Scheduled Maintenance February 28th, 2014

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  1. Serhat Öktem

  2. Killjoy97

    14 hours.... you got to be kidding

    I really hope you are misinformed o_O
  3. Phukkitt

    You added the "I need ammo"/"I need a ride" etc. to be shouted when pressing Q at a friendly, this has been in the game before, please remove it again. (I assume it was removed and added to the Q longpress menu for a reason last time?) Extremely annoying when I try to spot an enemy and a friendly gets slightly in the way so my character yells for ammo instead, after which the engineer wastes his time by turning around and deploying ammo for me when I didn't really need it...

    Also, please start doing patches on mondays or tuesdays, since we know it's likely to have a follow up patch to fix stuff that you broke and it sucks that those happen on fridays and saturdays.
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  4. Ixidron

    Maybe a 1 hour double xp after every update?
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  5. Thor04

    relax he is trolling you :eek:
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  6. DocteurVK

    They could simply make the "Play" button on the launcher turns red and say "Servers unavailable during maintenance"

    Simple, user friendly, IMO easy to implement...
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  7. Peiper

    What still bothers me is ... that I have an XP booster earned me, now nothing brings me. This is such a .... I might bite into the keyboard.
  8. Killjoy97

    Thanks bro
  9. Speechify

    Since a sufficient amount of people have complained about SOE not being able to meet time estimates, now we have no time estimates. i blame you.
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  10. X3Theta

    For all of you who can't wait until PS2 is up again: try Nexuiz (Classic) - a free and fast-paced ego shooter with real enemies!
  11. Creeperface

    compensating for bullet drop is easy. and if you had actually used it you would know it has the same drop as the longshot. I've spent hours testing on test and on live.

    The Railjack has travel time 850m/s 0.11 faster than the 300m rifles Name one thing you can do in a 0.11 of a second besides blinking.

    Here's a hypothetical for you. Say you're standing by a tree shooting at some baddies. You stop for a second to reload, 100m you see a TR sniper with a rams take a shot, you see the flash. The rams has velocity of 650m/s. which means you're gonna be dead if he's good shot in a little less than 1/6th of second. What could you possibly do in 1/6th of second?

    The railjack has 850m/s which means it will get to you in a little less than 1/8th of second, whats your game plan?

    0.11 seconds!!! please someone tell me, what would you do with 0.11 seconds. Try counting 0.11 seconds in your head.

    To everyone who says its overpowered, thats fine its your opinion. But what are you doing with this precious time. I had no idea people playing this game could react fast enough to dodge a 650m/s round. The truth is the extra velocity doesn't matter its just for show, or flare or whatever you want to call it.

    Take the extra velocity away if you want to. 650m/s is fine. 420blazeteabag360noscopes all day long.
    just get rid of the shot delay.
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  12. mrbelthezaar

    hmmm may i please ask why do we have maintenance on thursday or friday it just seems to me maint on a tuesday would be better then you got wednesday to fix what you broke and we have the weekend to play.but it seems we writing off thursdays and fridays for even bothering to log.
  13. Killjoy97

    I'm biting and chewing already :D
  14. Maldain

    I would respectfully disagree. The delay makes the shots a bit more challenging in that your target can duck after you've pulled the trigger but I got more than 50 kills last night with it once I figured out the delay and how long it would pause. It's not a good anti-sniper rifle but it's an excellent anti-infantry weapon just wait until they slow down to aim and poof a kill.
  15. Badmagic362

    If this actually fixes the hitching I will be the happiest person ever! I have been unable to play for a week now because the hitching was so bad.
  16. Fimaman

    Then again, what's the point of having wrong estimations?
  17. Pondera

    You forgot to account for lag in your figures here. My ping is around 100ms, so that's around 1/10th of a second. So, literally, by the time you see the shot, you're already thrown back in the respawn bin. Now that I'm complaining, of course. Snipers are meant to be instant long-range death dealers from out of the blue
  18. 1800XRay

    Yes I was kidding, I think they will be up soon.
  19. Mozmen

  20. 1800XRay

    Sounds GooD :):cool: