Scheduled Maintenance February 28th, 2014

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  1. Desann

    So all the ammo capacity complaints can be fixed with 1 simple already implemented solution: AMMO BANDOILER!

    WHAT!!!!!! MORE AMMOS!???

    If you need extra ammo THAT bad...
  2. Cignal

    What happened to Resource Rewards on Amerish? they don't appear on the right, no do they display when a base is captured or held.
  3. pr1mus3

    AAAAANNNNND with the server maintenance, comes a bug that doesn't let me update 0.*%, and then the launcher just stops working. Any suggestions?
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  4. Waffle Fartsparkle

    Same problem as you, my man. I CAN-NOT play Planetside 2.
  5. DxAdder

    Simple complaint?

    People purchased this weapon based on the STATS and less than 24 hours latter have a weapon they don't want more and will never
    get a refund for (I don't own one by the way). SOE has done yet another bait and hook.
  6. NCDaniel

    It had a clip of 10? I only shot it twice, then switched classes. Guess I need to pay more attention.
  7. -WHeaties

    Well it's actually called an ammo belt. And that does not increase the magazine size.
  8. DarkSerpent

    All of my camos are missing still...
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  9. Raxxyl Ryan "Raxxyl" Wells

    We're still working on a handful of characters that didn't get their camos. Most should have been fixed today, but we'll have to do another fix during the next downtime for the rest.
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  10. SQUIDMON66

    Hey Hey Hey, good gob guys and keep it up I love updates. Anyways quickly, I know this is a large problem wright now but I need just want to inform you I need it fixed too, Would there be any way to take the quiz because I was sadden to see that I could not take the test because I never got the pop-up? Try to help- please, and as always good job and keep it up!
  11. PostalDude

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  12. Mayo Blue

    Wow, what a mess. Tried doing a clean install and nothing either. Dunno what they have done, but a lot of people cannot log in to the game at ALL. Messages range from Host timeouts to various pages of other errors.
  13. PostalDude

    So your going to wait god knows how long for us players...

  14. Mayo Blue

    All I get is "RETRY" on the launch screen. Unfortunately, copying the error messages on the Validate Assets tab is not allowed by SOEs program, or Id be happy to post them to help troubleshoot this issue

    Unable to download SocketError:Connection Timed-out - Destination Host failed to respond (10060 Timed out

    and repeats that last line indefinately
  15. pr1mus3

    It sometimes works if you leave it alone for a little while.
  16. KukKung

    glad people agree the railjack is useless, i almost considered buying it for the 10 clip mag, and the ammo belt giving you over 100 round clip. not sure if it was just me but i did notice that the railjack seemed just as quick to get off a shot. i noticed that ADS was slower but the reload was slightly quicker than the long shot. which still put it at even par if not slower. thank god i didnt buy it lol
  17. VillainousMuse

    I'll probably cert the Railjack or just buy it for the same reason I bought the commissioner and Underboss. Mostly for novelty and the ability to use it if I see fit but otherwise it sits unused in my armory. From what I can tell it would be pretty useful to counter snipe or pick off sundie engies at max range. Still, almost no bullet drop on an NC weapon? Sounds like fun. Plus... it's an actual railgun. Se xy :D
  18. Masidion

    Maybe it's just me, but I want my camo back that I paid money for?
  19. Rivan81

    Please! I'm missing over 5 sets of camo (That's a lot of cash spent) that I use in varying situations. I'm great-full for the new lower costs of Camo (Consolidation of three sets of camo (infantry/weapon/vehicle) into a single camo set). But, should never have affected so many players as it has or for this long. That's what the Test server is for, and QA.

    Thank you.
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  20. Dr. Kush

    Fix the delay the rail jack has it's very annoying.
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