Scheduled Maintenance May 20th, 6 AM PT

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  1. Desspa

    all implants should have been accessible in the store.. and get them with cert points and sc just like everything else . who will put real money to get a 5 random implant package ? who will even spend certs on random implants.. just keep farming and let them come to you. i don t know the prices of the packages but on the pts i had to buy a sht tone of them and combine to get the one tier III i wanted. which was the resist to conq grenades.

    i don t think they will have a big impact in big battles, but in squad vs squad fights the guys with better nanites will have some sort of an advantage.. tbd how big it will be. just get the concussion resist implant on your team and keep conqing the room with your guys inside and it;s kinda game breaking...

    about the medic update.. now the ambulance crew with triage is a real thing :cool: was hoping to get the medic shield regen tool with this update and lumifiber armor for the medic.

    lightnings on every base? wow, get ready for skyguard zergs ^^^^^^ and who knows what else... it will change how the battles are fought a lot... and warpgates are camped :p

    overall it's a good patch, bug fixing is difficult and important, but content like the implants should have been replaced with something else.. it's untested and unnecessary for this game.
    give vehicle hacking.. give new vehicles.. update the maps.. resource system.. continent locking.. new classes.. more outfit tools.. more platoon and squad leader tools... and hossin.. nexus.. and many other stuff that the community asked for. implants and the luck factor is not something ps2 should be about.
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  2. ARIES666

    Implants - hyeplants! (Don't even try to understand if you are not rus) Na xyi oni ne nyjni eti ebanie implanti ! Hossin dobavte yebki soe

    And YES!!! At last i'll be revived and healed because of medic horde)))) But why new assault rifle has 125 dmg? Why trv and tar has 143 dmg with high rate of fire.
  3. Daf

    This is what i think

    So around 4-5 hours DT
    Servers come online but kept locked
    Unlock servers
    The masses moan
    Lock servers
    Reboot servers
    Lock servers
    Deploy mini patch
    Reboot servers
    Everything will magically begin working just in time for the US prime time game play
    EU players all but forgotten.....again

    So around 4-5 hours down time,
    then they'll bring up the servers but keep 'em locked,
    Unlock servers...
    The masses moan....
    lock servers
    reboot servers
    lock servers again,
    deploy mini-patch
    reboot servers

    Everything will magically begin working just at US prime time...sod us EU players!!!
  4. javannapoli

    if the valkrie is not in this update can we have some info on when it will be coming to planetside 2?
  5. javannapoli

    wait what?
  6. Halkesh

    -They don't speak about the medic shield device (they forget the line or it's not ready yet ? No idea)
    -RIP cert window
    -Still waiting for harasser 3rd seat buff (rumble reduction / hold breath for preventing rumble)
    -Still waiting for the Dual-75 Duster accuracy buff (mounted a shotgun on liberator belly was definitively a bad idea)

    -Lightning on every terminal rocks !
    -Triage is less useless. (I'm still waiting it work without a vehicle)
    -Decoy grenade is less useless.
    -Heal grenade are better (but still give too few xp)
    -NS abandoned's Pain Desert is smaller. (still waiting for an easier way to capture Skydock (midle-South on Indar).


    He say "Patch day ? No play."
  7. tekknej

    i was a dark side of every post seeping through the nanites
  8. wickedhell3

    im really not all that happy with the way this update turned out:
    implants are meh: don't know if im gonna use 1 or not.

    New Combat Medic Assault Rifles
    • NC-9 A-Tross
    • The NC's A-Tross was created as the ultimate in heavy-hitting, long-range assault rifles. Featuring a 30-round magazine and an overclocked propulsion coil firing a high-damage projectile, the A-Tross can drop targets at even distant ranges.
    • approved does exactly what its says + this can be a new contender against the Corvus in head shot ratio's
    • TORQ-9
    • The Terran Operations Rifle is a favorite amongst TR who feel at home with an all-around performer. Deadly accurate with fast reload assists for its 40 round magazine, the TORQ-9's versatility and ease of use make it a solid choice in combat.
    • approved/semi does what the text says plain and simple
    • Terminus VX-9
    • The Vanu's shadowy VX Labs launched the Terminus VX-9 shortly after joining the war. Engineered with advanced cooling systems that allow for its high rate of fire, the Terminus allows users to hold their ground at close-to-medium ranges.
    • REJECTED!!@ cause of low rpm and a burst fire mode that isn't even that accurate you can better get the equinox burst instead of that piece of crap

    decoy grenades: (why did it take so long!?)
  9. OddChelsea

    Might want to save your rejection. They changed it to fully automatic. You're getting your Carnage/T1 Cycler.
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  10. wickedhell3

  11. T-Dawg302

  12. westli

    What size are the breast implants and are they made out of silicone
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  13. OddChelsea

    They aren't breast implants. They're booty implants, made out of nanites. You're gonna need bigger spandex.
  14. PastalavistaBB

    SOE should really stop copying one factions weapon and give it to another faction with little to no changes. Why would any TR buy a worse Razor or a VS buy a T1Cycler for 1000 certs or 700SC?
  15. Alarox

    What would you have them do differently? Start downtime in the middle of US prime time? Start the update when everyone at SOE is sleeping?
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  16. Stevenmadcap

    Is just me or is there something wrong at SOE what idiots schedule a maintenance or put an alert on with the alert finishing 5-10 mins after the maintenance BEGINS DOES ANYONE KNOW BASIC MATHS AT SOE?
  17. DerekAUS

    The alert system is entirely automated, there is always at least one server playing an alert at any time. Therefore there is never a good time to start maintenance.
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  18. Stevenmadcap

    OK but surely they could unautomate it while they KNOW there is going to be a maintenance it should not be that complicated
  19. NewbMewb

  20. D3amonEngineer

    Every single time there is update they will destroy the alert. Why can't they just reprogram the alert system? So there will be no any alert 2 hours before the maintenance starts