralax, I have noticed a serious increase in the *PLINK* sound of a headshot, without receiving a headshot. Anyone care to explain this *PLINK* sound to me? I have always thought it was a head hit that wasn't calculated as a true headshot. With the Spectre, doing a double headshot tap I would always receive the *PLINK* on the first shot, and the headshot kill on the second shot.

    Have they wrecked the sniper rifles?
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  2. EvilMindedSquirrel

    I was wondering about that too, as i have the same problem. up until the 'death screen' update I could land 2 head shots while holding my breath, as it would always return to zero after the recoil animation is over.
    Not so anymore.
    Someone at soe must have been shot by a sniper 1 too many times for all the nerfs we got with this patch. Glad i got Auraxium Meda on my phaseshift the night before this update game out.
  3. Wobberjockey

    snipers were OP because they could kill other players. this has been adjusted.

    snipers can now only kill other players if using an SMG within 50m.
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  4. lords8n

    Although it looks like they stealth adjusted it, that drift with breath held is utter bull.
    Not only that, but they've made it so the cross-hair "eases" into a breath hold so slowly it takes half the breath before the cross-hair settles to it's ridiculous breath hold drift. At anything over 200 meters it's ridiculously difficult to fire two accurate consecutive shots with the Spectre or Phaseshift.

    Come on for real here. You guys have done this time and time again with everything in this game.

    In this case you not only fail on adjusting the head hit box, you also nerf the sniper rifles so we can't even consistently hold the cross-hair on the head for a single shot, never mind a double tap. Are you guys even intelligently thinking and discussing this stuff? I truly wonder sometimes.
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  5. Fujikaze

  6. Zagareth

    I noticed this too, but every competent sniper can adapt and still get 2 shots placed on a head over 300m - all you need now is: skill :D

    Nevertheless, BASRs are the way to go for long range sniping. All you need is some accurate aiming skills and it still works as before. Snipers with sloppy aiming got the shorter stick now... which is quite ok for me