Scheduled Maintenance March 13th 6 AM

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  1. Vanon

    There are many things broken and locked now that should not be. For instance i have max fire supression and nanoweave 4 on some of my classes, there is a locked icon as if i never bought it, however there is no cert cost to unlock it either. The following items are locked for me.

    Flak Armor on MAX and Engineer

    Medic Gun on medic (completely disabled and not even selectable)
    Resist shield, Adrenaline shield, Nanite shield for heavy have 0 charge and do not recharge (unable to use)
    Nano weave on Light Assult, Heavy Assult, Medic, Engineer
    ASC on Medic, Infiltrator, Heavy
    Drifter Jump Jets on Light Assult
    Adrenaline Pump on Infiltrator
    Fire supression on Sundy, lighting, Vanguard
    Nanite Auto Repair on Lighting Vanguard

    There are others i'm sure i'll find, however it's taken almost everything that i've certed in to heavily. I have my reaver, my lib, and 2 infantry class setups that are useable. Please fix this ASAP.
  2. The IOG

    on my lib i had afterburners level 4 unlocled and now on my lab it doesnt even let me choose afterburners, it has a little red lock symbol in the corner and i cant even cert into it, it will not let me choose it at all. Is this a bug?
  3. Shadowblight

    Not that I've logged in, but last I checked it was initiated upon entering your factions warpgate. You might try that.
  4. Styrkr

    Goodbye HSR-1 "ambush" tactics. Goodbye noob-sniping. Goodbye ground-vehicle play. On the bright side, Strikers are somewhat useful again...

    Picked a damn good time to go on hiatus!
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  5. Goldmonk

    It happened again SOE. I got stuck on the death screen. We didn't want this, Radar. Also, when am I going to get my straight pull bolt attachment. What I hate more than being shot by some dude's buddies all because he knows the general direction I sniped him is having to switch out of ADS just to pull a freaking bolt back. I want to be able to hit one guy and, in a smooth motion, pull the bolt back and snap to the guy next to him. It's been in PTS for a while, lets make this happen.
  6. orivar

    my game isn't working..

    when its logging in the game crash and open a page on my internet and say that its an "error".

    i see that my friend are playing and when i try to play it do the thing with the error...

    help please?
  7. bluevenom

    You seem like the kind of person who don't fly and don't know just how effective AA is. ONE skyguard can make an entire hex a death zone and flak NEEDED a nerf and most likely still does. Now go get your wings fly around and have fun getting locked onto from ground getting vaporized from flak and as soon as ANYONE wants you to go away they can just pull flak max. My point? you don't seem to know just how hard it is to fly A2G and you get angry when someone kills you (ever heard of cover?)
  8. bluevenom

    THANK YOU!. I hate coyotes with a passion and i think they have NO place in the air game just forget lockons and get good with your nose gun for goodness sake!.
  9. TheRunDown

    I play both ground and air, the Lighnting Skyguard is/was useless on its own, It would kill a ESF flying at you, but a Lib with Fire Suppression and Composite armour.. it just tickled them..

    Burster MAXs are far better than a Skyguard, and a skyguard is a Tank attachment.. it is or was a joke in my opinion anyway..

    I haven't used the Skyguard since this patch.
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  10. Yuki10

    There is no Ranger on a Lib.... Drake, Walker, Bulldog, Hayenna.
  11. LSRaven

    The lib has more time to roll over once you start the attack now :) About the screen... spoon fed intel is bad for the player using it and the player that gets his general location given out... and perhaps his squad/platoon... it turns it into an even more linear grind than it already is...combined with with enhancing air camping power... it will huddle people together in spawns more often and for longer... and yes DOES make long range infiltrator pointless in many contexts.
  12. Nevaire

    Update: Lightning survival time has been decreased from 2.5 seconds to 1.5 seconds. Next scheduled update, knifing a Lightning from behind will cause it to go into a critical state.

    So, with this update we got a huge buff to air whales, which is frightening, a nerf in effectiveness to how MBTs and Lightnings deal with these threats, Death Screens and Station Cash purchasable scopes. I've flown a few Libs, gunned most of the time, though, and I can tell you from personal experience a good pilot/gunner team can easily change the course of some battles, and while I admit some changes needed to be made, this is the typical SOE standard.

    A small cut was required, and instead of making the incision with a scalpel, they decided to fix the issue with a claymore.

    Ah well, maybe everything will work swimmingly and my fear will be for naught...

  13. Jezs

    Maybe if the test server was actually online since they put the changes up, I managed to log onto it once in the last 2 days for 30 seconds before it went down for maintanance again
  14. Yuki10

    At least in VR - Duster is completely ineffective against infantry.

    Further more, i think the explosion design is terrible - it whites our everything on the ground and acts as a stun granade. You can have a lit hovering above completely preventing people form seeing anything on the ground without doing much damage to them.

    I also think that you need to further adjust lib to start spinning and falling faster if the pilot switches from cockpit to gunner - there is no reason why Libs should be used for solo bombing runs. They already have tank buster up-front, which is insanely powerful against armor.

    Love the new rockets on the back though - great AA control weapon (at least from tests so far).
  15. ARIES666

    Oh NO!!! They made it! They made this stupid direction of your killer on minimap!!! So many people asked to NOT MADE THIS DIRECTION on minimap, and they just don't hear us? I think i should stop playing for a while in this ****. Continue to transform this game in PlanetField or BattleSide.
  16. SchoolboyACE


    Anyone else having same issue? Heavy shield works fine as well as jump jets.
  17. Yuki10

    I don't use AA rockets on my reaver because they are too much of a liability, but saying to remove them and force everyone to nose-gun fight is a bad idea. I think Hovering and hover-fighting should be taken away from ESFs. There is no reason for ESF to be able to sit in place or fly up-side-down backwards.
  18. SynRaven

    Hell, at least you guys can log on. After I hit the play button in the launcher, it begins to load, gets to about 60-80% loaded, and then kicks me back to launcher. Guess I won't be playing today.
  19. kaolla

    worst patch/ update ever, death screen is useless in close combat, only good against sniper and long range kill ( turret tank and such) and well even if you have to hit a key to close it, it make it even more frustrating ( soon when you will get killed often like at a camped spawn you will hit the key more hard out of anger)
  20. RadarX

    There are a few bugs listed in the first post that are being worked on right now.

    The straight pull will be in a future update. There are a few animation issues being resolved.
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