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  1. RadarX Moderator

    Important: Our 6am PST downtime did not get the below fixes/changes out (except the two maintenance comments). We're looking into resolving the issue and getting the update out to live servers soon. Sorry for the delay.

    All servers will come down for scheduled maintenance beginning at 6:00 AM PT (2 PM CET). Players may note the following changes. The notes in italic parentheses are additional information from your Community Manager and may not be representative of the intent of it's preceding patch note.

    • The few remaining stragglers who couldn't take the class quiz on all their characters should have that ability now.
    • Players who didn’t get cert point rewards when they earned medals should now have those certs upon login.
    • Instant Action will deploy you in predefined spots per outpost.
    • An updated map is now available. (Stopping and asking for directions is still strongly discouraged)
    • Fixed Terrain bugs throughout Amerish. Notable:
      • Fixed a hole at Sungrey (Who knew a hole could take down a MAX Unit? They just wobble and fall over.)
      • Fixed occlusion issues at The NC Arsenal (If you aren't sure what occlusion is, we did not clear the NC Arsenals arteries).
      • Removed all deprecated objects from Amerish (no more pink barrels) (If you are still seeing said barrels please discontinue whatever medication you've been issued).
      • Fixed Flora issues at Westpass Watchtower
      • Fixed floating rocks at Shrouded Skyway
    • Added Vehicle spawn and ammo tower to Subterranean Nanite Analysis.
    • Added another lift up to the bridge at Auraxis Firearms.
    • Added a jump pad at Onatha Southwest Gate.
    • Fixed many cosmetic bugs where objects were clipping, flora was indoors, there were terrain gaps, there were missing textures, and water wasn’t quite right.
    Indar & Esamir
    • Hex boundaries for regions on Indar have been updated.
    • Hex boundaries for regions on Esamir have been updated.
    • It is easier to attack The Crown from the North. Added a path up the hill for Sunderers, and a path up near the bridge to the West. (Note: The term "easier" is subjective and we do not guarantee a reduction in you being shot in the face)
    • Gameplay improvements to the area around Hvar Tech plant, including changes to Quartz Ridge and Sandstone Gulch, as well as the Hvar Satellite outposts.
    Velocity Ammunition changes
    • Velocity ammo now gives a more noticeable damage increase at range. The damage increase differs per weapon, but in general the minimum damage range has been increased by ~80% on carbines and ~40% on all other weapon types when compared to previous velocity ammo values.
    • Fixed a bug where velocity ammo sometimes did not increase projectile speed on carbines.
    Suppressor attachment changes
    • Reduced penalty to the minimum damage range when a suppressor is equipped on all primary weapons except SMGs. (Sorry SMGs you are silent but less deadly)
    Pistol-specific suppressor tuning changes
    • NC LA8 Rebel: Reduced the maximum damage range penalty by 3.5 meters when a suppressor is equipped
    • VS Cerberus: Reduced the maximum damage range penalty by 1 meter and the minimum damage range penalty by 10 meters when a suppressor is equipped
    • Fixed the TX2 Emperor & TS2 Inquisitor sounding like NC weapons when suppressed. They now play TR-specific audio. (No more pew pew in your TS2)
    • Head hit box increased slightly so that it better matches the larger helmets.
    • Adjustments to arm hit boxes so that they're less likely to block the head during certain animations. (Seriously guys, it may be "economical" but putting your hands over your heads is not a replacement for good head gear).
    • The pool for assist XP is now equal to the kill value. Ex. a 500 point Magrider that you do 50% damage to will award 250 points.
    • The death screen now waits for the death animation to play before being displayed.
    Bugs Fixed
    • Light Assault Jump Jets will once again continue to function after using the Phoenix Rocket Launcher. (Apparently some of you believe Jump Jets are "required" and "not overrated" )
    • Anyone who earned a WDS title should now see it in their title list.
    • Improved camo coverage on several Sunderer bumpers and grills, Lightning cosmetic armor, Harasser cosmetic attachments, Prowler cosmetic armor, Mosquito fins, a Vanguard cosmetic armor piece, Liberator fins, a Galaxy fin, and the Magrider primary cannons.
    • Fixed a bug with boost timers telling time incorrectly. (They've now repeated 1st Grade but still have trouble with division)
    • Client crash fix.
    • Client memory leak fix.
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  2. Octiceps


    And you're back!

