Scheduled Maintenance February 28th, 2014

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  1. vanu123

    No problem its my job to help lost souls "find enlightenment" :cool:
  2. Rakatan

    I want my UI back.:mad: This new one is disgusting. I mean, really? The old one was fine, it looked a whole lot nicer, it had more information, it was easier to glance at in combat to see how the fight was going. This new UI is useless and broken. Change it back, or at least make it a setting that you can check. This new UI is unbearably bad.
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  3. Thor04

    Only thing that is good is that we can see classes in vehicles XD
  4. Zerohero

    I get booted during download. Typically I download about 3mb'sat a time and get booted.
  5. Tacitelos

    I will assume the reason SOE is taking so long to fix this patch is because they've decided to refund all players they scammed via this ridiculous camo consolidation scheme and/or they will be returning to the previous armor/vehicle/weapon only camo setup.

    Thanks in advance SOE, but only if these conditions are met.
  6. StoneDwarf

    My Alpha Squad camo is gone =((
  7. Zealxi

    Unfortunately I am still missing all of my purchased camos. I hope this is fixed soon.
  8. TuckTuck1234

    I guess we have to be patient and wait for them to fix the patch update and the other things.
  9. Elddric

    Dear SOE... will there be a fix soon to get our camo's back?

  10. ManicUndies

    Camos. Just. Camos.
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  11. NekoBear

    Must... have... camos... :Q
  12. Joshua1988

    Bummer. I just learned the PlanetSide 2 uses PhysX and I haven't had the chance to test out PhysX on my GT 640 yet. I hope they get it back soon so I can see what my card is capable of. I'm pretty new to PlanetSide but I'm already kicking but. Happy gaming everyone.;)
  13. cemorela

    This last update is the worst. Game runs like garbage. Soooo much lag. Locks up when I go to the map, when I am in a vehicle,now, and go to the map and than back, the green cursor is on my screen and I have no control of the vehicle. And it is a RPITA to get it to go away. Uninstalled the game, rebooted, ran defrag, removed Nvidia graphics driver, ran c cleaner, ran disk cleaner, rebooted, reinstalled everything. Rebooted. And still the game runs like garbage. Didn't have a single issue with the game before this update. I know it's not the PC because it runs every other game I play without issues.
  14. Phips55

    i want my camo back :(
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  15. DSEthno123

    Me too. It seems everyone has forgotten that a ton of us lost almost all cosmetics. I don't have a lot of money to throw around on games, so buying the camo to help out my Esamir gameplay was kind of important/special to me, and now it's gone and SOE seems like they couldn't care less.
  16. RadarX Moderator

    No one has forgotten at all. I've seen email threads about this every business day. There is in fact a very small group of you whose issue has not been resolved but this is a top priority for the team right now.
  17. Bobaflay

    its faster for me now
  18. Bobaflay

    Do you know the highest dps weapon for the nc?
  19. Bobaflay

    your sig....
  20. SilverAura

    It's adjusted in anticipation for objectives. The only gripe I have out it is that the points show up below the transition bar. Seems awkward when a base only has 1 point and the transition bar is hanging over a whole empty spot.

    Side from that, I actually love the cleaner look of the new UI.