Scheduled Maintenance March 27th, 6 AM PT

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    All servers will come down for scheduled maintenance beginning at 6:00 AM PT (2 PM CET). Players may note the following changes. The notes in italic parentheses are additional information from your Community Manager and may not be representative of the intent of it's preceding patch note.

    Members Only Double Experience Weekends!
    As a thank you to our loyal members starting this week, double XP weekends once a month starting now! Thanks again, we couldn’t make this game without you guys!

    Still in Progress:

    Major Issue Status:
    Input latency fix. Give us feedback.
    Area desync fix. We’ll be monitoring results on live.

    Straight Pull Bolts:
    We’re still implementing your feedback from their time on Test. We know you are anxious to get them in game and we hope to have them out soon, but we also want them to be awesome.


    Missions Phase 1
    • Two types of Missions, which are automatically created by the system:
      • Attack missions are always created at any capturable enemy facility.
      • Defend missions will be created if there is significant enemy presence at a vulnerable friendly facility or a friendly facility is being contested. They will not end until that enemy presence has been removed and the facility is fully resecured. (The guy who keeps accidentally TKing you with C4 is not technically an enemy).
    • Mission Assignment
      • Missions are automatically created and assigned based on proximity to capturable/contested facilities. Players wishing a different mission can go to the region of choice and the appropriate mission will be automatically assigned.
      • The closest mission to the player’s region by lattice-links is the primary selection logic, then action scoring if there is more than one. (If you didn't understand this, it's ok. It just means we are always going to point you in a direction that may get you killed.)
      • Players in vehicles (especially aircraft) will experience delays in mission assignment as a convenience to avoid rapid re-assignment spam while travelling around a continent. (Your Outfit leader however may continue to yell conflicting orders more quickly.)
    • Squads & Missions
      • Players in a squad always inherit their squad leader’s mission. No action by the squad leader is necessary for this behavior.
      • The rules for squad leader mission assignment are the same as players not in a squad.
    • Mission Rewards
      • Players in a squad that are in the area of their squad’s mission will receive a 15% experience bonus for staying together and participating in the squad’s mission. (Once again TKing the guy in the squad for improper C4 use does not get a bonus.)
      • There is currently no reward for completing a mission for this phase of the system. (Completion is it's own reward. Right? Right?!?)
    UI Changes
    • The Mission information panel is now above the Minimap in the HUD. This panel contains the target mission, distance, and direction.
    • If the player is in the target facility area the direction and distance indicator is replaced by capture point status and progress.
    • If the player’s target mission is on another continent the direction and distance is replaced by the continent name. (While it might be funny to just randomly point you in a direction and call it Amerish, this probably makes more sense.
    • The Mission Waypoint will always direct players to the currently assigned facility mission.
    • The Mission Waypoint will be hidden while the player is in the facility area of the target facility mission.
    Death Screen
    • Minor modifications and polish to the layout.
    • Personal Stats now appear on the Suicide screen. (We still don't advocate killing yourself. Nanites aren't free you know.
    • Life stats now stay in the Session stats panel. Previously they were transitioning out to quickly to be perceived.
    • Messaging has been added to let you know when you’re being revived while on the death screen. (Text may include "Seriously again? How many times is this?")
    • Lowered the respawn time after redeploy from 15 to 5 seconds
    • Increased presence of membership status to highlight those benefits.
    • Removed SMS payment support.
    Bugs Fixed
    • WDS Dominator titles should appear correctly for previous winners.
    • Fixed laser sight attachments on the MKV Suppressed having grenade launcher attachment descriptions. (Supression of Grenade Launchers seemed interesting but not plausible.)
    • Flashes should no longer have the wrong faction decal. (We get it. You don't want to be subtly brainwashed.)
    • Multiple environment bugs fixed (special thanks to player DarkTexas for all the help on Test server)
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  2. Vortech

    It's going to be a loooong weekend of PS2! The deals are already off to a great start, and I made arrangements to be available for this double XP weekend! Solid patch :D
  3. Gav7x

    Favorite part.
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  4. Marti

    Absolutely! :D

    The mission system sounds great, but rather complex. I am not assuming it will go live without having some bugs. But this should go away with later patches for sure.

    Maybe you could also revamp the capture xp system so it rewards you more on what you really have done for capturing the base and not just for standing there at the right moment.

    Nevertheless great update! I am really excited!
  5. Edexcel

    Can you be more professional with those italic writings please? You work for a multimillionaire company for crying out loud.
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  6. GoyoElGringo

    You ain't lyin! 1sc for hornet missiles? Cost me 3sc for hornets on all my ESFs!
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  7. pascalli

    Dude the italics are the best part of update announcements!
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  8. SageNeo

    why would the sms payment support be removed?
  9. Metaphor

    Have a sense of humour for gods sake. The italics make this stuff fun to read!
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  10. Zcuron

    Completion is its own reward. >:-l
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  11. blampoet

    if you need help finding a sense of humor, i must have a spare darklight here some hwere.


    thanks. honestly feeling an improvement in CS over the past month
    now to hold our fingers that papa vanu don't get his spandex in a bunch and the server hamsters stay in their wheels.
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  12. LordMondando

    Guess we shouldn't expect the guy with username named after a British exam board to have much of a sense of humour.

    ****storm incoming.
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  13. Wayfar

    I know it might be silly, but just a little mention of things that you guys are still working on (straight pull bolt) means a ton.
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  14. Bloodhit

    Why is the killer Abilities and Suit certification still not on the death screen? They was one of the things, that can really help you understand why you lose the fight — do you have lvl 4 NWA and you killer LVL5, or did he use Resist Shield, and you NMG, or you just have bad aim.

    It was on pts and it never go live...
  15. Halon

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  16. HadesR

    No more $ from me then :)
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  17. Sparrow

    Approximate server downtime 2 days with additional 12 hours for hotfixes.

    Please prove me wrong SOE, please

  18. Torok

    • Lowered the respawn time after redeploy from 15 to 5 seconds

    Still no sensible bugfixes to the Vanguard/Reaver cosmetic items after months and months and months... God you guys from QA are so bad in my eyes :\
    I'm really starting to get annoyed as ****, we pay you money and we report bugs, we wait and we keep you updated if it's fixed or not when you say so in previous patch notes, yet we're still stuck on this and we keep on going. Like how can it take so much time to fix a FREAKING camo bug?

    It took you 5 months to fix the Vanguard shield bug, which was like 1/3 of the whole game's lifespan, now it's the same for it's cosmetics items, Give us an explanation or there'll only be more and more rage.
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  19. Danagaming

    Seriously? What is there to test, it works, period. That's it. Today I am going to make video about it and give you perfect illustration that IT is not overpowered over other weapons and YES this should have been implemented in launch of this game and not 1.5 years from launch, especially holding it back over month, from when it was first implemented in PTS.

    BUT as I make video about it, I must insist that it needs to be watched by DEVs (or whoever is overwatching SPB), so this nonsense of holding it back for months, could end.
  20. SatoVS

    Dedicated pilot here. The input lag was severe enough to make me stop playing and cancel my membership.. Haven't played for 2 weeks now. I still enjoyed the game alot, even after ~2700 hours I've already put into it, I still was not bored. But it was simply unplayable at this point.

    Going to check things out again after this update, hopefully it fixes the problem. Maybe I will come back for a spin then :). Well, that is atleast until Star Citizen DF module release
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