Scheduled Maintenance June 3rd 6 AM PT

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. DrXTC

    Still no PlayerStudio items for Pro7 players. Nice one, SOE.
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  2. Kirppu1

    Still no PhysX
    Still no DX11
    Still no Hossin
    Still no Continent lock

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  3. Pikachu

    Why is no one talking about this? Composite armor will show decals now! Finally!
  4. eBlaise

    With the Continent domination changes, on Continental domination alerts, the domination condition is moved up to 94% too, or does that stay at 75%?
  5. cruczi

    What exact amount of each activity is needed to earn the ribbon? I dislike vague patch notes. :mad:
  6. stalkish

    You forgot...
    Still no warping at the warpgate.
  7. eBlaise

    You'll be able to check the numbers in game when they get implemented, you don't need to know them when you can't play for them now do you? :)
  8. cruczi

    1. Where do you check these things in-game?
    2. It'd be much simpler to just have complete info in the patch notes.
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  9. Kirppu1

    really? I haven't been on for a few days, what exactly is happening?
  10. stalkish

    Lol nothing is happening thats wat we are on about hehe. I was saying we still have warpgates that are useless, ps1 you had to walk, drive or fly into the warpgate to change conts, it wasnt a terminal.
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  11. ShortRovnd

    I get this too, evenly across different bases.

    Sometimes, I see the capture point icons lined up above the minimap as empty grey icons (ie no A, B, C or D in them).
  12. Scatterblak

    This is what you wanted, wasn't it? You created Zerg's with the (pitiable) decision to form the lattice, and then coupled that with the new Randomâ„¢ spawn paradigm - and now it's a problem? In case you guys didn't know, when you remove the major strategic elements from this sort of game, Zerg is all you have left.
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  13. Morti

    oh mein gott

    it happened
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  14. snipesharkVS

    I wont be happy until they nerf the 1000 cert guns for reaver/mosquito/scythes, and fix the floating buildings. The capture bug needs fixed, and the one shot kill hackers need stopped somehow. The scythe hull nerf needs reversed its become a flimsy piece of **** compared to the reavers/mosquitos. The rocket launcher that shoots 6 in a row needs nerfed down to less damage per rocket its too OP. The lock on aircraft rockets for the scythe need some major improvements they're practically useless. im having way too many problems with the icons for control points, hubs, and generators, equipment terminals and scu's not showing on my mini map for some locations. the bulldogs for my sunderers and my galaxy tend to behave inconsistently(some times theres hardly any bullet drop, sometimes its drop is ridiculous). There needs to be some sort of restriction or out of bounds counter for people who fly or travel more than two or three territories past what they cant capture to prevent cooperation of two factions against one. The PPA is a constant aggravation the blast radius/ fire rate/ damage ratio is hardly sensible for infantry on the move and seems to help more with armor and turrets when their distracted. The tank buster needs nurfed against turrets, or the Dalton does (one of the two anyways ,( I mean cmon please! sometimes a pair of, or three of good pilots in reavers or mosquitos are hard enough to defend the base against with just the two turrets). the sensor darts need increased by a number, given a reuse timer or given a larger span because covering a single small building is very difficult at one position. The stalker infiltrators need nurfed altogether (I'm not sure how they do it but its irritating). The single use lock on rocket launchers need to do more damage on liberators(the 500 cert a piece guns). well I cant seem to think of a stopping place here there's probably a lot more for me to mention from my point of view. so ill just leave it with those. to me they would greatly increase the experience for me.
  15. Xxxxzzz

    Does anyone tried to record an in-game video recently? My client records sound only, for like two weeks now.
  16. Adistron

    Please stop playing this game then
  17. AFlyingRhino

    I'M GETTING ERROR G99 WHEN I LAUNCH NOW, WHY, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MESS UP :( When i launch it loads to 6% then crashes.
  18. Robertooooo

    My reaction when they removed the improved hit detection they tested around april the 1th:

    Also my reaction when I came home after a long day at work to notice it was patchday :(

    My performance is nowhere as good as it were maybe 6-8 weeks ago. I don't know if it's the new 64bit client that messed things up, but it certainly runs bad now with crazy fps drops, hitching and overall bad fps. I could seriously run on high/ultra with better performance than now on medium/low settings. I suspect it might have something to do with AMD CPU's.
  19. Adistron

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  20. BrianJ2

    "Speculative fix for the base flipping"

    That's not very convincing to be honest. Is it fixed or not?