Scheduled Maintenance June 3rd 6 AM PT

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  1. Nitish Sharma

    Bro,bro,you're clearly wrong,who ever says splash(indirect) doesn't do any damage it clearly wrong.
    It's just the dummies there who don't take it,since they're not actual players,same reason they don't come in thermals as well,want me to prove it ? Take lasher(have to go VS then),shoot on your foot,want me to again?
    Lock ons only do INDIRECT DAMAGE TO AIR,THEY EXPLODE BEFORE TOUCHING THEM(like irl a lock explodes before/or sometimes actually hit us,can't explain this right now),this is why it takes 3 shots to kill one,no matter,VR or not,without fire sup or not,SOE changed the values of indirect damage for the lock ons from 500 to 1000(checked on wiki,I think it says 500 in-game for sure),let's just says it needs 1335 dmg from rockets to kill it(heavy rockets,not lol pods),and it takes 6-7(think it's 6) shots from striker(dmg resistance varies with faction specific rockets). I fly all the time,and when 5 strikers hit me,I'm left with around 35% hp after fire sup.

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  2. Kulantan

    Briggs might also need looking at. I'm getting a CTD every time I try to log into a Briggs character. Fine when trying Connery.
  3. RadarX Moderator

    We are looking into an issue with Briggs. I was counting on it being 1 AM there and you guys sleeping.
  4. MFox

    2am. Just want to log in, fly around an empty map and suicide into something before bed. Is that so much to ask? :)
  5. Nitish Sharma

    It' 10 pm for me here,I play on Briggs till 5-6 am,yeah I don't sleep :v

    Could you please explain the difference between maintenance mode & locked. its quite confusing
  7. Xebov

    Splash is not working at the VR. For weapons the direct and the splash dmg have different resistence values. Depending on a vehicle it can be splashes or not. At the Vr the Splash portion of the weapon is missing, resulting in less dmg done.
  8. RadarX Moderator

    I did this in an earlier post. Short version is it's the difference between we are physically updating the servers, and doing testing to ensure the update went up correctly.
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    thank you RadarX
  10. RIctavius

    RESTART in yellows, "Dats a NEW ONE" o_O
  11. SashsaACIII

    servera: EU Up !!! ALL 20:30 PM MSK
  12. SuecoViacho

    they are up, yey...
  13. zarnek87

    • You can now resupply grenades in VR Training.
    • Fixed an issue where some items could be removed from you when leaving VR Training.
    These issues were'nt the worst in VR Trainign... I wrote to you a post about splash damage, NV etc in VR and you do nothing about that
  14. RadarX Moderator

    Using the term "worst" is a little subjective. Personally, and the folks affected by this bug initially might agree, I think having items you purchased with SC removed from you when you left the VR is worse than splash damage not working.

    The damage in there is a known issue and a little more complicate of a fix but it's on our list.
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  15. Nitish Sharma

  16. zarnek87

    Optics in VR dont work properly after your update :) I suppose this issue will be on your list either (for a year for example) :)
  17. bman7

    The new ribbons don't show up for me in the stats screen lists. I've been able to earn the ribbons fine, though.
  18. Pacster

    • Charger Energy Values have been Increased.
    • Drop rates for implants has been reduced.

    Really SOE? People noticed that you are trying to grab money with the chargers and got you now try to make the money with the implants right away...and you think people won't notice and get pissed even more(especially those that have not been farming implants during the last week)? Good luck with that one....
  19. kadney

    • Lattice links have been added between all adjacent warpgate-bordering territories.
    Preperation for continent locking? Right now it rather helps one faction to warpgate another one completely, even without going trough all lattice lanes...
  20. NeoKhor

    Dear RadarX,

    Flickering green boxes appear in the login and load screens. The load screen never fully loads the game and crashes. I cannot launch the game. Could you please address this issue.

    Thank you,