Scheduled Maintenance June 3rd 6 AM PT

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  1. Xebov

    Obvisously me. There are alot of guys using ADS with and without Slugs to make use of the way betetr CoF. Just because alot of players simply spraying around with them doesnt mean that all do it.
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  2. snipesharkVS

    I see your one of them mosquito BR 100s that make the rest of the 82% of us in the disappointed in the experience, of course you would hate to see your precious OP farm stuff nurfed out to make things easier for the rest of us trying to play the game. between all the br50-80-100 pilots out there no one else gets to fly at all. just because your at a point where you enjoy the game no mater what, (because of all your fancy stuff and experience) doesn't mean that nobody else should get a chance to try at all. I say the handful of "lords of the skies" need brought down a little so that the other 80-85% of us can actually get out there and learn.
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  3. BrianJ2

    Since you fixed the description of Harasser auto-repair, now fix the ESF and Lib Composite armor ones.
  4. ViperMkII

    I don't know where you found that gif but it expresses my feelings on armor decals perfectly!
  5. Sid6dot7

    (1) go over here, what does the server status on top of the forum page say? Exactly! Same for Login-Servers.
    (2) What does the description of error G99 say? Exactly! Later, means after the maintenance is done.

  6. Yamata-no-Orochi

    I logged in just to tell you to uninstall. That is all, just uninstall. This game simply isn't for you. Complaining about every aspect of the game due to a complete lack of understanding of how things work would get you tked in some circles...
  7. Adistron

    What defuq are you taking about,
    You want to nerf 1000 cert nosegun,which no one uses,you want to nerf freaking striker,you want to buff PPA,you want to buff A2A missiles only FOR SCYTHE and scythe itself which is best ESF in game by far

    Do you even play this game?
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  8. RadarX

    This is a known issue and we are looking into ways to resolve it.
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  9. RadarX

    This is also a known issue. It stems from the fact the servers are down.
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  10. eBlaise

    I'm not even sure it's worth adressing this unedited mess of complaints, but I'll try anyways to the best of my knowledge.
    -One shot kill "hackers": it's my sad duty to inform you, there are indeed oneshot weapons in the game.
    -Capture bug: they're working on it, if you've read the patchnote you'd know they're already trying a fix out in this very patch.
    -The TR Striker rocket launcher: it was already nerfed severely some time ago, right now it's just about in line with the other empire specific rocket launchers.
    -Stuff not showing up on the minimap: it's the same as the "capture bug" because both stem from the fact that peoples characters are being registered to be in the wrong place by the game.
    -PPA: it's in line with the other empire specific anti-infantry tank weapons.
    -Base turrets: if they were any more durable, they could deny armor, air game entirely, is that what you want, even after complaining about scythe being flimsy?
    -ESFs: can't much comment on this one, i'm not up to snuff on the air-game.
    -Stalker infils: they are just a gimmick, get used to using the flashlight to root them out, also their effectiveness is compounded by the current "capture bug" as you can't tell if it's a stalker or the point is bugged.
    -Lock on rocket launchers: to the best of my knowledge they cost 250 certs not 500, and if you could down a liberator all by yourself, with a few pops of the lock-on, then what's the point of running an air vehicle anymore?
    -I'm glad you've ended your list here....
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  11. RadarX

    It's not meant to be convincing. It's meant to be transparent. The team put in a fix they hope resolves the issue along with some additional logging if it doesn't to help them track it down. This bug has not been reproduced internally but we've seen it on the Live servers so know it exists.
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  12. WARPR0>986528635<

    weet iemand hoelang het onderhoud duurt?
  13. RadarX

    That is something completely outside of a game update. When we make headway on that (and headway is being made) we'll make a huge deal out of it I assure you.
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  14. Yamata-no-Orochi

    He kindof does, Praise Vanu he doesn't play on Mattherson.!/5428163811541112369/stats
  15. WARPR0>986528635<

    how long will the update takes RadarX
  16. Spacelife

    So when's the patching done? Hours? Minutes?
  17. RadarX

    I'm confused. Are you guys not doing that in this thread? The feedback for update notes usually hits this thread and random ones in General Discussion. Having thoughts on this many changes becomes pretty unwieldy and dividing it out among the specifics actually increases the chance someone on the team sees it versus post #221 in a lengthy thread.
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  18. WARPR0>986528635<

    does anyone know how long the update takes
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  19. geekrider

    RadarX you never fail to amuse us. :)
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  20. snipesharkVS

    I don't care about the nose guns its the coyote missles for all factions. im not gonna have someone who spent 5 hours on his vanu profile tell me how my faction plane flies. I watch the map and i normally see that most of the 3rd category planes are NC and TR ALL THE TIME. when the other factions air support moves in the VS get smashed every time so where do you get the idea that the scythes are superior just because the dev's tell you so, or that you have experience using it. judging by your profile post it doesn't look like you've spent much time actually flying the scythe and actually using its guns.
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