    Thanks for fixing class quizzes for those who didn't get them on their alts (there have been a lot of us).
  3. RadarX Moderator

    Also as a reminder folks, we do plan on moderating this thread and removing off topic discussion. We do love feedback, but let's keep it focused on the update. Thanks in advance!
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  4. Gav7x

    I cant think of anything clever so
    thats cool
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  5. RadarX Moderator

    See how super easy that is? We are ecstatic you think this is cool.
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  6. Reskan

    Is there a fix for the invincibility bug too?
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  7. faykid

    Re. death screen showing previous killer (occurs very often): no fix yet? I have not seen a dev acknowledging this bug anywhere on these forums, and there have been many posts re. this issue.

    Also, no invulnerability bug fix?
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  8. x7xBillyDaKidx7x

    Yeah invincibility bug should be top priority !! Really annoying problem !!o_O
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  9. Akashar

    Will we see the point [A] coming back in the tower in the crown one day? The more this base is easy to take, the more it loses its specificity, so a return of the point in hte tower would be good IMO.
    I would say the same about the ascent on Amerish, all the points are really far away from the spawn with no options to get closer without running for extended periods of time.
    Anyway, the rest of the patch is really cool :)
  10. Octiceps

    Yes I am very curious about this as well. The number of players abusing it has really been killing my enjoyment of the game as of late.

    Also, did this bug affect battle rifles as well?
    Because I swear high velocity ammo felt like it never did anything at all to increase muzzle velocity on my Eidolon VE33.
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  11. Oohnagi

    As a sniper, this makes me happy.
  12. RadarX Moderator

    The invincibility bug is currently a top priority still and this update does have some backend work that is going to help resolve that. We don't have any more details we can provide.

    Beyond that i'm going to ask we focus on the update information we do have available.
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  13. Giggily

    I sure hope the Quartz update got updated so that you don't have to crouch walk to leave the hollow tubes by the spawn room correctly.
  14. vincent-

    Is the rumble seat feature ever going to show on libs or was that taken off the table?
  15. ShortRovnd

    "Gameplay improvements to the area around Hvar Tech plant, including changes to Quartz Ridge and Sandstone Gulch, as well as the Hvar Satellite outposts."

    This could be good.
  16. TheKhopesh

    Thank you!

    This was REALLY getting to be a nuisance.
    (Just 410 kills to go with the Phoenix AE! :D )
  17. RadarX Moderator

    Folks as a final reminder, we are removing feedback that is not specific to this update in order to ensure your thoughts are seen by countless other developers and not just me! This includes:

    • What about....
    • Any update on....
    • Still no....(no the straight pull isn't ready yet. Believe us we want to get it to you)
    We have an entire Gameplay section where we want your thoughts on what you are anticipating or feel is important. Thanks in advance for your help.
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  18. CallMeBob

    I'm going to venture a guess and say the NS-11c will take the biggest buff with the HVA?
    also, does ~80% means ~18m increase to the minimum damage range?
  19. Regpuppy

    Nice to hear about the HV ammo and suppressors, but can you talk to the devs about adding the specific effects to the description of these attachments?
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  20. AlephZed

    Vehicle assist xp is still too low, and it doesn't sound like it accounts for the xp value of any kills inside the vehicle. The old system was better where as long as you did I think it was 15% damage to a vehicle you'd get 50% of the vehicle value when it died, now there's very little point in helping out, either kill steal it or don't bother with it, the risk to reward ratio is off.

    Also what about the hitching? it's probably the most serious issue since last weeks liberator patch. Was it fixed with the client crash fixes or memory leak fixes?
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