Scheduled Maintenance February 28th, 2014

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  1. Killjoy97

    Characters are always gone while the server is in maintenance, they will be back after.... ;)
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  2. Killjoy97

    Yeah,all this maintenance spoil the weekends! :(
  3. Robyn

    Does anyone noticed that the Railjack doesnt Headshot OHK infantry except infiltrators after 150 m or so?
  4. Valok

    Am I blind or they forgot to tell how long this will take?
  5. Peiper

    i hope this....
  6. Scatterblak

    Woooo!!!! Good answer.... :)
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  7. Harutau

    Thanks i just **** my pants when i saw my Characters where gone^^
  8. Valok

    From what I gathered it also apply to Infis but only friendly troops can hear.
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  9. JohonBlade14

    cool thank you!
  10. Norington

    Wow, still people whining about characters not visible every patch... Your characters will be visible again when the patching is done guys, it just means the database (holding your chars) is inaccessible because it is being updated.

    Although, SOE, making a simple "charachters unavailable while game updates" screen would be a very simple but much more elegant solution.
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  11. Merakov

    Lol people realy cry about Railjack...realy you cry about some delay ?
    TR have to land 3 headshots to kill someone not to mention that its a medium range
    VS have to charge longer than your "delay" to shot and kill a person with 1HSK and then wait so it cools down and you dare cry about delay?Just train a little with will get used to it..eventualy
    Btw dont get your hopes high in the description of the weapon it clearly states that there is a delay when fired
    +You could have first tested the weapon in the training grounds and then buy it, so no refunds for you
    Do you go in to a store and say "Hey give me that phone !" without first asking what kind of options does it provide ,see the menu etc.?
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  12. 1800XRay

    14 Hour Downtime
  13. Scatterblak

    Not constructive. I'll just get rid of this one...
  14. Thor04

    I guess they don't want to disturb Americans so they have to do it in our time. How hard can in be to do each region on its proper time.
  15. Serhat Öktem

    Evlat üzgünüm. Ben oyun için 500 € minimum geçirdi. Tabii bazen benim sorulara cevap isteyeceksiniz. Ama para güçlendirmek ve premium üyelik aldım. Ben kesinlikle bu kaybedilen zamanı telafi etmek isteyeceksiniz. Bu benim en doğal hakkıdır.;)
  16. BloodMonarch

    No more echo on Amerish ....\o/
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  17. Watz

    lol "morning play session" wtf ?
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  18. 1800XRay

    I think we need a double XP weekend for the back to back updates.
    What do you guys think?
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  19. Watz

    As well as something like "login server unavailable" instead of "Fatal: Game error G99". Will they ever listen ?
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  20. Dhahlih

    "· Fixed the AF-8 RailJack having the magazine size and total ammunition capacity of the semi-auto sniper rifles. It is now correctly set to have a 4 round magazine with a 40 round capacity"

    Well, this was always gonna be Phoenix'd, I'm not surprised, it did feel a little OP.

    To everyone crying about the shot delay, having *no* shot delay coupled with the insane velocity + damage would just make the RailJack even more overpowered than before. I used it for a while yesterday and the shot delay certainly does throw you off but it doesn't render the gun *useless* like all you whining infiltrators are claiming.

    You're all used to using the traditional bolt action snipers, the RailJack requires an entirely different tactic to use properly, so, of course, to begin with you're going to have difficulties getting it to work properly. Just because *you* can't immediately pick it up and go around 1337 headshotting everything in a 500m radius doesn't make a gun worthless, it just means that you haven't gotten used to it.

    I, for one, found it to be a big improvement over the Longshot. So, instead of crying over how your unbalanced weapon is now useless and inevitably demanding a refund, nut up and go get used to it.

    >That is, once the servers come back up :D
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