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  1. Ketadine


    Because NC should have a lot of bullets on their weapons.
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  2. Fredfred

    NC railjack, nerfed before release and nerfed again a day after. :eek:
  3. JesNC

    Draining cloak, seriously? While you're sitting at 200m+? That's not a downside.

    And it's not "definitely useless". You just need to lead moving targets like with every other BASR in game, minus the vertical drop.
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  4. Cromell

    Yes, they did think so. Everybody wants OP stuff, even if they risk getting it nerfed after a month. TR are complaining about TRAP even though I had absolutely great time using it yesterday. I only agree with suggestions of increasing the magazine size, 18 is so very scarce... just 9 or 6 bursts. It's not that big of an issue though - infiltrators have the luxury of reloading while cloaked.
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  5. Creeperface

    how long does it take for a round fired at 650m/s to travel 300m? 0.46 seconds
    how long does it take for a round fired at 850m/s to travel 300m? 0.35 seconds

    0.11 seconds. approximately 1/10th of a second difference. Just to be clear anyone who complains the railjack is op, they're talking about a fraction of a second. yeah its an improvement but is it game breakingly op?

    the shot delay is about 1/4 of a second, maybe less, but it is certainly noticable . With the other sniper rifles the round goes where the crosshair is. with the railjack shot delay the round goes where the crosshair is going to be not where it is. theres a difference between the two.

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  6. Creeperface

    the railjack has bullet drop
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  7. Grayson

    I see you haven't tried it out from looks good, sounds good, but its *******, there is about a 1 sec delay when you pull the trigger and the bullet get fired, which makes the high velocity useless, so you still need to lead forward, it just negates some bullet drop. Longshot is still waaaaay better.
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  8. -WHeaties

    Only problem is that the Saron is an anti-vehicle weapon. If the infantry hitboxes could be that large (even flash sized) I wouldn't complain. At this point in the the Railjack is only good for killing AFKs or the people that shoot while stationary.
  9. Gribbstar

    You sir, are clueless but at BR64 I probably was too.

    I have auraxium for all the NC bolt actions (plus 20 or so other weapons) and can say with 100% conviction that the Railjack is bottom of the sniper rifle performance list.

    Regarding the cloak drain suggestion: Firing 4 shots and being left with almost no cloak (aside from what recharges during rechamber) is a MASSIVE downside. It wont affect the noobs that crouch there waiting to be headshot. Any good sniper will tell you that you are visible only while actually firing the gun and are constantly mobile. This would leave a considerably smaller window to pick a target and line up a shot and result in a lot more downtime.
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  10. Creeperface

    exactly when i use the longshot I cloak, line up a shot, uncloak, shoot, cloak, get behind cover, reset. minimal exposure. because of the delay with the railjack you are forced to be exposed longer. If you are using the railjack you have to wait for the delay, any vs or tr using the 300m rifles do not have to wait they can uncloak and instantly shoot. in a duel they have the upper hand, the higher velocity of the railjack counts for nothing. If you don't understand this then you do not snipe enough to have an informed opinion. again the difference in travel time between the railjack and the 300m rifles is 0.11 seconds but the delay is significantly larger.
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  11. wickedhell3

    Im just wondering how the hell you come to buffing the trap to 334 dmg a shot.|

    that would make it almost instakill versus other infantry (2X burst 3Xburst) even at range.(just saying)

    don't compare the TRAP versus the Vandal, the TRAP is just a scout rifle that is labeled wrong (see attachments and everything)
    and the vandal is clearly a semi-automatic sniper (like phantom)

    + ive gotta agree with your sucker post :D so thumbs up
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  12. Creeperface

    I think we can all agree that these new faction specific rifles are all kinds of ****** up.
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  13. JesNC

    1) Throwing ad hominems usually means you ran out of arguments, and BR means ****all.

    2) The Railjack has roughly the same click -> hit time as the Longshot, with a flatter trajectory and less vertical conpensation needed. But since you're a sniper pro you knew that already, didn't you?

    3) If your cloak runs dry, simply move to cover. Or is that technique too intermediate for a PS2 god like you? Regardless, it's no tradeoff for 850m/s velocity

    I doubt I cba to reply again, so I'll just leave you with this little gem of advice: Deal with it.
  14. Gribbstar

    Actual time doing anything qualifies as experience. Experience gives better perspective.

    It works out slower than the longshot, has less ammo than the longshot and the trajectory is far from flat at the ranges it is intended for.

    That's called downtime, it's a disadvantage and therefore a tradeoff.

    See ya! <3
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  15. Bindlestiff

    A million percent this. Why do many of the Vanu faithful still wish to have their old Saron back? Simple - because it was absolutely amazing. Learn to live with the delay and it was the king of all weapons.

    If the Railjack has a similar delay, stick with it NC, as frustrating as it may be to start with. You will, as DocteurVK says, reap the rewards further down the line.
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  16. Bindlestiff

    It was used with great effect vs infantry too. I need to test the Railjack for myself to see the similarities but for those new(er) to the game, have a look for threads where people talked about the Vanu "basically having a sniper rifle bolted onto their MBT".

    Good days.
  17. thewst

    What about players which bought a cammo more then once for example for body and weapon will these players get refunded womething???
  18. Gribbstar

    They stated no refunds already.
  19. cruczi

    Nice bait and switch there, guys, well played.
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  20. phreec

    The Railjack's 10 round mag really surprised me but now with both the starved ammo capacity and trigger delay I see no point in buying it.
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