Scheduled Maintenance February 28th, 2014

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  1. McToast

    I'm glad I didn't purchase that piece of crap yesterday =).
  2. Ixidron

    Nerver purchase weapon in their first month after release, wait till the nerfs and buffs, and then you buy them.
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  3. JesusVoxel

    All you whiners who seem to play only sniper all the time:

    Go play some other class for a change, theres way too many snipers and infiltrators as is.
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  4. Serhat Öktem

    Why is it always shuts off during an alarm servers. VANU will always win the war, but it is not allowed. The server is shutting down immediately. Blue or Red would win the war when nothing happens. Very interesting. Give money to strengthen're getting. But no they do not work. Will there be compensation for this lost time. It never happens.
  5. McToast

    All you whiners who seem to never play sniper all the time:

    Go play a sniper for a change, theres way too many HAs and MAXes as is.
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  6. Hammersteyn

    I don't mind, they die easy enough as it is.
  7. Norington

    Please let this actaully fix the stuttering for me... Then this would be the best update for me in months.
  8. Edenwolf

    The game is always running, when do you expect them to do maintenance? It's always going to effect somebody including me, now I can't have my morning play session befor work, you see, they aren't just targeting you and your alert. What I'm trying to say is, it's just a game, move on and enjoy the sun and the birds or what have you..
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  9. Denurke

    Still they need to have an option to disable auto-callouts. As for saying that it is not bad, many people greatly use sounds to their advantage, having some random callout to block out others sounds is bad and an unnecessary distraction.
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  10. 1800XRay

    When Will The Servers Be UP???
  11. Spyrius

    What`s really so bad about the Railjack? This new TR junk-rifle is crap it needs 3 headshots to kill, but Railjack? It one-headshot kills even with silencer.
  12. Commander Tychus

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  13. 1800XRay

    How Long Is The Delay On The Railjack
  14. Killjoy97

    How LONG do we have to wait this time... :confused:
  15. xPropane

    You seek enlightenment? Let me tell you a story NC bro's. The best sniper rifle in this game is the default weapon 'Spectre VA39'.

    1 : When you use an OP weapon you always search for ammo packs or sunderer cuz YOU DON'T DIE.
    2 : Can 2 shoots kill from very long distance with Mach 12 easily.
    3 : Can do BARRAGE SHOTS with 10 ammo and fast reload that thingy (I love this part when I see a whole bunch of close TR formation and spam that **** just to scare them out from MACH 12 DISTANCE!)
    4 : You are a FREAKIN! spectre to the enemy. Cuz when you move from point to point you can use that thingy called hip fire to shred close enemies on your path ;) .
    5 : ITS FREE!
  16. Peiper

    What's the matter now going on? Man oh man ... because you even have time to play and then the servers are down. And on top of my laboriously constructed character is gone!!!!!! It's ok, you want to do the game without errors, but as often as you shut down the server, it's like the lottery, because you need so much luck times Aerosoft play. That's no fun anymore. Thank you. :(
  17. JohonBlade14

    Are you kidding me i just log in and all my characters are gone... I hope this is fixed or I will have to give up on this game...
  18. FoeYongHai

  19. RibsGrowBack

    i feel that Railjack is quite good way better than vs and tr ones. the delay is barly noticeable its op rather. Trap is bad j ust better to buy the ns one as it is better than trap
  20. Thor04

    Guy you have to change time you do these for Europe every Friday i get cockblocked like this its stupid.