Scheduled Maintenance March 18th 6 AM PDT

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Luperza, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. England3942

    ROFL no crashes for weeks and weeks, but the moment this "update" came out, BOOM a crash. SOE why do you always create new problems as you "fix" the old ones..........
  2. Jatz

    Normally I used to play on High settings, but realized ultra/high would have high FPS drops during busy moments. So I play on Medium settings (On a pc that could potentially handle MULTIPLE ultra-setting clients) (that is, given any other game with the same specs) yet now can't even do that, when I get into big battles even on MED settings things just seem to drop only after recent patches.

    Also, 'rewards not giving certs' so what about all the people (including me) who DON'T read EVERY single post you guys make, and didnt know about the problem, and lost out :\ seems a little biased towards Forum users, I didn't know about this until just now, So we're screwed?

    What happened to this "big Optimization project" you guys were doing? My GPU/CPU just run harder and harder with every 'patch/fix/update/release/addition." FPS drops more and more, as do my settings.

    The sad reality = A large portion of players lost out on rewards over the past few days, and to make up for it Members get double XP! (lol)

    At this rate, we will NEVER see a ps4 version that isn't completely dumbed down.

    To those who complain about the f2p issue,... would you pay for this game if it were only a few paying members? Also did u begin paying before u played?
  3. XiloTheOdd

    Like this if you want any mention of the nVidia Card Black screen issue and if they are even looking into it.
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  4. Akashar

    Sweet to see you back with such good news! ;)
  5. NomaeTheJester

    So when will I be able to take the Character quiz on all my characters?
  6. Element17

    Just played for about 30 minutes and crashed
  7. Hdgunnell

    You guys effectively broke the game for a day or two, ruined the test server, and you're giving double xp to only members?
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  8. BillBoBaggins

    Pretty clever by SOE getting people to get a membership.They are a business not here for your pleasure.
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  9. IronSymbol89

    Same here. Was on PS2 for 30 good minutes then crashed again and this happened twice today but I'm sure they will fix it, again LOL!!
  10. Goden

    Why would anyone want to buy membership when the game is in a state like this
  11. Camycamera

    yes, i am aware of that, thanks :D
  12. Vexzionel

    Would be nice if you guys refunded the certs to those that got the Auraxium medal in the meantime..
  13. Simferion

    I'm a member and I'm really happy about the Double XP week-end :D

    Yeah... but I work in a hotel, so I work all the week-end...
    Moreover if the problems with ping spikes aren't corrected, there's no really any point to play.

    Finally, I'd like to get a quiz for my remaining 4 chars.
  14. John_Aitc

    Wonderful Membership benefit! Thank you, SOE.
  15. Rhapsody

    Was actually going to re-sub this month after abut 4 months of not playing.. then i saw the Kill-cam addition to the death screen....

    Now im waiting again to re-sub when its removed.
  16. ShotMeTender

    ~ FALSE ~
  17. Octiceps

    When will invincible players get fixed? And what about class quizzes on my alts?
  18. NinjaTurtle

    Purple Community girl is back.... SOE nerfed RadarX :eek:
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  19. Desann

    Hey Luperza,

    Is the 10% overall depot discount still coming for members?

    Also, is PS1 still on track for F2P in April as stated before?

    I can't wait to get back into some PS1 again, just can't see spending $15/month on top of this game to play it. I encourage everyone to go checkout the first game (yes the graphics aren't as good) but the features/mechanics that were available really made it awesome!
  20. LibertyRevolution

    I just aurixiumed my Orion and did not get my certs!!!!!
    I have 93 certs for my session stats..

    You owe me 200 certs.

    LowLevelNoob Mattherson.